Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl: Which One Fits Your Personality Best?

On her first night at Marilla’s house, Anne Shirley (Anne Of Green Gables) was allowed to sleep in the east gable room. She survived the coldness of bare white-washed walls by imagining gold and silver brocade tapestry. 

The empty, rigid chamber was then filled with Anne’s fantasy: There was a white velvet carpet embellished with pink roses on the floor, pink silk curtains at the windows, and mahogany furniture. The ginger-haired girl saw herself reclining gracefully on a couch heaped with gorgeous silken cushions instead of the old-fashioned bed with a rough sheet. To Anne’s innocent mind, things she imagined would stay there with her forever. 

I’m sure countless girls can relate to Anne in this particular scene. From tween to teen, all the lassies want to have their own sanctuary away from the outside world. Room decorations for a teenage girl, much like her wardrobe, should offer an authentic reflection of her personality and style. After a long day at school or work, a comfortable room that matches her taste will help her stay balanced and relaxed.

Sometimes, though, it might be intimidating to figure out what style suits our characters best. In case you are struggling with that, we are here to help! Read on to find the general concepts to refresh your bedroom based on your personality and everything you need to let your light shine through.

If You Are Sweet & Girly…

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice; that’s what girls are made of.”

Until now, the old nursery rhyme is still true for many teenage girls out there. If you are the kind of girl who loves to see yourself in pastel shades, enjoy sweet treats, and don’t hesitate to show off your soft side, the most suitable decoration style for you is either cottage or shabby chic. These concepts have different principles and color schemes, but they share one thing in common: All of them are as girly and charming as you are. 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl – Cottage 

Welcoming and mellow, cottage style is the perfect example of cozy charm. It’s all about creating a light and airy atmosphere that is calming, making it ideal for a restful retreat. To make this aesthetic works in your interiors, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The first is color schemes. A common principle is to start with a neutral base. Clean white is the safest option, but you can go with other shades of white such as oatmeal. Some cottage interiors even go as far as building a monochromatic all-white palette, which gives the room a simple yet delicate feel. However, if you choose the wrong white, your room will look unfavorably cold, or glaringly bright. 

If all-white decoration isn’t your thing, pastels and primary colors in gentler tones are perfect for your bedroom. You should consider soft and natural colors such as blues, greens, beiges, yellows, and corals. Pair it with either an oyster shell, light taupe, or a soft gray for a brisk, clean take. 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl: Which One Fits Your Personality Best?
Cottage-Style Bedroom – Source: HGTV

Regarding furniture, wood, wrought iron, and wicker furniture are the star of the cottage style as they create a casual atmosphere. A useful tip to keep the renovation process under budget is to buy second-hand pieces. Their antique looks fit right into this design style. 

The last thing is accessories. The core of cottage style is feeling cozy and lived-in, so you can add plenty of accessories. Rumped cotton or linen beddings embody this ambiance. Throwing in rugs, seat cushions, pillows, and blankets will make the bedroom warm and inviting, but don’t overuse them if your bedroom is small. Stripes and checkered patterns are popular for this decoration. 

Don’t forget that cottage decorating is an excellent opportunity to unleash your inner artist. Spend a few minutes on the internet, and you can find thousands of decor projects. Making a DIY vintage ladder or a chalkboard wall is a low-budget yet effective way to bring this style to your bedroom.

Shabby Chic

Alluring, romantic, and inspired by gentler times, this lovely design blends a heritage color palette with distressed furnishings to create a feminine and comfy setting for your room. Shabby chic and cottage might overlap a bit, but the former gives off a more sophisticated feeling while the latter focuses on being casual and airy. 

A similarity between these two is the color scheme. Just like cottage, shabby chic works with neutral and bright shades, such as ivory and cream white. Pastel shades like powder pink, blue, or pearl grey will also work. For the wall, though, a popular option for this decoration concept is floral wallpaper, which is not often seen in cottage-style rooms. 

Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic Room – Source: Houzz

While both feature wood or iron wrought furniture with a weathered or antique aesthetic, pieces with curvy details are more suitable for a shabby chic room. They can emphasize the glamorous aspect of this concept, which sets it apart from the cottage style. Choose furniture with baroque designs, such as fluted legs, carved pilaster, or engraved banisters. These suggestions may appear to be pricey, but most stores now have various low-cost options. 

To cast a spell of sophistication, add in some vintage decors. A wall gallery will look perfect in your shabby chic bedroom. Fill the wall with paintings, tapestries, or a mirror placed in a distressed frame. Place some angel figurines and framed photos (can be black and white) on the shelves. Complete the look with a vase of fresh flowers, and you will have the dream room of every girl!

Shabby Chic Wall Gallery
Shabby Chic Wall Gallery Idea – Source: Shelterness

If You Are Glamorous…

So you are a real-life Massie Block who is full of glamour, beauty, and excitement. As flashy as you are, you can’t wait to get rid of childish whimsical wall stickers and transform your room into a master bedroom. In that case, traditional or Hollywood Regency styles will suit your luxurious taste! 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl – Traditional 

If You Are Glamorous…
Example Of A Classic Traditional Bedroom – Source: Houzz

Inspired mostly by 18th-19th century England and Europe, you can notice the regal impact in this style. Many will frown as soon as they hear “traditional”, but this timeless design doesn’t have to be boring. It honors the classic, symmetrical furniture placement, rich color palette, and a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. 

The most common scheme for this style consists of dark, warm tones. Think about earth-toned colors like brown, green, or plenty of dark wood. You can adorn it with bronze accents to create an inviting and cozy, yet elegant atmosphere. 

In modern design, though, color principles for a traditional style bedroom are not strictly applied. As a teenage girl, you might want to spice up your world with more vibrant colors while still maintaining the exquisite vibe. Well, just get some inspiration from Beth Haley’s bedroom design:

In modern design, though, color principles for a traditional style bedroom are not strictly applied.
See? Traditional Doesn’t Have To Be Staid – Source: Beth Haley

Persian-style accessories (a vintage rug, for example) can add patterns to a classic traditional room and make it more interesting. If you still want to keep the distinctive design, oil paintings, golden frames, crystal chandeliers, silver candlesticks, and silk flowers in a large vase will complete the look. 

Otherwise, feel free to surround yourself with artworks you love or a collection of houseplants, just like this work of designer Rob Stuart. Shout out to the world that girls who love traditions can be more creative and compelling than anyone: 

feel free to surround yourself with artworks you love or a collection of houseplants
Still, Don’t Forget Symmetry Is The Key – Source: Rob Stuart Interiors

Whether you stay with the classic look or decide to add a touch of contemporary to your traditional bedroom, it will still create a calm and orderly space, making your room fancy yet comfortable. 

Although you can get all creative with the color scheme, the symmetry in furniture layout is fundamental for this style. Speaking about furniture, traditional prioritizes heavy and ornate pieces to create an expensive look, so you might want to consider the Hollywood Regency concept if your bedroom is rather small. 

Hollywood Regency 

“The more glam, the better.” If this saying is your home decor mantra, Hollywood Regency is the style for you. It came out in the 1930s – Hollywood’s golden age. For the sake of visual effects, producers and directors decorated their sets with extravagance.  This was subsequently adapted into home decor for the era’s biggest stars, such as Carole Lombard. 

Just take a look at this old photo to grasp an idea of the style:

Hollywood Regency
Actress Carole Lombard standing in her home – Source: Thehappyhavenblog

We see the same style in The Clique, with Alicia Rivera’s room as an example. Just in case you want your room to look like hers, you will be glad to know that you can achieve this lavish refuge on a budget. 

Unlike previous styles, Hollywood Regency doesn’t have a particular palette. It is, however, characterized by bold colors. Pink, yellow, turquoise, gold, and emerald are some of the most popular hues, especially accents and secondary colors. If you prefer a loud contrast, you can even go with the black and white combination. 

