Shocking Revelation About Madonna’s Ex-Boyfriend: Carlos Leon’s Net Worth And More!

‘How much is Carlos Leon’s net worth?’ might seem like a question out of nowhere, but if you have seen Lourdes Leon making headlines, it becomes totally appropriate. 

Since 2018, Lourdes “Lola” Leon has been turning heads by showcasing her unshaved armpits and legs on red carpets, the runway at New York Fashion Week, and even in the fashion campaign for Marc Jacobs. If this image of her reminds you of Madonna, you’ve got it right: She is the Queen of Pop’s oldest daughter, and she inherits the talent to stir up controversy straight from her mom. 

Although we still regard this young lady as Madonna’s daughter, and so much controversy is surrounding her, there is one thing we can’t deny: For the last few years, Lourdes has begun to carve out a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. She surely knows how to get the spotlight, and I dare to say, she will soon shine on her own. That being said, what do you know about Carlos Leon, her biological father? Where is he now, and how much is Carlos Leon’s net worth

These interesting facts will give you a glimpse at the life of Madonna’s ex-boyfriend!

Carlos Leon Is Of Cuban Descent

While his name could give us a hint on his descent, you wouldn’t be able to guess how old Leon is just by looking at his most recent photos. So, for those who don’t know, Madonna’s ex-boyfriend was born on July 10, 1966. I know, right, he looks a lot younger than the age of 55! 

Carlos Leon in 2021
Carlos Leon – Source: IMDb

For some reason, Leon has been extremely private about his background. By far, there isn’t any information regarding his early life and even family. All we know is that, at some point in his childhood, the actor immigrated to the United States and managed to build himself a decent career in the entertainment industry. 

Aside From Being Madonna’s Ex-Boyfriend, He Is Also A Professional Actor

Wait, did I just say “actor”? Yes, you are not reading it wrong! Perhaps being Madonna’s boyfriend is enough to outshine anything else, but Carlos Leon is, in fact, an experienced actor. What’s more surprising? He had made appearances in numerous projects, including big ones! 

In a rare interview, the Cuban native revealed that he stepped into the world of entertainment in 1996. He kickstarted his career as an actor with the role of Freddie in the action, crime, and drama television series called “Nash Bridge”. Leon received positive comments from critics at the time, but since he only appeared in 3 episodes, it wasn’t enough to make audiences remember his name. 

Carlos Leon On His Career And Project “Immigration Tango”

Nonetheless, “Nash Bridge” was still a good start as Carlos Leon began to gain attention from Hollywood’s directors. A year later, the actor got himself another opportunity: He landed a small role of Maude’s thug number one in the comedy, crime, and sports movie, The Big Lebowski. 

Leon definitely had a thing for crime flicks, because following this, he appeared as Romero in “The Replacement Killers”. Additionally, from 2000 to 2003, he played Carlos Martinez in 10 episodes of “Oz”, an action, drama, and thriller show. Until now, “Oz” is still referred to as a revolution of genre and HBO’s best thriller series by both IMDb and Reddit users. 

If you are a fan of the popular series “Law And Order”, you probably will remember him as several recurring characters, such as Enrique Zuella, Oscar Assadorian, or Diego Cardenas. Even though “Law And Order” is the biggest project he worked on, it is not Leon’s breakthrough yet. Instead, his portrayal as Albert in the romantic movie “Tricks Of Love” earned him the Best Supporting Male Actor Award from the Monaco International Film Festival in 2008. 

carlos leon tricks of love
Tricks Of Love (2008) – Source: IMDb

You might be wondering, with such an impressive portfolio, why is Leon still far from famous? Well, perhaps he just prefers to stay lowkey. Despite being an actor, this man has never shown up on social media. He tries his best to stay away from the public eyes, which is completely the opposite of his daughter Lourdes. 

By now, it seems that Madonna’s ex has retired from the screen and ventures into new territory. In 2017, Leon set up a new fitness studio, “Belleon Body”. Assisting him is celebrity personal trainer Jeff Bell, specializing in HIIT workouts. 

