Ready To Become Adult? Here Are 12 Cool Things You Can Do At 21!

Just a few years ago, the milestone of 21 seemed to take forever to reach. But now, congratulation my friend, you’ve made it! From 18 to 21 is a whole shift from adolescent to adult. You are now unstoppable.

But what can you do when you turn 21? In case you are too overwhelmed by this sense of freedom, we have prepared a whole list for you. Take a look at these 12 exciting things you can do and make the most out of this turning point. You are not gonna be 21 forever, so let’s enjoy every moment! 

Buy Yourself A Drink You’ve Never Had.

Yes, you know what I mean! In the USA, the age to purchase alcohol products might vary from state to state. However, as you turn 21, you are legal anywhere in this goddamn world. You can confidently walk into a liquor store with your head held high and get whatever you want. Even signing up for those winery and brewery tours is now possible, too. Nothing can stop you from purchasing and consuming alcohol! 

Ready To Become Adult? Here Are 12 Cool Things You Can Do At 21!
Buy yourself a drink – Source:

Reaching the legal age to drink alcohol opens the door for many fun stuff. Wave goodbye to those lectures about underage drinking already – you can grab that bottle of Evans William and share some nice cold ones with your parents. Try to scowl a little, though: You wouldn’t want them to know how much you’ve practiced! 

And yes, you can also buy that cute girl in the bar a drink! Getting some friends over in the weekend and have some wine while watching Orange Is A New Black sounds cool as well. 

Are you approaching 21 and would like to know how it feels to drink yourself into oblivion? Here, you will know what being drunk feels like. We got ya! 

Update Your Driving License. 

But darling, 21 is so much more than just the legal drinking age! There are many things you can do at 21 besides drink that can help you taste the f-r-e-e-d-o-m. One of them is changing your driving license. 

According to, your under-21 driving license will expire on your 21st birthday. Around 45 days prior to the expiration, the Department of State will send you a renewal notice. Within 12 months before the expiration date, you can update the driver’s license and remove the “under-21” mark. This is applied to most states, but I still suggest taking a look at your state’s license renewal process. 

Here gone the days you have to drive with a supervising driver! You no longer have to worry about the nighttime driving restriction and can have your friends with you on the vehicle. 

Teach Someone How To Drive. 

Teach Someone How To Drive.
Teach someone to drive – Source:

Have a sibling or younger friend? It’s time to prove your responsibility by supervising them while they drive. 

Anyone who obtains a learner’s permit can practice driving behind the wheel, but only with someone who is twenty-one years old and above in the front seat to watch over them. You are now qualified to do that! 

Still, keep in mind that in some states such as North Carolina, the responsible driver in the training of young drivers must be licensed for at least five years. Also, make sure that you have sufficient driving experience and significantly more than the learner because it might turn out to be stressful and tense. Remember the first time you drove your dad’s car! 

Things You Can Do At 21 – Rent A Car. 

Getting your own car right away seems to be a bit extreme (skip this if you are r-i-c-h). Renting a car sounds much more convenient. You have probably read somewhere that renting a car requires you to be at least twenty-five. However, that piece of information is incorrect. Since you are twenty-one, you can rent an automobile whenever you want. As the passenger limitation has been lifted as well, there is no better time to plan for a trip with your besties! 

Although it is legally permitted, some car rentals still don’t have much trust in those that are under twenty-five. Make sure to select your rental carefully or you will have to pay tons of fees. Once you are twenty-five, the renting process would be much easier. 

Things You Can Do At 21 – Book A Hotel Room. 

We all know that the minimum age to check into a hotel room is 18. In fact, there are many locations where the hotels require guests to be at least 21 to make a booking. This is especially true if the hotel room is equipped with a minibar. 

But, who cares about that? You don’t even need to double-check on TripAdvisor to see if you can book that room or not. Being 21 years old means you can finally book any swanky hotel in your favorite city. Perhaps you can plan for a trip to Vegas so you can check 2 things to do off this list! Well yeah, your bank account will inevitably be in pain. In return, though, you have a great time celebrating your adulthood! 

Travel To Somewhere You’ve Never Been. 

So you have your full driver’s license with conditions. You no longer have to drive with your mom or dad in the front seat. The passenger limitation is gone. You can rent a car and book a splendid hotel room. What do all of those mean? There is no better time to go on a trip! 

