10 Dwayne The Croc Johnson Memes – Which Do You Use The Most?

Memes are funny images that appear frequently on social networks. The internet community can make as many variations as they want with memes. Since then, a slew of new memes have emerged, including the ‘Age is just a number’ meme, What’s Behind Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop meme and Dwayne The Croc Johnson meme.

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, has had an illustrious wrestling career, excellent films, and a level of wealth that many people only dream of. Johnson has amassed a loyal following due to his roles in blockbuster films. Under the influence of the star, immortal memes about Dwayne Johnson with amusing backstories were born.

1. Dwayne The Croc Johnson: You Can Take Celebrities Around The World

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name sounds similar to “the croc” or “the sock”. That is one of the reasons for the onslaught of memes on social media. In particular, the crocs attached to the top of Dwayne’s head are made of flexible plastic that will undoubtedly delight many people. Instead of plain crocs, this is a unique way to impress others. Although it appears to be interesting, the facial expression on Dwayne’s head seems to be unhappy.

2. Dwayne The Sock Johnson: Johnson’s Smile Has Never Gone Out Of Style

Perhaps Dwayne Johnson should be named “celebrity with the most unique memes”. During the winter, social media users shared Dwayne The Sock Johnson memes featuring a smiling Johnson. Socks with Johnson’s image on them are now available. It’s surprising that the product still has a lot of buyers. That also proves Johnson’s great influence on fans..

A lot of people interested in Dwayne The Sock Johnson memes.
Dwayne Johnson appears on the sock in the funny way – Source: i.redd.it

3. Johnson And The Emotional Hug With The Flint

The image of Johnson hugging a flint full of affection unexpectedly inspired netizens to create a variety of other things. The rock has been replaced by a globe and Dwayne Johnson’s face. In the future, fans will surely give him a few more interesting things. After these photos, he deserved to be the “meme king” of all time.

Various variations of the Johnson clutching a flint full of affection meme.
Johnson’s hug has become a meme on social media – Source: helios-i.mashable.com

4. Legendary Cuff Poses And Imitation Versions

The pose “The Rock” wrapped around the wrist has become a legendary posture that many people imitate. This is also a common pose for gentlemen to achieve a more beautiful and elegant photo. Many people wondered if Johnson was attempting to button up his sleeve or not. Is he trying to take something from the inside of his sleeve, a pen or a pigeon? Whatever the answer is, The Rock’s pose is still undefeated. If you want a photogenic picture, just follow him.

The wrist-wrapped pose known as "The Rock" has become a legendary pose.
The Rock’s gentleman look is also copied and pasted everywhere – Source: i.kym-cdn.com

5. Funny Driving Scene In Race To Witch Mountain

Dwayne Johnson’s cool driving scene has inspired a slew of hilarious memes. Although this sci-fi film was released in 2009, The Rock’s meme is still shared and created with various humorous content to this day. That meme depicts a scene from the film’s beginning. Johnson plays a former driver who discovers children in the backseat of his car by accident. Every time anyone wants to show something unbelievable, they will once again see the famous actor’s face.

The Rock's meme is created with various humorous content
Here’s a meme about the art of puns with “The Rock” – Source: memezila.com

6. Not Only Socks or Crocs, “The Rock” Is Also On The Lock

Another meme was born based on the nickname “The Rock”; the padlock with the actor’s face was born like that. If you look up the phrase Dwayne The Lock Johnson, you can find hundreds of interesting memes that will make you laugh. Johnson could have started a new job as a guard. The veteran actor must have been surprised by this comparison. If you come across a real-life lock like this, you will undoubtedly laugh every time you open the door.

The online community is excited with the Dwayne The Rock Johnson meme.
The actor looks both scary and funny – Source: pics.me.me

7. If There Is A Competition Between Scissors And The Rock, He Will Always Be The Champion

The Rock will always win the scissors in a game of rock-paper-scissors. This is also the source of the poignant memes. For instance, if a man is scissors, his girlfriend is “The Rock.” In an argument, the girlfriend will always choose The Rock literally and figuratively. In fact, almost any girl will be swayed by a successful actor who is attractive in every way from appearance to talent. Out of all The Rock’s memes, this one has the most layers of meaning you can think of.

"The Rock" always wins in the rock-paper-scissors game
“The Rock” always wins the scissors in the rock-paper-scissors game – Source: me.me

8. The Rock Can Be Defeated By A Paper

An intriguing meme combining rock-paper-scissors and The Rock’s legendary wrestling career. Although he has defeated formidable opponents such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena and Hulk Hogan, The Rock will have to succumb to a thin paper. This is a well-known meme that has spread across social media. Maybe everyone just wants to remind The Rock that he can still be beaten.

The Rock Can Be Defeated By A Paper Meme - dwayne the croc johnson
This is another funny pun on “the rock” – Source: preview.redd.it

9. Meme Johnson With Less Appealing But Amusing Brows

If you like the science fiction series Star Trek and Dwayne Johnson, this meme is for you. Many people associate The Rock’s brows with women who have broken brows. The brows’ perplexing shapes combined with Johnson’s somewhat solemn expression unintentionally produced an effect that made viewers laugh.

The odd contour of the brows made spectators giggle. - dwayne the croc johnson
Johnson’s gaze with sharp eyebrows succeeded in amusing – Source: www.idlememe.com

10. Dwayne The Dock Johnson

Continuing the meme series inspired by the nickname, the dock with Johnson’s face most likely surprised many people. If you go to a pier and see this image, you will most likely be terrified. However, many people will laugh if they see this meme online.

Many folks were astonished by the dock with Johnson's face. - dwayne the croc johnson
“The Rock” is again associated with the dock – Source: i.redd.it

Even while all of the above memes are meant to make people laugh and relax, there is one funny gif of Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Just Do It’ that has a deeper significance. Try it out!

Do memes like Dwayne the crock Johnson or Dwayne the croc Johnson make you laugh? Which image impressed you the most? When you want to troll someone, save them on your phone or computer.

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