Taylor Lautner’s Long Hair Don’t Care Phase And Pics You Need To See

Besides Robert Pattinson’s appearance and Kristen Stewart’s character growth in the Twilight movie franchise, Taylor Lautner’s long hair and sculpted body also stole many hearts. But besides his good looks and talents, there is so much more about the actor that you might find interesting. 

You should know that Taylor Lautner didn’t have it easy becoming the actor he aspired to be at a very young age. But when he finally had his break, he started his slow but steady climb until he became the Jacob Black that many Twilight fans grew to love.

If you’re a fan of the Twilight movies, books, and Jacob Black’s character, then you should read on to find out more about the actor behind one of the most popular werewolves in recent cinematic history.

Taylor Lautner’ Road To Becoming Jacob Black And More

Early Life

Taylor Lautner was born in Michigan, on February 11, 1992, to Deborah and Daniel Lautner, who were of French, German, Dutch, and Native American ancestry. None of his parents were in the entertainment industry as his mother was a software developer while his father was a pilot, but he grew up dreaming of being an actor at an early age. Little did he know that he would become a movie star and one of the most recognizable actors during the peak of his career.

He eventually tried out karate to build his physique and auditioned for a Burger King commercial which he wasn’t able to get. It was an ambition that caused him to deal with bullying during his early years in school.

When Taylor Lautner was 10, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, and it was when the tides turned in his favor, and he even became more popular in school. Besides acting, he continued to pursue karate in junior high school and became interested in baseball and hip-hop dancing. He attended Valencia High School in Santa Clarita, California, until his sophomore year. 

Taylor Lautner eventually met Chaturantabut, who played the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and encouraged him to focus on his acting career. After that fateful encounter with the actor, he contacted some talent agencies allowing him to try out for some more castings and auditions.


Taylor Lautner Biography
Taylor Lautner, for his role in Sharkboy and his role in Twilight. Source: pinterest.com

During the start of Taylor Lautner’s acting career in Los Angeles, he was able to land some minor television and film roles and advertising and commercials. His first appearance was in 2001’s Shadow Fury, and he did a voice-over job for a Rugrats Go Wild commercial. After that, he was on many shows, including The Bernie Mac Show, My Wife and Kids, and Summerland, and landed another voice acting job in animated shows like Danny Phantom, Duck Dodgers, and What’s New, Scooby-Doo? While these roles were considerably life-changing for the then-newbie actor, he still needed something bigger to continue his rise to stardom.

In the same year, he starred in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, earning his first big film role despite the film being critically panned and only becoming moderately financially successful.

In 2007, the search for actors to play Jacob Black, a Native American character in the Twilight books, began. While Taylor Lautner has never read or heard of the book series before, he joined the audition and even practiced lines with Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan. As many of you know, he got the role and won over many fans as Taylor Lautner’s long hair gave him the Native American appeal that fans of the books needed to see as Jacob in Twilight has long hair, just like Ross Lynch with brown hair to fit the mold in The Amazing Adventures of Sabrina.

Every film in the Twilight film franchise was commercially successful, probably because of the chemistry between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and Jacob Black’s long hair, which complements Taylor Lautner’s appearance. Unfortunately, every one of the films in the franchise didn’t meet the expectations of film critics. Still, the actor’s role as the werewolf-in-shining-armor got him many accolades and recognitions, and one of them is a nomination for Male Breakthrough Performance at the MTV Movie Awards.

Taylor Lautner, with long hair.
Taylor Lautner’s long hair his role in Twilight. Source: flickr.com

Taylor Lautner’s roles in the Twilight film franchise and other film projects made him one of Hollywood’s highest-paid young actors in 2010. His status made him more sought after, and he eventually replaced Andy Samberg in the BBC Three comedy series Cuckoo in February 2014. He remained a part of the series for three seasons until 2018. If you’ve missed seeing him on the big screen after his last film project in 2016’s Run the Tide, then you should get excited for 2022 as he has an upcoming sports comedy film called Home Team.

Personal Life

After working out to get into shape for his role in Twilight, Taylor Lautner continues a detailed body training schedule, which he can do in between his martial arts training regularly. He has proudly said that he is drug and alcohol-free and loves living a healthy life without using any substance, just like John Mulaney.

Taylor Lautner began dating singer and songwriter Taylor Swift, who he met while filming Valentine’s Day in October 2009, but unfortunately, they broke up later that year as their only similarities are their first names. In the next few years, he would go on dating some more celebrities that started like a perfect love story, only for each to end in a heartache for both parties.

Taylor Lautner, with his fiancé, Taylor Dome.
Taylor Lautner, with his fiancé, Taylor Dome. Source: distractify.com

He began dating Lily Collins in November 2010 after filming Abduction with her, but they also broke up in September 2011. To keep up with the trend of dating his co-stars, he also dated Marie Avgeropoulos, a Canadian actress, from 2013 to 2015, and Billie Lourd in 2016; however, they broke up in July 2017. 

Since 2018, Taylor Lautner has been dating another Taylor, but this time she is not a co-star and not a celebrity, but a nurse from California named Taylor Dome. The couple confirmed their engagement on their Instagram accounts on November 13, 2021. It seems like breaking the trend of dating his co-stars finally worked out for him.

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From Sharkboy To Jacob Black And Beyond

While Taylor Lautner’s long hair lives rent-free in every Twilight fan’s mind, many are heartbroken that he hasn’t been active in his acting career anymore. But he’s active on his Instagram (@taylorlautner) anyway, so it should be a consolation. In his account, you can have a sneak peek of his personal life through photos of himself and his fiancé. He also likes posting about his dog and many throwbacks to his role as Sharkboy, which are cute. 

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