Thief: Maid’s Episode 5 Recap With The Top Five Highlights

In a time when there’s a new series coming out all the time, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the newly released ones along with the others you’ve been watching. You might even get confused trying to understand limited series as the show’s writers design the storyline to start getting clearer in later episodes to keep you wanting to watch more of the show. So, if you need Maid’s Episode 5 recap, you’re in luck because we have the top highlights to help you understand the series better. 

When Molly Smith Metzler created the American limited series Maid for Netflix, she knew she had to craft the story carefully as it touches on many socially relevant issues. She based the series on Stephanie Land’s memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, which adds more pressure on her to live up to the book.

Maid tells the story of a young woman who flees an abusive relationship and then struggles to provide for her daughter. She tries to make ends meet by cleaning houses. Yes, it’s a story that sounds too familiar, and it’s something that we need to talk more about. So, here’s a Maid’s Episode 5 recap to help you understand the story more and look forward to Maid’s Season 1 Episode 6.

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Maid’s Episode 5 recap – The Episode Entitled “Thief”

The episode starts with Margaret Qualley’s Alex being kept awake all night because of Maddy’s bad cough due to a mold in their apartment. From there on, the episode becomes more agonizing to watch as she goes through different unfortunate situations to keep herself and her daughter afloat. This episode is more challenging to get through because many scenes are relatable to many people. Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

When Alex Couldn’t Afford To Take Care Of Her Daughter

Due to Alex’s need for the day’s salary and her employer’s lack of sympathy, she still needed to go to work after calling them to call in sick to care for her Maddy. The situation forced Alex to drop off her daughter at the daycare despite the staff being unpleasant to her since she is struggling to pay for their services.

When Maddy became too ill, the daycare decided to send her to Alex’s estranged father, Hank. While she feels uneasy about leaving her daughter, Alex doesn’t have a choice due to the situation. This situation rings truer than ever in today’s America, especially as social media posts have shone a light on the healthcare system and employee benefits – or the lack thereof – and how they fail to protect vulnerable people.

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When Luis Wasn’t Any Help To Alex’s Moldy Apartment

Alex and her daughter, Maddie, trying to stay alive against all odds. Source:
Alex and her daughter, Maddie, trying to stay alive against all odds. Source:

Another relatable scene in the episode was the part when Alex told her landlord, Luis, about the house’s mold situation. Like many landlords, he was less than helpful and didn’t show any sympathy for Alex’s situation. While stereotyping landlords isn’t ideal, many people know how accurate this scene can be, as most of us have encountered landlords who only cared about the money they will earn from rent.

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When Alex Had To Choose To Care For Barefoot Billy While Her Daughter Is Sick

When Alex Had To Choose To Care For Barefoot Billy While Her Daughter Is Sick
Alex, making ends meet by being a maid. Source:

To look for alternatives to fix the situation, Alex called her mother, Paula, to confirm that she would be watching Maddy while she was sick, but her calls were unanswered. Alex’s employee, Yolanda, refused to allow her to take the day off to clean the house of Barefoot Billy, an infamous local thief. Alex had to take her daughter to the neighborhood daycare again. For many parents, going to work because of a lack of employee support and not being able to take care of their children is heartbreaking, so it’s no surprise how many people can relate to this scene.

When Alex Becomes Homeless

When She Becomes Homeless
The look in Alex says it all. Source:

On top of her many problems, Alex had to look for a new place to live when she discovered that her moldy flat needed extensive repairs. Luis kicks her out to make matters worse, and now she has nowhere to go. Predictably, Luis shrugs off responsibility for her situation, saying she needs to discuss accommodations with her caseworker.

According to government statistics, more than half a million people in the United States are homeless on any given night. This figure equates to about 17 people suffering homelessness for every 10,000 people in the overall population, with 35% living on the streets. The growing rate of homelessness and its relation to the income and housing problem is a situation that the media barely discusses in today’s news. Seeing a Netflix series talk about these issues is a breath of fresh air. We hope that it will encourage more people in power to address homelessness and turn the tide around.

When Alex Remembers The Abuse She Endured

When Alex Remembers The Abuse She Endured
Being a woman in the society we live in is difficult. Source: static01.nyt

Alex locked herself in a crawlspace to clear her head and reflect on her life after Yolanda expressed her disappointment with her work in Barefoot Billy’s house. In it, she remembered a moment when she was younger, and she used to lock herself in a cupboard as a child to protect herself from Hank. This abuse is why Alex’s mother took her when she was small.

If you’ve read the book, you will know how domestic abuse is one of the many subjects it discusses. In this time of the #MeToo movement, conversations surrounding such topics are becoming more mainstream for all good reasons. This reason is why Maid’s fifth episode resonates with many audiences, as many are survivors of domestic abuse. 

MAID | Official Trailer | Netflix

Maid’s Episode 5 Is Well Done

This episode of Maid made a realistic approach to depicting the reality of many people, which Alex’s traumatic childhood makes more relatable. Our Maid’s Episode 5 recap may not have covered the entire episode, but the five highlights cover the crucial messages of the show and the book. The series has also managed to turn a tightly-written script into a well-shot episode.

Indeed, Maid’s story has shifted from being just another Netflix drama to something more intimate and painful to witness for many people. It’s pretty unclear where Alex will go from here, but the series has made audiences root for her. We know she will persevere and become an inspiration for many people going through the same situation. Since the miniseries is halfway through by this point, we should expect a shift in the tone of the Maid’s Episode 6 recap, with the highlights becoming more optimistic.

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