Five Of Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look Next To Her Glammed-Up Look Revealed

Sofia Vergara’s no-makeup look is a sight to behold as it highlights the actor’s natural glow that most people consider as flaws that need to be covered. It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore that her makeup-free face is just as striking as her glammed-up red carpet look, as most people know her as a model before becoming a successful actor. Being a model means you have the looks and the appeal that would make anyone want to look at you.

Of course, Sofia Vergara’s no makeup photos are also worth looking at. It gives you a peek at the star’s natural appeal that her makeup team tends to cover up with layers of foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, but letting other people see a side of you that the media rarely shines a light on can be an enlightening experience for many.

So, if you’re with me and want to see some of Sofia Vergara’s no makeup photos, you better scroll on. Let’s look at some of her career highlights and why the world needs to know more about her and everything she has to offer.

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Sofia Vergara’s Got Talent – She’s Funny And Talented, Giving Everyone More Reasons To Love Her

From 2013 to 2020, Sofia Vergara was one of the highest-paid actors in American television, a feat which she deserves for her most notable and iconic role in the comedy series Modern Family. In it, she played Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, a part that got her nominations and awards from Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Actors Guild Awards.

If you’re not a couch potato and haven’t seen any of the TV shows and films she has been in, Sofia Vergara might just be a name you recognize every time you hear it. But she’s been virtually everywhere since her career started in 1991. Recently, she’s also been one of the America’s Got Talent judges.

Besides her usual big and small screen gigs, Sofia Vergara is also one of the funniest women in the industry. Just watching her interviews will make you laugh out loud and make anyone become an instant fan of the actor. Do you know what else would make you instantly love her? Some photos of Sofia Vergara without makeup on because they’re just as stunning as her usual red carpet appeal.

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Five Of Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look – They’re In The Same Level As Her Glammed-Up Look

Sitting down for hair and makeup can either be a drag or a therapeutic experience for celebrities – it takes a long time to finish it, but getting your team pampering you could feel good. But looking at Sofia Vergara’s before and after makeup photos could make you rethink if she needs all that makeup. Well, look at these photos, and you can be the judge:

Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Getting A Cup Of Coffee

Sofia Vergara, getting coffee but looking she’s all ready for the day. Source:
Sofia Vergara, getting coffee but looking she’s all ready for the day. Source:

One of the many downsides of living in a country with winter is having to wear layers of clothes, even if you’re just going out for a cup of coffee. But, in this photo, Sofia Vergara makes the tasks seem like she did them stress-free. Well, if you got that glowing skin, you should flaunt it as it’s in the same league as her red carpet look.

Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Getting Tanned

Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Getting Tanned
Getting a tan but still looking glam, only Sofia Vergara can pull that off! Source:

Not many people know that Sofia Vergara is naturally blonde, but she almost always has to maintain dyeing her hair dark to give her a stereotypical Colombian look. Now, we don’t know how to feel about that, but her naturally blonde hair and makeup-free face are something we need to see more of, especially as they look fantastic.

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Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Being Lazy In Bed

Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Being Lazy In Bed
Rosy-cheeked Sofia Vergara versus her Hollywood look. Source:

I don’t know about you and many makeup artists, but having rosy cheeks is really adorable. Of course, there are many reasons why people look like they’re naturally blushing, and not all of them are good, but they add some exciting appeal to anyone. So, it’s a mystery why many choose to cover them, but we have here Sofia Vergara flaunting her rosy cheeks while in bed, which makes her look younger than her glammed-up counterpart.

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Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look With Black Hair

Having dark hair is not for everyone, but Sofia Vergara’s no-makeup look next to her red carpet style gives brunettes a run for their money. First off, this hair color gives her an old Hollywood appeal in both photos, and it complements her makeup-free face. She looks barely recognizable in both pictures – not in a bad way, but it’s because she’s always had blonde or brown hair, so this gives her a different aura. It’s a win-win situation for Sofia Vergara as it gives her style a different flavor and appeal.

Sofia Vergara’s No Makeup Look While Strolling

Being a celebrity isn’t always fun; sometimes, it can be tiring with all the shooting, interviews, and seemingly endless commitments for the day. So, if these things are taking a toll on Sofia Vergara as it looks like she’s sad about something in her no-makeup photo, we hope she’s okay. But even if the expression on her face seems to suggest she’s having a rough day, looking all gorgeous and modelesque for her photoshoot look redeems her downtrodden look.

Sofía Vergara Constantly Gets Caught by Paparazzi While Eating

Sofia Vergara, The Colombian Beauty We Need More Of

Sofia Vergara red carpet look.
Sofia Vergara and her flawless red carpet look. Source: Wiki

Sofia Vergara’s no makeup looks prove that she is gorgeous no matter what. But it makes us wonder why her filmography still needs better and more notable films. We would also need to see more of her in serious roles like in the upcoming Netflix film Griselda. We hope it will get her the recognition she deserves, as she is more than just another pretty face. Sofia Vergara can be funny, witty, charming, and talented. So, let’s cross our fingers to see her in more prominent roles soon.

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