Six Of You’s Characters Joe And Love Killed – Gil You Season 3’s Fate

Netflix’s You has given binge-watching couch potatoes their new favorite serial killer in the form of Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg. His character going on a murder adventure is just a typical scene in the series. And with the number of dead bodies, no one seems to be safe in it. So, please don’t get too attached to any character, especially when Joe takes a liking to them. So, is Gil You Season 3’s character going to die?

Disclaimers, though: there will be spoilers from here on. So, if you haven’t seen the new season, you have to watch it first. Also, we need to give you a trigger warning that there will be mentions of suicide and murders. As you know that the show isn’t a family drama, so don’t expect to see memes like Dwayne the Croc Johnson.

Gil’s Fate – Spoiler 

He’s dead.

As many of you may have foreseen, Gil You Season 3’s appearance is bound to end soon. Yes, you read that right – he will die. Or, depending on which episode you’re on, he’s already dead. But to change things up a bit, he didn’t die because of the murderous characters in the series; he died by suicide.

In You’s Season 3, Episode 3, Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn (it sounds like a baddie private name) is back on her killing spree. Her bakery became the last place Gil sees as his confession about being an anti-vaxxer, meant that he’s responsible for infecting Love and Joe’s son, Henry, with measles. This discovery enraged Love and beats Gil with a rolling pin. To stop Gil from talking about their secrets, Joe and Love looked for anything they could use against him, but all they found was a family secret about his son being a misogynist who was abusing women. The news devastated Gil that he hung himself.

Of course, Joe and Love found Gil’s suicide as a way to frame him for Natalie’s murder. If you can remember, Love bludgeoned Natalie, You Season 3 character that they needed a way to wash their hands clean from the murder. It looks like that went well – at least for Love and Joe. But who else among the characters in You’s Season 3 didn’t have a lucky day? Keep scrolling if you need a refresher. 

Every Character Joe Or Love Casually Kills In You’s Season 3

Joe and Love murdering anyone they feel like is nothing new by season 3 of You. The first two seasons of the series proved to be too much for many squeamish viewers, but the show is living up to its murder-loving plot for those who love some thriller with too much gore. So, here are some of season 3’s new dead characters that should keep you at the edge of your seats for the next season:

Natalie Engler

Natalie Engler, Love’s first kill in You’s Season 3. Source:
Natalie Engler, Love’s first kill in You’s Season 3. Source:

Miranda Lambert look-alike, Michaela McManus plays Natalie in the series. Unfortunately, she was the first to die in You’s latest season. Love didn’t let Joe’s obsession with her last in any future episodes of the series as she kills Natalie with an axe right at the very first episode. What a way to start a new season and keep the series’ fans hooked?

Ryan Goodwin

Ryan kind of deserves to be stabbed to death. Source:
Ryan kind of deserves to be stabbed to death. Source:

After Love murders Natalie, Joe immediately finds a new infatuation in Madre Linda, shifting his focus to librarian Marienne. In the midst of a custody fight for their daughter, Marienne’s ex-husband, Ryan, is making her life a living hell, so Joe stabs him like it’s something that all the decisions he’s made in his life have brought him to do. 

James Kennedy

Technically, James didn’t die in season 3, but the show only revealed the reason behind his death in the show’s earlier episodes of the new season. In You’s previous season, we learned that Love was mourning the death of her first husband, James. Every episode of the first two seasons of the series misled audiences to believe he died of cancer. However, Love’s mother suggested to Joe that this was not the case. It was actually Love who murdered him, and this revelation turns out to be true. It looks like she gives a new meaning to the song “Too Much Love Will Kill You.”

Love Quinn 

Love and Joe, the murderous couple of You. Source:
Love and Joe, the murderous couple of You. Source:

Season finales are always the most intense episode for most series as it leads you to get excited about the next season and anticipate it. You’s finale is no different, and it’s a messy affair as Love attempted to paralyze Joe in the same way she paralyzed her first spouse before killing him. Like, who saw this coming? Joe and Love killing each other? Of course, some signs built you up to it, but it’s still a bit shocking.

Of course, the series wouldn’t just let us see Joe lose and die – he’s an intelligent character, after all. When he learns that Love has been growing Wolfsbane in their garden a few months back, he knows what she is capable of. So, when he knew he was drugged, he took some adrenaline to fight the effects of the plant and successfully broke free. 

Then the show shifted to a fight between Love and Joe, where the latter wins. The subsequent scenes show him staging his death, setting fire to the house, and making Love’s death look like a suicide. That seems to be the end for her. Like the Madison Beer song goes, that’s got to “Hurt Like Hell” to betray and be killed by the one you love.

You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sherry Conrad

But does Sherry die in You? It looks like she is one of the lucky characters in the series season 3 as she survives the entire ten episodes. Of course, she didn’t survive unscathed as she’s had a close call. Her survival also doesn’t mean that she would stay alive in the future seasons, as her death would be a perfect inside joke any fans of the series would know about.

Are You Ready For You’s Season 4?

Of course, no one would have guessed that Gil You Season 3’s fate would end like that. It seems like anything can happen in You, so if you’ve been keeping up with the series, you should stay tuned for the next season, which the cast and crew just recently began filming.

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