Top 4 Mariah Carey’s No Makeup Look Compare To Other Divas’ Bare Faces

When you’re one of the best-selling musicians of all time with hits like Hero and All I Want For Christmas Is You, it’s not easy not being a diva in complete control of your life. So, if you’ve been looking for Mariah Carey’s no-makeup look or photos, and if the search isn’t fruitful, it’s because she’s a diva who wants to look like a diva every damn time. She’s even known for not allowing people to talk to her before a performance to preserve her voice, choosing the lighting for every stage performance, and not letting fans take photos with her bad angle. Yes, she’s that kind of a diva.

But if you’ve been around the industry for more than three decades with over 220 million records sold worldwide and the most number-one singles by a solo artist, I guess you can get a pass for being that kind of diva. But no matter how much of an in-control diva she is, there are still some photos of Mariah Carey’s no-makeup look that exist out there, and you don’t have to look far to see them. You only need to keep scrolling to find out more about everyone’s favorite singer and what she looks like behind all that makeup. Clue: she’s still gorgeous, and even on her bad days, she’ll always be your baby.

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She’s A Fantasy, She’s Your All, And She’s Made It Happen!

She’s A Fantasy, She’s Your All, And She’s Made It Happen!
Mariah is a fantasy. Source: www.songhall

She’s More Than Just A Singer – She’s Also A Songwriter, Producer, And An Actor

If you’ve never lived under a rock, and even if you’re not into pop music and singers who belt their songs like there’s no tomorrow, chances are, you need little to no introduction to Mariah Carey. Everyone knows she is a singer, songwriter, and record producer who has acted in several films like Precious and Glitter.

Mariah Carey has built her career through her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, and her unmatched use of the whistle register. Her singing talents have earned her the title of “Songbird Supreme”. People have also nicknamed Carey the “Queen of Christmas,” and you should consider yourself lucky if you don’t know why. 

She’s A Legend Too!

Since Mariah Carey released her eponymous debut album in 1990, she has quickly received notoriety in the industry and numerous accolades. She was the Artist of the Decade by Billboard and was crowned the best-selling female pop artist of the millennium by the World Music Awards.

Mariah Carey shares the title of the highest-certified female artist in the United States with Barbra Streisand, with 68.5 million certified album units. The songbird also came in second on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Women in Music, while Billboard named her “The Greatest Female Artist of All Time” in 2019, based on album and single chart performances. Besides these, she has received five Grammy Awards, nineteen World Music Awards, ten American Music Awards, and fifteen Billboard Music Awards in her career.

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Mariah Carey’s No Makeup Look Photos Compare To Other Divas

There’s no denying Mariah Carey’s impact on the music industry. Of course, her larger-than-life personality is a part of her charm, and her fans love her for that. She may have earned the reputation of a diva for several reasons, but even a diva has days when she can’t be in complete control of everything around her. So, if you’re wondering how the songbird looks like when her makeup team decides to take a day off, then here are some photos you need to see alongside pictures of other singers’ no-makeup look:

Mariah Carey And Carrie Underwood’s Gym Time With No Makeup Photos

Singers need a break from their vocal exercise for physical exercise! Source:
Singers need a break from their vocal exercise for physical exercise! Source:

Mariah Carey’s voice is out of this world, and her vocal process proves it is just something no other singers have ever matched. Of course, other legendary singers come close with her power and intensity, and 2005’s American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, could be one of them.

While the two singers have different styles of singing and genre of music, they sure look like they could be besties out to get fit with these gym photos. Mariah Carey’s no makeup gym photo still makes her look radiant, and Carrie Underwood’s no makeup selfie looks like she means business, like she always does onstage.

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Mariah Carey And Rihanna’s Vacation With No Makeup Photos

fun time
Time for some fun beach time for Mariah Carey! Source:

Unfortunately, this photo of Mariah Carey’s no-makeup look isn’t that flattering, and she may hate whoever took it. Still, you can see how healthy her skin looks, and she seems happy being away from the spotlight to enjoy a fun vacation.

Rihanna’s no makeup photo is on a different level, though, as the singer is one who never shied away from posting them on her social media. She’s also made headlines once for posting a photo with her zit just to prove she’s a human being, in case her fans forget.

Mariah Carey And Nicole Scherzinger’s Comfy At Home With No Makeup Photos

Time for some fun time for some of the world’s best singers!
No makeup, no care! Source: townsquare

Smiling definitely changes Mariah Carey’s look as you can see her megawatt smile and friendlier appeal, so even if she’s just hanging out at home with barely any makeup on, she looks terrific. Of course, why would anyone need to wear makeup when they’re just at home?

On the other hand, Nicole Scherzinger’s no-makeup look looks completely different, but not in a bad way – just in an almost unrecognizable way. She may look different here as she wears heavy eye makeup all the time, and without them, she looks completely transformed.

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Mariah Carey And Mary J Blige’s Movie Roles With No Makeup Photos

It's the no-makeup look school of acting!
It’s the no-makeup look school of acting! Source: cloudfront

As mentioned, Mariah Carey has appeared in several successful films throughout her career, and some of her roles required her to appear with barely any makeup on her face. Such is the case with The Butler that took place during the Civil Rights Movement in The USA, but the songbird still looks stunning with a bare face.

Mary J. Blige’s no-makeup look in the film Mudbound also makes the singer look almost unrecognizable as she’s someone who always looks glammed up in every performance and public appearance. But she took her acting to the next level by appearing without much makeup to reflect the life of black people during the Jim Crow era, which is indeed a dark time in American history.

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Mariah Carey Will Always Be #Beautiful, It’s Like That Y’all!

While the songbird’s vocals and achievements may make her seem like some goddess in disguise, Mariah Carey’s no makeup looks prove otherwise – she’s human who has bad days and bad angles. Still, no one can’t take the fact away that she has singlehandedly created history in the music and film industry with her talents – something we should focus more on!

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