Can You Believe It? Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni Is Now A Gorgeous 20-Year-Old!

For movie fans, Christopher Meloni is not a strange name. The crowd might recognize him as the cold and collected Detective Elliot Stabler from Law & Order, Subject #3 in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (featuring John Krasinki) the eye-captivator with a brawny look, cocky “tough guy” stance, and, well, not so much hair. “It is rare to see someone like Christopher Meloni. I’ve seen him in comedic roles, where he came off totally hilarious and entertaining. Then I’ve seen him as Stabler, a complex personality with layers of depths and a traumatic past. An excellent actor with great range”, Redditor TSARINA59 wrote. 

While I couldn’t agree more, I’d like to add that his marriage story is rare to find as well. The 59-year-old actor and his wife, Sherman Williams, have been married for 25 years. They managed to raise a happy family while maintaining their successful career, which is something not so many achieve. 

Looking at how Meloni talked about his children in interviews, we can tell how proud he is as a dad. According to the Law & Order star, he always encourages his kids to express themselves, whether in athletics or the arts. There is no surprise that his daughter, Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni, has grown up into a sweet 20-year-old that captures everyone’s heart with her smile and talents. 

Read on to learn about Christopher’s family and his role as a doting dad! 

About Sherman Williams And The Secret To The 20+ Year Marriage

In 1989, Christopher had just begun his career as an actor while jumping between several jobs as he waited for a breakthrough. Sherman, a production designer, was one of the people he met in the process. Christopher was immediately attracted to this woman when he saw her arriving to work one day on a motorbike. 

Recalling that time, Meloni described the HBO show he took part in as “immensely forgettable”. However, Sherman was completely different. 28-year-old Chris couldn’t get enough of her short blonde hair and vintage sunglasses. As he said in an interview, she was his dream woman. 

Unfortunately, when the two got to know each other, Chris discovered Sherman was in a relationship. He gave up, but a few years later, the two met again in Los Angeles and started dating. 

Can You Believe It? Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni Is Now A Gorgeous 20-Year-Old!

Christopher Meloni and Sherman Williams – Source: People

A few years later, the couple finally get married in 1995. The wedding was held on a Malibu beach and they celebrated their union with a few drinks before Sherman rushed to the airport for her project in Miami. 

Both Chris and Sherman were aware that it was not the ideal time to get married: He was still finding his place in Hollywood, and she wanted to focus on her career. Still, they were eager to have a home and kids together. That mutual desire helped them overcome any hardship. 

26 years later, the couple achieved more than their dream: They are now living in a “modern but comfortable” apartment that was featured on Architectural Digest, the apartment Sherman designed and took care of every detail. It’s clearly a haven for Christopher and his family. Sherman also gave birth to two beautiful children, Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni and Dante Amadeo Meloni. Their long-standing marriage has become a role model for all Hollywood couples. 

26 years later, the couple achieved more than their dream: They are now living in a "modern but comfortable" apartment that was featured on Architectural Digest, the apartment Sherman designed and took care of every detail.

Chris proudly shared family moments on social media – Source: People

About Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni

Chris’ only daughter and eldest child, Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni, was born on March 21, 2001. That means she just celebrated her sweet 20 earlier this year. By the time Sherman was pregnant with Sophia, the couple had faced difficult choices: Chris wanted to pursue his career in New York, and his wife preferred Los Angeles. After their daughter was born, Sherman agreed to build their home in New York City. 

About Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni

Christopher Meloni and his daughter at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards – Source: People

A few years ago, the couple was reluctant to bring up topics regarding their children. As Sophia is already 20, however, Chris is more open to talking about his daughter. The 2021 Golden Globe Awards was when Sophia made her public appearance when Chris brought her along as a guest. The star even joked with People about what he would do if he saw his daughter date. “This is how I plan on dealing with my daughter’s boyfriend. Shotgun,” he said jokingly. It implies that Sophia might still be single. 

Chris Meloni on dealing with his daughter’s boyfriend

Just like her parents, the young girl harbors a love for performing art. In an interview, Chris revealed that Sophia loved dancing and almost refused to pick any sport when she found out that dance wasn’t a subject at her school. Later on, with the help of Sherman, Sophia chose ballet instead, and her mother guided her on the practice. Aside from that, she can also play the piano. 

Before graduating from Marlborough School, the 20-year-old was an active writer of the student newspaper, The Ultra Violet. In 2019, she published a piece titled “View From The Bottom”. The conclusion of the comical article reads, “So if I have any advice for you, it’s to not engage with persons you meet in an online forum. Leave the questionable fieldwork to me and stick to school-sanctioned events to get your social thrills.”

You can find Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni on Instagram as @sophiaemeloni. Although her father’s net worth is approximately $30 million, which is impressive for a celebrity’s net worth, Sophia doesn’t show off her wealth like the rich kid of Instagram Christoper Lourdes. Looking at her profile, all you see is a lovely and cheerful young woman who loves family time and enjoys being out in nature, especially with her dog.

Next year, Sophia Meloni will officially hit the mature age of 21. Let’s see if this charming girl will follow the path of her celebrity dad. 

