Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant? Is She Ready To Have A Baby With McLoughlin?

Is Miranda Lambert pregnant? Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy rumors have not just made rounds over the past few years, but maybe over a decade since her marriage with Blake Shelton. Gossip rags pinning a baby bump on the famous singer were really much discussion on her 38th birthday. 

Before the 2021 Country Music Association Awards, the charming singer teased that she would be opening the show with “some surprises”. So, who is Miranda Lambert, and is she expecting her first baby?

Who Is Miranda Lambert?

Miranda Leigh Lambert, professionally known as Miranda Lambert, may instantly be familiar with country music fans. Born on December 10, 1983, she is an American country singer and songwriter who has earned numerous awards for her work. That said, hard work pays off. She now makes her name stand next to none in the industry with 58 awards under her belt. 

It is hard to say whether any artist can reach that far. But obviously, Miranda Lambert has managed to make her name a staple of her music genre and the industry. 

Who is Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert wins the Grammy Awards – Source: Grammy

Following years of success as both a solo artist and a member of the all-female country group Pistol Annies, Lambert’s net worth is said to make history in the American music industry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her fortune is now around $60 million, quite an impressive number comparing to her colleagues like Doja Cat, Cardi B and Ariana Grande. The country music singer still maintains her deep love for music while also spreading her assets to animals in need. 

Just if you want to know more, Lambert is now focused on her MuttNation Foundation and animal shelter in Oklahoma.  

Seven interesting facts about the country singer that fans are sure to know. 

  • How tall is Miranda Lambert: 5 feet 3
  • How weight is Miranda Lambert: 143.3 lbs
  • Siblings: 1 (Luke Lambert)
  • Spouse: Brendan McLoughlin (m. 2019), Blake Shelton (m. 2011 – 2015)
  • One of the American women who owned a gun legally in 2015. She was 22 at that time.
  • The first woman to win the Country Music Association Awards Album of the year two times and Grammy Awards more than two times.
  • She has nine tattoos of various objects and symbols. In June 2019, she added one on her forearm for her marriage to McLoughlin. Watch out Post Malone, a competitor is coming your way.
Miranda Lambert’s heart tattoo
Miranda Lambert and the tattoo inspired by her husband – Source: Pagesix

Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant?

I am not wasting your time anymore. Maybe you have heard about Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy rumors over the past few months. Her reveals before CMA have been on the covers of many tabloids, making people have the feeling that she was keeping her baby a secret. If the story were true, it would be the first children of the couple.

After a whirlwind romance, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin tied the knot in 2019. News of the second marriage of his ex-wife comes as a shock to Blake Shelton. Mentioning that wedding, “The Voice” coach says it “was certainly curious”. However, everyone knows Shelton has now moved on with Gwen Stefani. The fact that Miranda got married quickly will not change anything for the duo. 

Since her quickie marriage, many people assume that Miranda Lambert is allegedly on her way to experiencing motherhood. 

Who is Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin – Source: USA Today

“She used to be a real party girl, but these days, she prefers leading a more low-key life in the countryside with her loved one.” Life&Style said. Also, the tipster added that playing as a stepmother to Brandon’s son had given Miranda baby fever. “She absolutely adores Landon and wants to add to their family”, the source affirmed.

While their age gap is not too huge (McLoughlin is 30 and Miranda Lambert is 38), it is enough to raise pregnant concerns. If the lovebirds want to have a baby, they had better start trying sooner. 

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Miranda Lambert’s Pregnancy Rumors

Miranda Lambert shared a picture of adorable children in September 2021, getting many wonder ‘Is Miranda Lambert pregnant’. 

Is Miranda Lambert pregnant?
A sweet picture of Miranda Lambert and her brother – Source: Twitter

In fact, it is a super sweet throwback picture to celebrate her baby brother’s birthday. “Happy Birthday baby bro! @lukelambert love you so much.”, the singer penned.

There were also whispers about ‘Is Miranda Lambert pregnant’ in October 2021. Though the couple is quite untouchable, many people look for pictures of Miranda Lambert and find out whether the blonde singer will be a mother-to-be. Eagle-eyed fans and tabloid magazines were sure that they could spot a baby bump on the singer, just like how people think Ariana Grande is pregnant

Is Miranda Lambert pregnant?
Can you spot a baby bump? Source: OKMagazine

However, pictures of Miranda Lambert are obviously taken in a way that makes the country singer’s belly a bit bigger. 

Rumor Debunk

Miranda Lambert may not be pregnant, and her pregnancy rumor is simply false. 

Lambert and her husband have just arrived at the 2021 CMA, and it is clear that she doesn’t have a baby bump. She could have it if she is really carrying a child. 

Is Miranda Lambert pregnant
Miranda Lambert has a flat belly at 2021 CMA – Source: Youtube

In addition, Lambert delights fans with her promise that she and her pal Elle King may get to “live out” their song “Drunk And I Don’t Wanna Go Home”. Of note, the Little Red Wagon singer says that she can’t wait to reunite with friends, and alcohol may be part of their get-together. 

“We’ve never gotten to actually get drunk and not want to go home together as she (Elle King) was pregnant.” the singer revealed. 

Then you see, there is no truth to Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy rumors.

The Last Thought

In the meantime, let’s take the question ‘Is Miranda Lambert pregnant’ and pictures of Miranda Lambert with a grain of salt. Simply, she may not be pregnant at the moment. 

As a successful singer, Lambert may be plenty busy with her upcoming projects, and her work schedule may prevent her from expecting a baby. Who knows she will soon have a venture into motherhood? Frankly, it’s no one’s business but Miranda Lambert and her husband’s. A baby is a blessing, and they may have no problems letting us know.

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