9 Awesome Movies Like She’s The Man That You Must Watch With Authentic Reviews!

Yes, International Women’s Day may land in March. However, you can cherish our smart, resourceful ladies and their accomplishments all year long by indulging in some on-screen feminism. There are many powerful stories of, by, and about women that can stir our hearts. A notable example is the 2006 movie She’s The Man

Many film buffs consider She’s The Man a perfect combination of comedy, romance, and a blend of sports. This alluring tale doesn’t only attract sports fans but also general audiences of all ages. JobandEdu can’t help but get drawn to the story of Viola Johnson when she pretends to be her twin brother. As the story proceeds, many hijinks, love triangles, and various scenarios are thrown in her face, taking us viewers on a roller coaster of emotions. In the end, our entertainment team all sees a part of us in Viola and other characters, just as user Raeniing wrote on Reddit: 

“The movie is just as relatable to adult me as it was to teenage me. So yeah, thumb up to this movie lol.” 

9 Awesome Movies Like She’s The Man That You Must Watch With Authentic Reviews!
Movies Like She’s The Man – Source: The Guardian

So, if you once fell in love with She’s The Man and are looking for feel-good stories about feminism, stories that throw a pleasant dilemma your way, then you might want to check out these 10 similar movies! Beyond that, if you’re into such women-centric movies like 13 Going On 30, Pretty Women can be the next great option for rainy days.

Movies Like She’s The Man. 

Here are the top 9 movies like She’s The Man in chronological order:

  1. She’s All That (1999)
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
  3. Love Wrecked (2005)
  4. It’s A Boy Girl Thing (2006)
  5. John Tucker Must Die (2006)
  6. Stick It (2006)
  7. Sydney White (2007)
  8. Easy A (2010)
  9. The Other Woman (2014)

She’s All That (1999) 

This weekend, let’s take a trip back to the last millennium with She’s All That! Zach Siler is a high schooler, but not a random one: He’s the popular one everyone looks up to. However, after his girlfriend, Taylor, broke up with him for a TV personality in Brock Hudson, his reputation goes down the drain. As the story processes, we shall follow Zach as he tries to figure out what’s going on and get back his reputation. 

She’s All That Trailer

Most users on Reddit and IMDb agreed that the plot was stretched and predictable here and there. If you don’t like something heavy and just wanna find a fun movie to relax, though, She’s All That is for you. It’s “another teenage movie” with some unique aspects yet still follows the high school misfit style that we adore. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Back in the 90s, ’10 Things I Hate About you’ created a phenomenon when it premiered. It’s a lovely story about Cameron, who just got into the tenth grade and fell for Bianca Stratford. However, Bianca is forbidden from dating until her sister, Kat, finds a man for herself. Unfortunately, Kat is hostile, self-centered, unfriendly, and undoubtedly undatable. Cameron has no other choice but to pay the school bad boy Pat to date Kat. Thus, he can go out with Bianca. 

10 Things I Hate About You Trailer

Overall, 10 Things I Hate About You is a light-hearted comedy that will surprise viewers with many twists and turns. The comedy is built on the central plot with many nice touches and genuinely funny characters. That’s why it receives a relatively high rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb. The phenomenon’s effects spread far to other forms, like its famous quotes.

Movies Like She’s The Man – Lovewrecked (2005) 

Another good choice for She’s The Man fans is Lovewrecked. In this story, we familiarize ourselves with Jenny Taylor. Jenny is an uber fan of international rock-star Jason Masters. She attempted to meet Jason several times, but all of her efforts went in vain due to her nemesis Alexis. Frustrated, Jenny applied for a job at a resort Masters frequently visits over in the Caribbean. 

As Jenny sneaked aboard a party vessel, she saw Jason get pulled overboard and jump in to save his life. The two ended up on a deserted island not so far from the resort. Jenny grabbed the “chance” to show Jason who she really was by saying that they were miles away from the mainland. 

Amanda Bynes, who plays Jenny Taylor, suits the character perfectly and never misses a comic beat. She can keep a sense of reality even in such a bizarre plot. I would recommend it to any Amanda fans or anyone looking for a sweet and wholesome teen comedy. 

It’s A Boy Girl Thing (2006)

It’s A Boy Girl Thing (2006) - movies like she's the man
It’s A Boy Girl Thing – Source: IMDbT

The 2016 movie, It’s A Boy Girl Thing, created a lot of hype on release. The story takes place on a visit to the National History Museum when things gradually turn into a disaster. It surrounds an overachieving kid with intelligence and an athlete without the same commitment to academia. Their lives change dramatically when a spell is cast upon them, leaving them to walk in the shoes of each other. 

