Five Of The Most Stunning Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup Look, Revealed

Olivia Wilde has a striking face with jaws and cheekbones so sharp they could cut. Of course, her eyes need a whole sentence to describe how magnetizing they are. But most of the time, you only see her after her makeup team has dolled her up. So, it’s only natural to wonder how Olivia Wilde’s no makeup appeal would hold up next to her glammed-up look.

Of course, a stunning face like Olivia Wilde’s would still look fabulous with or without makeup, especially as her bone structure is like an art form. It’s the kind of appeal that is unsurprisingly coming from an ancestry mixed of German, Irish, and Scottish. Surprisingly, there is no Russian in the mix, as she gives off some Russian supermodel vibes.

But before we get carried away by describing her beauty, let’s talk about Olivia Wilde’s no-makeup look and how it would make anyone feel like she has it all. She has a successful acting and filmmaking career; she’s a feminist, a flexitarian, and she’s also dating Harry Styles. Well, she really has it all, and she also has some fantastic photos showing her natural beauty without any makeup on that you should see.

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Top Five Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup Look 

If Olivia Wilde’s name sounds like a screen name with her last name channeling Oscar Wilde, it’s because it is. She was born Olivia Jane Cockburn, and she adapted Wilde as her surname in high school to pay tribute to Irish author Oscar Wilde and honor the writers in her family. Damn, it seems like she has a fascinating family, too.

Well, everyone probably already knows how beautiful and talented Olivia Wilde is by now that some people might think she’s some goddess. It could make anyone curious how she looks on an ordinary day – if she ever looks relatable at all. Does Wilde look like a typical girl refilling her car at the gas station? Or does she still look like a gorgeous celebrity on the way to shoot another blockbuster film? Of course, it’s the latter, and here are some photos to prove it:

Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup While Shopping Look

Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup While Shopping Look
You don’t need to look like a supermodel when shopping, especially if you’re Olivia Wilde. Source:

Behold Olivia Wilde’s shopping look! Anyone can still recognize her despite not going through hours of a makeup session in this photo. Well, why would you need that when you’re only shopping? Of course, if you’re Olivia Wilde and you look naturally stunning, then all the more reasons to go out with no makeup to show how healthy your skin is.

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Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup During Lunch Look

Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup During Lunch Look
Despite not wearing makeup and a close-up shot, Olivia Wilde still looks impressive. Source:

Don’t you just hate it when you go out for lunch with your friend on an ordinary day, and they appear all dolled up? Well, to each his own, and if they’re happy looking like that, then there’s nothing to worry about. Still, Olivia Wilde was spotted with no makeup and still looked stunning during a lunch out with her friend.

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Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup While Out With Ex-Beau Look

The Covid-19 pandemic suddenly altered life as we know it. It felt like living through some sort of an alternate reality or a simulation, which is reminiscent of Olivia Wilde’s Tron Legacy movie. Suddenly, everyone is wearing masks and staying at home, and the actress is no exception as she is spotted sharing a hug with her ex-beau, Jason Sudeikis. Of course, she still looks terrific, and she does the masked look justice as it highlights her piercing blue eyes.

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Olivia Wilde’s No Makeup While Out On A Stroll Look

Olivia Wilde Signs With CAA In All Areas – Deadline
No makeup, but who cares? Source:

In this photo, she looks like she’s caught off guard with her straight hair down (a look that makes us miss Year One’s Olivia Wilde’s role with curly locks). She also looks displeased here, like she’s trying to remember where she put her car keys, and you can see the discomfort in her face for being followed all the time. Well, at least this photo proves that despite looking a bit stressed about something, she still manages to look stunning.

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