Six Fun Facts Simon Konecki’s Net Worth, Life, And Career – The Man That Inspired Adele’s Album 30

As Adele’s ex-husband, who inspired the singer to write her 2021 album 30, Simon Konecki’s net worth, life, and career has drawn more attention. Of course, besides being the balladeer’s former hubby, he has more to offer to the world. He is not just Adele’s former husband; he is a three-dimensional person who everyone should take time to know more about, despite the possibility that he mistreated the singer.

Simon Christopher Konecki was born on April 17, 1974. He is a British charity entrepreneur, and he is also known for his work as the CEO of Drop4Drop. His organization is a non-profit project that delivers safe drinking water to underdeveloped nations. Drop4Drop is also a co-founder of Life Water, a UK-based eco-friendly bottled water brand.

So, you see, there’s so much more to know about the guy. If you’re intrigued to learn more about him outside of the song lyrics that Adele has written about him and their divorce, you should consider scrolling down. We will explore more of Simon Konecki’s net worth and more fun facts about him.

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Besides Being Adele’s Former Husband, Who Is Simon Konecki? 

Let’s get right down to business. Since Adele is one of the most well-known singers and songwriters of this generation, it’s only natural for her fans to want to know everything about her. By everything, we mean her net worth and even everything there is to know about her husband.

While the Grammy-winning artist’s net worth is believed to be between $200 million to $400 million, Adele’s ex-husband’s net worth is only around $2 million. 

Six Fun Facts You About Simon Konecki You Should Know About To Understand Adele’s 30 More

So, to change things up, this article won’t just be gossip or showbiz news about Adele’s ex-husband’s net worth, singer’s weight loss, or the likes. We won’t be spilling some tea about their divorce, especially as there’s already an entire album written about the matter. We want to focus on some fun facts you should know about Simon Konecki that you might find interesting. Here are some of them:

Simon Konecki and Adele at the Grammy Awards. Source:
Simon Konecki and Adele at the Grammy Awards. Source:

He Is A CEO Who Has Always Wanted To Make The World A Better Place

Living in New York and London as a young kid, Simon Konecki has witnessed many fascinating events while children his age are focused on other things. So, he grew up intending to help people in need; he co-founded Life Water, an environment-friendly bottled water brand. This company also helped him start his charity Drop4Drop, allowing people in developing countries to have clean water. What a fantastic thing to do!

Adele’s Fans Support Simon Konecki Because She Encouraged Them To

As we mentioned, doing acts to help humanity isn’t on the priority list of many people – it’s an infuriating part of life that we can’t even repackage as dystopian as it’s a reality in most cases. But kudos to Adele for using her status to support her former husband’s non-profit organization, Drop4Drop. She announced to her fans that she would start using Twitter if 10,000 of her followers would follow and support Simon Konecki’s charity. Of course, her fandom responded with enthusiasm as reading the singer’s tweets is a reward they need to actually support charities, especially as she is known for being very private.

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Simon Konecki Is Low-Key Guy, But He Was Adele’s Grammy Date

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to go to red carpet events with their partners. So, during the 54th Grammy Awards, Simon Konecki appeared with Adele, which was not something you see every day as he tries to stay away from the spotlight. Well, if you’re dating one of the biggest stars in the world, that would be a bit difficult to do. Their Grammy date excited the singer’s fans as it was her first public appearance in months due to a vocal cord hemorrhage. Of course, they supported each other through the ordeal, and it helped her make more music and live performances.

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Adele Wrote To Many Songs About Simon Konecki

Of course, Adele has written many songs about Simon Konecki. Source:
Of course, Adele has written many songs about Simon Konecki. Source:

There’s a saying that goes, “Never date a writer; you’ll end up as their material,” which honestly sounds like a good deal. It’s not every day someone would write about you. And this is the case with Simon Konecki, as Adele has admitted to writing and recording many songs based on their relationship. One song the singer has revealed to be about him is “Water Under the Bridge,” with the lyrics, “It’s so cold in your wilderness, I want you to be my keeper, but not if you are so reckless”. It’s a beautiful song with a fantastic production, which is no surprise since Adele is a talented lyricist besides being a powerful vocalist.

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The Couple Has A Child

If you’re a fan of Adele, you’ve probably already seen the countless interviews she has done to promote her latest album, 30. She said that the record would help her son with Simon Konecki, Angelo, to understand their relationship and divorce more. If Angelo were born in October 2012, he would be almost ten years old, so he would need this album to explain why his parents’ seemingly happy marriage ended.

Simon Konecki Continues To Inspire Adele

Adele dedicated her BRIT Album of the Year award to Simon and Angelo. Source:
Adele dedicated her BRIT Album of the Year award to Simon and Angelo. Source:

When Adele won the Album of the Year at the BRIT Awards, she became emotional while thanking everyone who helped her come up with 30. Towards the end of her speech, she also mentioned that she dedicates her award to Angelo and Simon Konecki as the songs are about them. It was a beautiful moment to know that she doesn’t harbor any negative feelings about her former husband, and they had an amicable separation and divorce.

Adele wins Mastercard Album of the Year | The BRIT Awards 2022

The World Needs More Of Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki’s net worth still needs some help to grow more, which could help him help more people. Let’s hope that being connected to Adele would help people know more about causes like his and also care about them because winning Grammys is cool, but the world needs more than a new love song. We need more people like Simon Konecki to make the world a little better.

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