About Dante Amadeo Meloni

Three years after Sophia was born, on January 2, 2004, Sherman gave birth to their second child, Dante Amadeo Meloni. It becomes a tradition for Chris to post a photo together on Dante’s birthday every year. “17 years. Love too big, time too fast,” he gushed this past January. 

About Dante Amadeo Meloni

‘Love too big, time too fast’ – Source: Closer Weekly

When asked how he encourages his son to be an LGBT-Q ally early on, Chris responded to parents who complain that it is “confusing” to explain to their children about same-sex relationships by saying, “My son is 10 years old, and he gets it.”. The star discussed with his son about NFL player Michael Sam, who came out before being taken into the league. “My son plays football,” he said. “I told him, ‘That’s a real man. That’s a guy with courage.’”

While his sister has embraced her dad’s spotlight and often posts family photos on social media, Dante remains out of the public eye. He has an Instagram account, but he keeps it private. 

Luckily, Chris and his wife sometimes share moments with their growing boy on Instagram. In March 2020, Chris revealed he and Dante were keeping themselves occupied throughout the lockdown by playing basketball together.  “Quarantine Update: This kid keeps kicking my ass in b-ball and I want it to stop. Be safe. Foul if necessary. Cheat when you can,” he wrote. 

Other Stars Whose Kids We Rarely See

Although Meloni is so proud of his children, he tries to keep them out of the spotlight, at least until they turn 18. Well, he is not the only Hollywood star who does so. Some celebrity parents believe that the best way to protect their kids is to keep them out of the spotlight. As a result, they rarely mention their private family life. Here are some of the stars’ children that we rarely see:

Derek Jeter’s Daughter: Story & Bella 

The basketball star Derek Jeter had two lovely cheerleaders to accompany him as he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame – daughters Story and Bella. When it comes to posting images of their children, the five-time World Series champion and spouse Hannah usually don’t, but they took the kids to his big day in September 2021. 

Other Stars Whose Kids We Rarely See

Derek Jeter’s wife and daughters – Source: New York Post

To explain why they avoid talking about their children, Hanna told the Editorialist magazine, “[Social media] has never felt natural to me. I know it’s necessary for my industry, and I absolutely have to when it’s part of a contract. But a lot of people post their children and husbands, and for me, that will never be the case.”

“Both my husband and I have been in a place in our careers where we have to share so much. And we can handle it,” said Jeter’s wife, “But when you love something so much, you want to protect it more than anything in the world. And for me, that’s my relationship, that’s my kids.”

Christina Aguilera’s Daughter: Summer

Christina Aguilera’s Daughter: Summer

Christina Aguilera and her daughter – Source: The Gal Post

Aguilera is also one of the celebrities that avoid talking about her children. On her daughter Summer Rain’s 7th birthday in early August, however, she marked the special occasion with a sweet photo on Instagram.  The pic shows Summer sporting an Xtina Jersey. 

“We’re celebrating Summer Rain all week?☀️??? and Leo lioness energy all month?,” the 40-year-old mom wrote. “Happy 7th birthday my sweet, thoughtful, funny, creative, soulful, vibrant spirit…time moves too fast but every year I’m so in awe of the beautiful human you are and continue to grow to be!”

Summer is Aguilera’s daughter with her fiancé Matt Rutler. She also shared a son with her ex, Jordan Bratman. 

Mark Ruffalo & Sunrise Coigney’s Daughter: Bella 

After waiting for ages to see Mark Ruffalo’s daughter, fans finally got what they wanted in August. To celebrate Bella’s birthday, the Avengers star posted a rare photo of the girl on Instagram, expressing how surprised he was that she already turned 16. 

Mark Ruffalo & Sunrise Coigney's Daughter: Bella

Mark Ruffalo’s daughter Bella – Source: People

The photo showed Bella sitting in the car’s passenger seat. Striped gray beanie, blue hoodie, and star-printed face mask completed her casual look. She looked just like any teenager instead of a celebrity’s daughter, but totally comfortable on her own. The couple was right to keep her out of the spotlight, it seemed. 

Since 2000, Ruffalo and his French wife Sunrise Coigney have been together. Bella also has two siblings: Brother Keen and sister Odette. 

Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer’s Sons: Charles & Tennyson

Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer's Sons: Charles & Tennyson

Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer’s Sons – Source: People

Danielle Spencer spent Mother’s day with her two rarely-seen boys, Charles and Tennyson, whom she had with Russell Crowe. Despite their divorce, the couple remains dedicated to their children’s upbringing, mostly out of public view.

Divorced parents’ lives may be filled with both highs and lows, as Crowe revealed in an interview. “There is nothing cooler than being that close to your kids,” said the star,  “One of my greatest fears is that over time they won’t want to spend all of their school holidays there with me. Because that is the best part of my year when I have them to myself.”

The Bottom Line

Can You Believe It? Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni Is Now A Gorgeous 20-Year-Old!

Christopher Meloni Call Of Duty – Source: Forbes

When it comes to being parents, celebrities are just like us. Whether they choose to let their kids embrace the spotlight (like Gwen Stephanie and her son Apollo) or keep them away from it, they just want the best for their children. Christopher Meloni takes the first path, and looking at how his daughter and son grow up, he can be proud that he was right! 

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