Intoxicating Beauty: Madison Beer’s No Make-Up Look Is A Mood

Let’s get one thing straight first: choosing to accentuate your features by wearing makeup and going natural are acceptable and embraced in today’s society. But since it’s quite rare for us to see most of our favorite celebrities without any makeup, we are fascinated by how they look behind the camera. We are quite pleased to know that many look like common people without their makeup team glamming them up. But that’s not the case with Madison Beer’s no make-up look, which could make you feel like life is unfair as she looks just as gorgeous without putting anything on her face.

While Madison Beer has only been in the industry for less than ten years, she has a career to be proud of as a singer and songwriter. And it’s easy for anyone to stare at her striking beauty when they see her on social media or TV. So, many people are asking if Madison Beer’s no makeup is natural or has she gone under the knife, which we have no judgments for, either.

So, if you’re drawn in by her beauty, you’re in for a treat as we got Madison Beer’s before and after surgery photos that are circulating online, so you can judge for yourself if she’s all-natural or not. We also have some hot information about her personal life, career highlights, and more. So, if you want to get intoxicated by her, please read on to find out more. 

This Beer Is Made For Singing

Early Life – Of Course, Beer Has Done Some Modeling

Madison Elle Beer was born on March 5, 1999, in Jericho, New York. And yes, Beer isn’t just a cool screen name she chose – it is her real last name. Her parents, who are both Jewish, are real estate developer Robert Beer and interior designer Tracie Beer. Her parents raised her with her brother named Ryder Beer.

Unfortunately, Madison Beer’s parents separated when she was young. According to her, her mother was very supportive of her career that she moved to Los Angeles and put her interior designing job on a hiatus to assist her in her musical career. While music is her real passion, her beauty has also made her stand out and jump-start her show business career at an early age. Because of this, she started modelling when she was four years old, which helped her land some other modelling stints while she was growing up.

When Madison Beer turned 18, her mother decided to move back to New York, giving her some time alone to enjoy her independence. But now that she has made a name for herself with a rising fandom, she is barely alone, even when she is on a normal day doing normal people things. So, the paparazzi and fans have a collection of Madison Beer’s no makeup photos. 

Early Career – Madison Beer Does As She Pleases

In early 2012, Madison Beer started her singing career by uploading videos of herself singing versions of popular songs to YouTube. One of these songs was Etta James’ At Last, which became viral after Justin Bieber shared it on his social media. Since then, she became a Twitter celebrity until Bieber personally signed her to his record label, Island Records. Her debut single, Melodies, was eventually released with an accompanying music video on September 12, 2013.

While Madison Beer has announced her debut album was being recorded sometime after Melodies’ release, she didn’t give any updates about it, which fans speculated to be a scrapped album. In 2018, she released a different record which is the EP As She Pleases. It has produced singles like Dead, Say It To My Face, and Home With You. Since then, she has received some accolades from Billboard and has also performed at Lollapalooza.

Latter Career – Madison Beer Puts The G-O-O-D In Good Debut Album

Madison Beer confirmed that she finally signed with Epic Records on her Instagram account on August 9, 2019. The announcement was followed by her releasing the single Good in Goodbye with the catchy hook, “you put the G-O-O-D in goodbye”. Following the single is her debut studio album, Life Support, released On February 6, 2021. The album got mostly positive reviews from music critics, which Beer followed up with another announcement saying she is already working on her sophomore album.

Madison Beer has been candid with her musical influences, including Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, Daft Punk, and Ariana Grande. Of course, the pop sad girl lyricism present in most of her songs proves that she channeled all her favorite artists but still made every song her own. Even if she has just released her debut album, her net worth is already $16 million.

Personal Life – You Can Put Your Pride In Her As She Is Proud To Be Bisexual

Like some celebrities, Madison Beer’s sexuality has been the content of discussions, and in 2016, she confirmed that she is not a lesbian but a bisexual. Although she has come out about being bisexual, she has only ever dated mostly men since she started her career. She has dated Jack Gilinsky of Jack & Jack, Brooklyn Beckham, and an on-and-off romance with Zack Bia.

Madison Beer’s Selfies – Her No Makeup Look With Some Of Her Before And After Photos

Now, it’s time to talk about another rumor surrounding the singer, which is pretty common for celebrities to be rumored about: plastic surgery. Of course, you can’t deny that Madison Beer’s no-makeup look and paparazzi shots are amazing, but is she all-natural? Many people speculated she’s gone under the knife, just like Cardi B’s rumour, and there are even some articles and photos of Madison Beer’s before and after surgery look. But she has denied having done anything on her face, and some plastic surgery experts have backed her up. Her no makeup photos are quite uncommon, unlike Doja Cat’s,. but we can still see she’s a natural beauty.

Madison Beer also claimed that all her photos from when she was young are on her Instagram, and people can go through them and see she never had anything kind of surgery done. While Madison Beer’s hair color has changed throughout the years, from a lighter brown to a brunette, her face seems the same. So, if she’s denied it, then let that be that as the singer has also opened up about her struggles with mental health and sites social media and the internet as one of the causes. So, maybe we can stop with the rumors and just enjoy the music. 

Madison Beer’s Plastic Surgery Procedures DEBUNKED!

The Future Is Clear For Madison Beer

So, there, you have it. Madison Beer’s no-makeup look may seem unfair, but she isn’t setting unrealistic standards by denying she’s had plastic surgery done. But what will she be up to next? More music? Modeling? Maybe even acting? Whatever it is, we know that she will continue to shine with her talents and natural beauty.

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