Body swap movies are nothing new. What makes It’s A Boy Girl Thing unique is the two central performances of Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegers. They successfully deliver the overall cheerful sense mixed with some good tackling of stereotypes. If you are searching for more light-hearted fare that will make you smile in the end, It’s A Boy Girl Thing is a winner! 

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John Tucker Must Die (2006)

Also released in 2006, John Tucker Must Die is a must-watch for those who want to find movies like She’s The Man. This teen romantic comedy surrounds three girls who share the same determination to crush the heart of John Tucker. This manipulative and scheming basketball player has dated all of them at once and pledges that each of them was “his other half”. When the trio discovered the truth, they set on a mission to ruin him once and for all. 

John Tucker Must Die Trailer

At first, the movie might seem to be shallow. However, it’s an entertaining and enjoyable story with some depth and can leave you laughing the whole time. Definitely, a good watch, especially if you are a fan of Brittany Snow, just like me! 

Movies Like She’s The Man – Stick It (2006) 

If you like She’s The Man but want to enjoy more of the sporting side or seek movies like John Tucker Must Die, Stick It is a perfect choice. In this film, you are embarking on a journey with Haley. She’s an athlete with extraordinary talent but poor social standing. A brush with the law sends her off to an elite academy for gymnasts.

There, Haley was under the observation of a touch-going disciplinarian coach who earned for herself a highly regarded position within the circuit. As the movie processes, she makes friends and enemies, learns from mistakes, and eventually grows into a better person. 

Stick It Trailer

Stick It might not be a movie that adults will credit as worthwhile with the light-hearted plot and predictable character development. However, youngsters will definitely find it entertaining. IMDb users said, “the comedy was well scripted and executed, and the actors manage to bring characters to life”. 

Stick It will deliver positive messages about overcoming obstacles and finding someone who believes in you no matter what. That’s something we all need at some point in our lives. 

Movies Like She’s The Man – Easy A (2010) 

Movies Like She’s The Man - Easy A (2010)  - movies like she's the man
Easy A – Source: Film Daily

What to seek after days of watching New Girls episodes and Shrek movies? Easy A may be a good deal. Easy A is a classic school-setting movie, yet it still stands out in the crowd. The film surrounds Olive, a 6/10 high schooler you can easily find anywhere. Her ordinary life took a sharp turn when she decided to take advantage of the school’s gossip grapevine to lift her reputation. However, things didn’t go as she planned, and the protagonist quickly realized her consequence. 

Easy A is full of ups and downs, as Olive had to go through countless drama following her action. A movie about someone trying to save her reputation might sound sad, but it is actually humorous and charming. It has a feel-good ending that will leave you thinking for a couple of days. With a rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.0/10 on IMDb, Easy A will not disappoint your taste!  

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The Other Woman (2014) 

In 2014, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton starred together in The Other Woman and quickly made a hit. The plot is about Kate King, a housewife living in Connecticut. One day, she discovered her husband Mark’s affair with a woman called Carly. They both realized that the same man betrayed them, thus teamed up to seek revenge. Along the way, they found out that there was another woman in Mark’s bed. The third woman was Amber. Together, they planned to take down Mark while establishing their friendship. 

The Other Woman Trailer

Though released 8 years before She’s The Man, The Other Woman still captured the sense of feminism and women’s friendship ideally just like its predecessor. The movie was a success at the box office and immediately became iconic. Instead of being a mindless comedy, The Other Woman has a genuine plotline that is followed through and decent character development. Overall, it is suitable if you are searching for a true rom-com with good laughs, depth, and emotions. 

Movies Like She’s The Man – Bad Moms (2016)

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, the film sheds light on the reality of being a mother. It reveals the hard work, so many moms have to do with little recognition. 

Movies Like She’s The Man - Bad Moms (2016) - movies like she's the man
Bad Moms – Source: DroidJournal

It all started when Amy (Kunis) discovered her husband’s online affair. Instead of being devastated, she decided to take this opportunity as her awakening. With the help of other women, Amy step-by-step tried to become the woman she always wanted to be but couldn’t due to the marriage. The feminism and lovely female friendship make it one of the movies like The Other Woman or She’s The Man. 

Movies Like She’s The Man – Our Final Verdict. 

And that’s it! Above is a list of the 10 best movies like She’s The Man that you can enjoy with your loved ones this weekend. These movies all share a similarity: They focus on the power of women and what they can do to achieve love or make the world better. Hopefully, these aspiring movies will give you the positive vibes and motivation you need.

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