Step Up Your Snapchat Game With Baddie Private Story Names

If you are not aware of Snapchat and how to enjoy it, you are missing out. This unique application has attracted quite a community since its start, and there are various reasons why people love it. Snapchat users are always excited when they can create baddie private story names for their channels. What could bring people such excitement?

What Is A Snapchat Private Story?

Snapchat has been one of the most popular social networks since 2011, especially among teenagers and young adults. The application keeps on adopting new features to offer a more exciting experience for users worldwide. One of the most prominent features of Snapchat is the ability to create live stories at any time, known as Snapchat private stories.

Since we often share particular things only with the inner circle, Snapchat maintains the option for you to share a private story exclusively with people on your friend lists, doing a stick-and-poke tattoo or belly-button piercing for example. As long as the person is your friend, they will immediately get a notification whenever you make a post. 

Specifically, your friends will be able to see Private stories within 24 hours from the time of post. Users indeed love to use this feature for posting about events, private trips, or gatherings or find a getaway from their depressions and deep thoughts. Again, the secrecy of this feature makes your viewers feel more special when they see your posts.

Cool Baddie Private Story Names in 2021

How to name your private posts? Literally, Snapchat users can get creative with their private story names. You can either have good private story names such as Apple Beer Burp, Fun Funerals, or Naked truffles or try baddie ones. 

However, like private story names TikTok users create, the more unique and mysterious Snapchat story names sound, the more people might be curious to check them out. Therefore, if you are seeking baddie private story names, have a good time hunting here. We have collected and categorized the most popular private story names in 2021 for your convenience.

Step Up Your Snapchat Game With Baddie Private Story Names

Baddie Private Story Names for Snapchat in 2021. Source: allblogthings

You can create story names involving alcoholic drinks or simply choose iconic private story names. Some of the most notorious names include:

  • Life in the circus
  • Happy Hangover
  • A series of Bad decisions
  • How I Live My Life
  • Rollercoaster Ride
  • The Meme Team
  • The morning after
  • Spare me the details
  • 24 hours of madness

If you are savage and your Snapchat story would tell the same story, you can get inspired by the following options:

  • It izz what it izz
  • F*ck it, I’ll try again tomorrow
  • Hungry for trouble
  • Don’t mess with the best

And some other names give no hint about what you could expect in the Story updates:

  • I’m an adult now
  • Just like that
  • “Whatever” with a smile
  • My stubborn days
  • How not to parent
  • I’m not a celebrity, but

How To Make A Private Story On Snapchat?

Now that you have got fresh ideas for your story names, how do you start creating private stories on Snapchat? Here’s a quick guide on two simple methods to make your private story.

Make a Private Story From Your Profile

Step 1. Login to your Snapchat app and then, tap on your profile icon (story thumbnail or bitmoji) in the top-left corner of the app.

Step 2. Choose the button “+ Private Story” in the “Stories” section of your profile page. You may be asked to confirm if you want to make a private story; hence, just tap the “Private Story” icon afresh.

How To Make A Private Story On Snapchat?

Tap Private Story in the Stories section

Step 3. Now you will see a “New Private Story” screen. Select the recipient who can view your private story from your list of Best Friends, Friends, Recents, and Groups. You can tap any chosen friend or group (that has a blue tick next to their profiles) to deselect them. Then, at the bottom of the “New Private Story” screen, tap “Create Story.” 

Now you will see a “New Private Story” screen.

Choose the recipient of your private story

Step 4: You will see a “Rename Story” prompt where you can tap type a name for your private Story before saving it.

“Rename Story”

Name your story and save it

Step 5: “Your Private Story” is now created, and you will be brought back to your profile page. To start adding content, tap your newly created Private Story in the “My Stories” section. You can either add content captured by your phone’s camera or a photo/video from your phone’s gallery to “Your Private Story”. 

That’s it! Now, only those you have specified can see your private stories. 

“Your Private Story”

Add media to your private story

Make a Private Story From the Snap Tab

The Snap tab refers to the app’s area where your phone’s camera is activated so that you can record a video or take a photo.

Step 1: Hit the “Camera icon” in the bottom center of any tab to locate the “Snap” tab.

Make a Private Story From the Snap Tab

Locate the Snap tap

Note: You can find the Snap tab by swiping right from the “Stories” tab or swiping left from the “Chat” tab.

Step 2: “Snap” a photo or record a video in the Snap tab. Alternatively, you can upload a video or picture to post. After uploading or clicking a picture, choose the “Send To” icon at the bottom-right of the app screen.

You can find the Snap tab by swiping right from the “Stories” tab or swiping left from the “Chat” tab.

Tap the “Send To” button

Step 3: Select the “+New Story” option on the right of the “Stories” section. You will see two options: New Custom Story and New Private Story. Choose the “New Private Story (Only I can contribute)” option. 

Select “New Private Story”

Step 4: Now, you will see a list of your friends, groups, and a search bar. Select the recipients who you want to allow to view your shared story. A chosen user or a group will have a blue tick next to their profiles. You can tap to deselect them.

Specify who can view your private story

Step 5: At this step, hit the “checkmark” mark to post the Private story.

Note 1: You always see a padlock icon on Private Stories which helps you to distinguish them from My Stories. Those who view your Private Stories may see your Private Stories mixed in with My Stories (even though they may appear separately on Android devices).

Note 2:  To delete your Private Story, you can go to your profile page and select the three dots next to it. Then, choose the “Delete Story” option, then tap “Delete” to remove your Private Story.

How to delete Your Private Story on Snapchat

Final Words About Snapchat Private Story Names

Many Snapchat users love the thrills and excitement of posting a secret post that would last for a short time. The cute filters are one thing, but the feelings of being watched over and cared for are unmatched. You may feel the same, especially when you make a baddie private story post and passionately expect the presence of your audience on Snapchat, like showing off your new Bojack Horseman shirt with some deep quotes on it. Therefore, why not pick a baddie private story name from our list above, add a baddie vibe song and start posting now?

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