Glow In The Dark Tampons: A Brand-New Environmental Innovation And Other Usages

Glow in the dark tampon! Have you ever thought of other uses for tampons rather than just absorbing the menstrual flow during your period? 

Tampons are actually not just a feminine hygiene product. It can have many other usages that you wish you had known earlier! 

For example, have you ever heard of glow in the dark tampons being a solution to detect ‘greywater’ – the yucky flush leaked out from your dishwasher and shower? 

If not, let Jobandedu give you a brief of eight different ways people can use tampons to benefit their daily life and survive in emergency circumstances.  

Glow In The Dark Tampon: Detect Sewage Water 

You might not expect this, but tampons are now considered ‘an environmental innovation’. In the UK, they are used to monitor the rivers for signs of wastewater coming out from inadequate plumbing systems. 

Normally, seeking out the source of greywater can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. Because lots of different compounds can be discharged into the river and the timing is unpredictable.

However, since scientists can use glow in the dark tampons as a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative, they gradually prefer this solution. They realized that when cotton absorbs detergent or sewage, it will glow under the UV light and keep glowing for 30 days. Tampons can be the number one choice since tampons can glow in the dark, plus the cotton inside them is natural and does not harm the environment. 

Glow in the dark tampon - an environmental innovation
Use glow in the dark tampon to detect sewage water. Source: Science News. 

If you want to use glow in the dark tampons or glow in the dark pads if you are still hesitant, we have picked the best products that you can buy:

Best Glow In The Dark Pads: RagHagShop Constellations Glow In The Dark!

100% Hand-made, reusable cloth menstrual pads, and a pretty unique design that can shine in the dark! Oh, its minor sparkling lights can inspire you a bit for your room decoration.

The best glow in the dark pad to buy
Glow in the dark pad. Source: RagHagShop 

Best Glow In The Dark Tampons For Sports: Playtex Sport Tampons

This product is highly recommended when you have to hike, swim since it is designed to be leaked-proof whether in the water, air, or on land. They are all top-notch and cool activities at your 21. Have your hiking or swimming packed with joy and confident!

Best Organic Glow In The Dark Tampons: Tampax Pure Tampons 

If you want tampons that are 100% organic, this brand is the top one for you. These tampons are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes, and fragrances. The applicator is 90% plant-based in a 100% recyclable box. 

Stop Nosebleeds 

Tampons can absorb any flush drip down from different holes in our bodies, not just from the vagina. If you are in an emergency nosebleed but don’t have proper medical cotton, use tampons immediately! If you don’t trust us, watch Channing Tantum and Amanda Bynes do the same thing in She’s The Man

Watch video: She’s the Man (4/8) Movie CLIP – What Does Your Heart Tell You? (2006) HD

Alternative Bandage 

If you are bleeding quite severely, but your bag has no medical bandage, unwrap the tampon, then stick around the wound. It will do the job very well! In fact, do you know that during World War I, soldiers used tampons to plug bullet holes in case they were shot? 

Control the bleeding with tampons
Use tampons as alternative bandages. Source: Karolina Grabowska

Blister Control

Sometimes you might experience friction between your skin, sweat, socks, and shoes, and that might form blisters on your feet. A blister around your feet area can cause pain and discomfort when you walk, even infection if it gets worse. 

If you don’t have proper blister care, you can cover the wounded area with a piece of tampon and some tape. 

Great Tinder To Make Fire 

Age is just a number, yet time to learn the news has no certain range of ages. The more you know, the happier and more fulfilled you get. Like the lesser-known tips for tampons’ uses.

Tampons are often made of cotton. This material contains fibers that can ignite a flame within three to five minutes. Therefore, you can make fire from tampons when you need light. Just put all of them together, and you will have some great tinder. 

How to make fire from tampons.
Tampons are a great tinder to make fire. Source: Polina Zimmerman 


When you are in a blackout situation yet you don’t have fire or candlewicks, use the string attached to tampons.

All you have to do is find a non-flammable, open-top container, pour fuel inside, and place the string into it. Then you only need to light and enjoy the burn! 

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Crude Water Filter

Another great tampon usage is a crude water filter to filter out sediments and floating particulates. However, bear in mind that it will not filter out biological, chemical, or metal threats. 

Bore Cleaner

Speaking about pistols can be a bit sensitive. However, in situations when you have to defend, having a clean and well-functioned firearm is considered a bit of luck. If you run out of cleaning patches, you can clean your firearm with tampons. 

Tampons suit 12-gauge shotgun barrels perfectly. Just use them as you would normally do with a cleaning patch by running it through the barrel several times. Then use another piece to clean the breech and chamber.

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The Final Thought 

So we hope that the article above kinda ‘blow your mind’ on how ‘glow in the dark tampons’ can benefit us a lot more than just simply absorbing the menstrual blood. 

In fact, if we try thinking out of the box, we will probably come up with way more other uses of tampons or any daily household items in your home!

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