3 Best Women’s Boy Short Bathing Suits To Try This Summer (2021 Updated)

Bikinis are hot, yet such swimwear is too revealing and makes them uncomfortable for some. Indeed, postpartum moms, ladies with a chubbier figure, or simply conservative girls don’t usually feel at ease going to the beach or the pool with those sexy swimsuits. If you’re also one of them, hear us out and try some women’s boy bathing suits.

The best boy short swim bottoms for ladies will not only give you the comfort you deserve, but they can also shape your body and complement your figure.

DUSISHIDAN Women’s Swim Shorts

DUSISHIDAN Women's Swim Shorts help you conceal your belly pooch effectively. - women's boy short bathing suits
DUSISHIDAN Women’s Swim Shorts help you conceal your belly pooch effectively. – TopOfStyle

There are many swimsuits to hide tummy bulges, yet shorts that excel at that are not so many.

Lucky for you, Dusishidan‘s swimming bottoms are the best when it comes to hiding belly pooches and showing off all the curves. The 100% nylon fabric is incredibly elastic, which helps to conform to and complement your figure wonderfully. Also, it’s incredibly soft on your skin, providing optimum pleasure.

This product is suitable for girls of all forms and sizes. Indeed, you may get as small as a size 0 and as large as a size 14. So if you’re worried about fat rolls or excess pooch in your belly, these bottoms have got you back.

Meanwhile, the hip straps offer them a charming look. You may also tighten the side straps to fit your body shape better. Rest assured that the thick fabric prevents see-throughs under the sea.

Furthermore, these boy bottoms keep their shape when swimming and don’t trip up around the front and rear. Thus, trust those shorts to retain their form even after you’re out of the pool. 

The only setback is that their sizes are slightly smaller than the dimensions they describe on the website. Thus, go up a size for a better fit.

QDASZZ Women’s Adjustable Swimsuit Tankini Bottom Board Shorts

QDASZZ Women's Adjustable Swimsuit Tankini Shorts also get the job done nicely. - women's boy short bathing suits
QDASZZ Women’s Adjustable Swimsuit Tankini Shorts also get the job done nicely. – Pricepulse

If you prefer a lovely and conservative style in your swimsuit bottoms, these boy shorts could be what you’ve come searching for. 

Qdaszz’s boy bottoms are soft and quick-drying, making them ideal for aquatic sports. These products are ideal for surfing, swimming, and relaxing by the poolside.

They are flexible yet may offer a tight fit since they are 82% nylon plus 18% spandex. It gives the shorts the conventional swimwear vibe rather than regular surfboard shorts.

The added elasticity helps the shorts more accommodating for larger-framed ladies. Extra small to triple extra-large sizes are available. The leg areas are comfy, thanks to the spacious design. The spandex provides a secure grip at the waistband, allowing these products to stay put under the water for a long time.

A flexible panty-style liner inside adds to overall pleasure. In addition, the minimal cut eliminates the concern of revealing while leaning over or resting with your knees crossed.

These cute bottoms are ideal for thicker girls that require a little more bottom covering. Complete covering ensures that your tush is not revealed while the thick fabric moves with your body, concealing any trouble spots without irritating you.

These high-quality shorts are also available in many colorful and eye-catching shades while boosting a very comfy feeling about them. 

The only disadvantage is that curvy ladies require more elasticity at the waistline. 

Tournesol Women’s Swim Shorts High Waist Boy Shorts

Tournesol Women's Swim Shorts High Waist Boy Shorts will help to cover all your problematic areas. - women's boy short bathing suits
Tournesol Women’s Swim Shorts High Waist Boy Shorts will help cover all your problematic areas. – Kit.co

The boy bottoms from Tournesol are well-ventilated, featherweight, extremely stretchy, and skin-friendly. Moreover, the brand boasts a wide size range, from extra small to triple extra-large. Meanwhile, these shorts dry rapidly since they are 100% from polyester.

Furthermore, the high-waisted design gives exceptional belly shaping, making it ideal for moms with a mommy bulge. It also helps to cover your bottom completely. 

Especially if you possess larger thighs and booty, these products will give adequate coverage to keep you comfy whether you’re resting by the poolside or playing under the water.

You may purchase them in either a short or long design, based on the personal taste of privacy. The long ones rest slightly over your knees and help conceal thigh issues such as cellulite. 

Both designs will provide you with excellent flexibility, ensuring that nothing is excessively tight or slips. Moreover, they will also cross out the need to constantly re-adjust the bottoms.

The above boy shorts provide adequate coverage without appearing ugly or sloppy. They’ll help you stay safe both inside and outside the water. If wet, the fabric prevents the bottoms from riding down. 

Their design is also shape-complementing, with a relatively high waistband and a lovely, broad belt that helps conceal the tummy. Its complete liner also avoids see-through.

How To Choose The Best Women’s Boy Short Bathing Suits


If images of sunbathing on a tropical island with a delicious cocktail on your hand occupy your mind, you wouldn’t want to destroy the picture wearing uncomfortable swimsuits. 

Indeed, nothing ruins a visit to the pools or beaches quicker than wearing a lovely but uncomfortably tight swimsuit. Nobody likes to sit or go into the water in a bathing suit that doesn’t fit well.

Thus, when choosing boy short swim bottoms, their stretch and fit are the first to evaluate. The best products are usually made of top-notch, elastic nylon that gives off a seamless and lightweight feeling on your body. 

Adding to the overall comfort, one more thing is how quickly the material dries. Faster ones will undoubtedly be better as no one likes the itchy feeling after getting out of the water.

Some options for comfort are:


Boy shorts are for those who don’t want to show their body; thus, it’s crucial to have some coverage. Indeed, full-coverage bottoms enable you to play on the beach comfortably without stressing about your belly pooch being noticed.

Therefore, the ideal boy shorts should completely conceal the bottom. Moreover, it’s advisable to choose a bottom with a high waistband made of thick material (and best in darker colors) to conceal the unwanted areas better.

Also, try the combination of one piece swimsuit with boyshorts. It’ll help prevent your backside from being revealed when you reach down.

A few full-coverage women’s swimming shorts are:

Waistband Support

It is critical to have a waistband that provides an excellent hold to protect your swimming bottoms from dropping down or rolling up. 

It will make a significant difference between enjoying the moment at the seaside and ending in embarrassment. Of course, you want to draw people’s eyes and make their jaws drop, but not for embarrassing reasons.

So, when looking for boy swimming bottoms, find one that features a strong and expansive waistband that delivers exceptional grip. In addition, it should be composed of thick velcro to ensure that these bottoms wear securely without chafing. 

Wrapping Up

Everyone deserves a relaxing vacation or rest at the pool or the beach. Thus, don’t let your body imperfections or conservativeness hold you back. With the best women’s boy short bathing suits, the worry of your body being exposed is now gone. So, feel free to enjoy your trip!

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