Looking at this decor, many assume that it is only suitable for large rooms. However, modern designers point out that the furniture featured in Hollywood Regency is often in small-scale, so it will work in your small bedroom as well. Bright, glossy furniture is a must, but it doesn’t mean you have to cast away all of your current pieces and purchase new ones. Some touches, such as this metallic four-poster are enough to create the ultimate celebrity feel:

Looking at this decor, many assume that it is only suitable for large rooms.
Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Room – Source: Livingetc

In fact, decorating a Hollywood Regency room won’t take much of your effort since it features some signature accessories. Most of them can be found around the web at affordable prices. For example, statement lights embody the spirit of this concept perfectly:

In fact, decorating a Hollywood Regency room won't take much of your effort since it features some signature accessories
Statement Lights Will Add A Touch Of Glamor To Your Bedroom – Source: The Spruce

And don’t forget the impact of glam finishes like mirrors. Ones like this can be seen in almost all the 1990s movies, and they only cost around $150 at Lamps Plus

And don't forget the impact of glam finishes like mirrors
Starburst Mirror – Source: Lamps Plus

If You Are Artsy… 

Perhaps you are into the colorful world of paintings, illustrations, poetry, and music. You are quirky and free-spirited, with innate creativity and a tendency to get lost in dreams. After a long day, all you want is a place for you to pursue your hobbies and unleash your imagination. 

The best place to nurture your artistry is a bohemian or eclectic style room. Since both set no boundary for your inventiveness, you will have so much fun during the renovation process. 


Bohemian (also known as Boho) aesthetic defies modern sensibilities by embracing the carefree, laid-back, and quirky. It takes inspiration from people who choose to live an unorthodox life, such as frequent travelers, actors, and writers. By combining items, color palettes, and patterns from different parts of the world, Boho reflects that lifestyle. 

While Bohemian decor bears no restriction, warm and earthy colors are popular. You can choose deep brown, green, and gray colors for the base, then spice things up with deep purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. Metallic and jewel tones can be used to create emphasis as well. 

If You Are Artsy…
Boho Is Distinguished By Its Use Of Color Combinations And Layering – Source: The Spruce

However, if you are going for a modern Boho look, I would suggest painting your wall white. A clean and fresh white room is always a graceful setting for essential wooden furniture, textiles, and patterned rugs and pillows. 

This decor features natural materials made of wood and rattan. It is best to get a bed made out of these materials. If you opt for a more economical choice, low-profile beds and platform beds are here to serve. In a Boho style room, it is usual to have the bed rest directly on the floor, just like this:

However, if you are going for a modern Boho look, I would suggest painting your wall white
Boho Style Bedroom – Source: Eluxe Magazine

A simple tip for those doing Boho-style rooms on a budget is to use pallets as a platform. All you have to do is lying those pallets under your mattress. To prevent nasty splinters, be sure to sand them down well. If necessary, you can paint them and use faux fur rugs to soften the edges. 

Stuff for your room includes patterned bean bags, natural fiber rugs, and macrame wall hangings. You can combine patterns and textures, and don’t hesitate to use styles that wouldn’t normally go together. Utilize dyed textiles and designs from all over the world, such as Ikat from Cambodia or Suzani from Central Asia, to add a sense of excitement and exoticism to your space.

In Bohemian style, the rule is “more is more”, so just fill the room with a bunch of stuff you love. So you play instruments? Great, hang your guitar on the wall! In addition, a part of this decor is to embrace nature. Plants and hanging plants will bring your room to life. 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl – Eclectic 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl - Eclectic
Electic-Style Bedroom For Teenage Girl – Source: Hopscotch Detroit

The main idea of eclectic style is to take designs from various periods and origins, then artfully integrate them into one room. Decorating your bedroom in eclectic style can be economical and intriguing. It doesn’t have a fixed set of furniture that you must purchase to create the look. However, it requires much research, knowledge, and creativity to make all the elements seem connected. 

Although it doesn’t have a particular color scheme, eclectic style involves many bold colors, such as teal blue, mustard yellow, and fuchsia. Getting the right color combination from these overwhelming shades can be challenging. Hence, the safest way is to use a neutral foundation and add contrasting colors against the background. This will make the room cheerful and festive. Creating a high-contrast space will emphasize your eclectic style. 