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Leon And Madonna Was Together For 3 Years

There is this saying that you will never know who you will meet at NYC’s Central Park. It was here in 1994 did Leon met Madonna. 2 years later, in 1996, they welcomed Lourdes Leon to the world. 

Fans of the pop phenomenon might want to take a trip to The Odeon Restaurant, which is located at 145 West Broadway, Thomas Street. According to Leon, he and his ex-girlfriend used to see each other there. “I don’t remember exactly where Madonna and I went on our first date”, the actor and fitness trainer recalls, “but I think it was Odeon. It’s a beautiful place. It has that authenticity of New York.”

Leon and Madonna first date
Does that make you feel like having a date here? – Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Despite having split for so many years, Carlos Leon and Madonna still appear to be on good terms. Back in 2011, in an interview on Access Hollywood Live, he revealed that the two were still in touch. It was their daughter that kept them together. On the strategy for co-parenting Lourdes, he said: “Madonna is the disciplinarian and I’m the one that listens. It works out perfectly. Again, we have this great communication with our daughter. We’re on the same track with her.”

His Daughter Dated Timotheé Chalamet

His Daughter Dated Timotheé Chalamet
Timotheé Chalamet was Lourdes’ first boyfriend – Source: US Weekly

From there, you could see how much of a doting father he is to Lourdes. Leon even expressed his concern when his daughter started dating: “I’m dreading it so much because she’s my little girl. I want her to stay young forever. I’m already overprotective, so when the time comes, I will be ready to have a talk with the guy she brings through the door.”

But he doesn’t have to worry, because Lourdes Leon really has an eye for choosing her boyfriend! She and Timotheé Chalamet both went to LaGuardia High school of Music & Performing Art, and it was there that they shared their romance. Lourdes confirmed the relationship to Interview magazine. “I respect him a lot, we were a little item. My first boyfriend,” she admitted.

Leon Got Married To A Fashion Designer In 2013 

Speaking of love, you might be curious about Leon’s personal life after the breakup with Madonna. Although he never shares much, what we do know is that he has tied the knot once again with Betina Holte – a designer and former Danish model – in 2013. Their private ceremony was held in Gillelje, Denmark. 

Leon Got Married To A Fashion Designer In 2013
Carlos Leon and his wife – Source: Zimbio

Just like her husband, Holte has a history of dating a high-profile celebrity, as she previously had a romance with Jim Carrey in 2003, which reportedly lasted less than a year.

How Much Is Carlos Leon’s Net Worth, You Ask? 

Carlos leon's net worth
Are you curious about Carlos Leon’s net worth? – Source: New York Post

Of course, Carlos Leon’s net worth is still far from Madonna’s whopping fortune of $850 million. After years of hard work as an actor, though, the Cuban native has amassed for himself a respectable $5 million. With the launching of his fitness studio, we can expect to see his wealth expanding in the next few years, because working as a celebrity personal trainer is likely kind on the wallet.

As mentioned, while Leon prefers to remain lowkey, his daughter is determined to make her own mark and is not afraid to shock or cross boundaries. Perhaps that’s why, at the age of 25, Lourdes Leon’s net worth already reaches $5 million. She doesn’t earn this amount thanks to the fame as Madonna’s daughter alone, but also her talents and boldness. Lourdes is still young, and there are many opportunities awaiting her way. 

The Bottom Line

Now that you are more familiar with Lourdes’s father, it is interesting how he has a completely opposite personality from his daughter, as well as how Carlos Leon’s net worth at the age of 55 is exactly the same as his kid’s fortune at the age of 25. 

Nonetheless, just by looking at how Lourdes’ face brightens up when she affectionately refers to her dad as the “best fitness guru” or talks about visiting his home country Cuba, you can see that they maintain a sweet relationship despite all the differences. And it’s all that matters. 

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