Travel To Somewhere You’ve Never Been.
Traveling at 21 – Source:

The 21st birthday is a significant turning point. You are basically a full-growth adult with all the legal rights, which is worth celebrating. I suggest you travel to mark this special occasion. Even if you don’t feel like going somewhere on your birthday, you can take it as an option to find motivation when you feel lost and uninspired. At this age, there will be many ups and downs are waiting for us ahead. 

A new country, without a doubt, sounds very inviting. But hey, if your dinner menu has been consisting of mac-n-cheese and ramen noodles for the past few months, a new city within the country is nice too. Just go somewhere you have never been to and refresh your mind. 

Things You Can Do At 21 – Hit The Casino! 

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend it. But hey, if you feel like testing your luck once in a while, you can gamble legally. Vegas is the dream of many young adults, and you can finally take that trip to clear out the casino like a badass. Oh and also, don’t forget that most casinos provide free drinks while playing! 

One caveat, though: Do not let the excitement of gambling blind you. Make sure you have money before joining the fun and be responsible while doing it. As long as you know when is the right time to stop, you will have the night of your life. 

Things You Can Do At 21 – Adopt A Child. 

I can see you opening your eyes widely in shock, but yes, this must be one of the most obscure things you can do once you turn 21. If you ever think about adopting a child, you are now allowed to do that. 

Still, whether or not your application gets accepted isn’t up to your age. It’s under the supervision of the adoption agency. Of course, they won’t make it easy for you since you are still young and (most likely) inexperienced. In necessary cases like when you have siblings that need you to adopt children, do keep in mind that you can! 

Get A Credit Card More Easily. 

Get A Credit Card More Easily. - Things You Can Do At 21
Get yourself a credit card – Source:

A thing many guides on what to do when you turn 21 do not mention is that you can now easily get a credit card. The Credit Card Act of 2009 (which went into effect in February 2010) made it far more difficult for young adults under 21 to obtain one. They must either find a co-signer over the age of 21 or show documents of independent income that prove their ability to show expenses on time. 

While the bill posed a good intention (preventing college students from getting caught in credit card debts), building credit scores was extremely challenging for those under 21 years old. As you are 21 now, you can easily get instant decisions from web applications and obtain your own credit card. 

You’re not alone if you’ve hesitated to sign up for a free account to check your credit score online. Millions of other people are, too, and that’s why credit monitoring services are gaining popularity. These services use your personal information to monitor your finances, unlock your loans, and give you the best credit card rates.

Things You Can Do At 21 – Smoke Some Legal Pot. 

Well, if you are into that sort of thing. Of course, this isn’t applied everywhere. Recreational marijuana is not legal in every state. You can, however, buy and possess cannabis in some states where it is allowed. Nobody can prevent you from doing so. It’s much safer and convenient than hitting up a drug dealer because a dispensary can be found anywhere, at any time! 

Get Your Finances Together. 

Get Your Finances Together. - Things You Can Do At 21
Start making a financial plan – Source:

When it comes to financial planning, the sooner you start, the better it will be. Still, at the age of 21, with many exciting entertainments for you to take part in, many plans for the near and far future, it is crucial to be more responsible with your money. If you never think about that, now is the time! 

Start with making a plan for your regular monthly expenses. This will give you a realistic idea of how much money you can spend each month and how much you can save. Don’t forget to pay attention to your bank account: Overdraft fees can be ridiculous sometimes. Be super careful with credit card debts, and don’t go completely broke just because of alcoholic drinks! 

Be Referred To As An Adult! 

When all the fun is over, you might be terrified by the fact that you are now a complete adult. As the world begins to treat you at one, you can keep your head up and feel prideful. There will be times, though, you face pressure and the duties of being a grown-up. 

Adjusting to a new role always requires time and patience. When things get too overwhelming and challenging, your family and loved ones will still be on your side. You can go back to them any time when it gets a bit too tough. Turning 21 doesn’t mean you have to grow into a perfect individual after one night – you still have a lot of time to learn, so just take one step at a time. 

Cheers To Your 21st Birthday! 

Cheers To Your 21st Birthday! - Things You Can Do At 21
Enjoy your 21 now! – Source:

Now, you know what to do to become a badass 21 years old! Good luck on your new journey, and remember not to drink too much during it! 

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