Eclectic is defined by a harmonious mix of furniture in various styles. You can have a Victorian chest of drawers, baroque armchairs, and a modern bed in your room. However, mixing more than three decor styles or periods is not recommended.

The vibrant colors and spontaneous vibe of eclectic style create the perfect base for an art hoe’s bedroom. You can show off your artwork by hanging them on the wall, or turning polaroids into a feature wall without worrying about them being out-of-place. 

If You Are Stylish & Minimalist…

As a modern teenager, you might prefer convenience and productivity more than anything. If your dream room is simple and uncluttered, contemporary or Scandinavian styles are your friends. 


A contemporary bedroom is ideal for teenagers who desire a clean, streamlined, and modern look for their space. Clean lines, functionality, and interesting shapes are the hallmarks of this style. If the modern lifestyle keeps you busy, the contemporary style will transform your bedroom into an airy and relaxing relaxation spot from the world’s bustle. 

If you opt for contemporary, you can forget about rich reds, cool blues, or greens in other styles. Color is muted, natural, and subtle in this decor style. Good choices include beige, taupe, and soft greys for your wall. These colors are also appropriate for bedding, or you can go for browns, tans, mauves, and even white. However, to make the room lively, you can add a splash of pop color to the neutral base.

If You Are Stylish & Minimalist…
Flashes of bright coral will make the bedroom more energetic – Source: Ideal Home

The contemporary style aims to be minimal. Hence, when it comes to furniture, keep it as basic as possible. Large, ornately carved wood dressers and four-posters beds are inappropriate. Instead, choose modest pieces of furniture with light wood finishes or one with shiny metal accents. Get a platform bed with clean lines, no ornamental elements, and a dresser with plain or no visible hardware. A rule of thumb to maintain a contemporary look is to exclude everything you don’t need out of your room. 

Although clutter doesn’t have a place in a contemporary-style bedroom, you don’t have to skip the accessories entirely. Mirror, glass pieces, and funky floor lamps are fantastic for creating a modern vibe. You can try painting a canvas in one hue to give your room a dramatic shot of color. 

Just maintain the balance between accessorizing and keeping the design casual, you will achieve the best look without exceeding the budget.

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl – Scandinavian 

Originated from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian style is clean, simple, minimal, and functional. While it has many things in common with contemporary style, the two are actually different: Scandinavian has a more rustic feel and tends to be more open to nature. 

Both of them consist of pale muted tones like pure white, beige, or soft grey. These colors offer light-giving properties, which you will appreciate during the dark winter. In a Scandinavian bedroom, you will rarely find vibrant pops of colors like in a contemporary one. To prevent the room from looking cold or lifeless, you can add yellow, pale greens, and pale pink here and there. 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl - Scandinavian
Pale Pink In A Beige Base Is Suitable For A Teenage Girl Room – Source: Alice In Scandiland

Wood is common in walls, wood slats, flooring, and furniture to make the room warmer and more cosy. Beech, ash, and pine are the most popular woods in Scandinavian furniture. They have a lighter hue, more subtle grain, and few to no knots or dark markings. A rocking chair can immediately add a touch of Nordic to your bedroom:

Wood is common in walls, wood slats, flooring, and furniture to make the room warmer and more cosy
Wooden Rocking Chairs Are Commonly Seen In Scandinavian-Style Room – Room decorations for a teenage girl. Source: Warm Nordic 

In general, just like the contemporary style, the Scandinavian style features simple furniture with straight lines and limits the number of pieces. The difference lies in the use of accessories. While contemporary decor utilizes modern and glassy items, Scandinavian prefers a warmer and more friendly look with wooden toys, throws, rugs, and carefully placed candles. Imagine coming home with such a comfy atmosphere, especially in the winter, and you will fall in love with this style. 

Room Decorations For A Teenage Girl – Final Verdict 

Most people assume that room decorations for a teenage girl are full of vivid colors, colorful wall art decor, or princess canopies. Not all of them want to be surrounded with cute stuff. They crave independence and want to express themselves, so it is best to let them decide the style for their own kingdom. 

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