Ross Lynch’s Brown Hair – How Do You Like His New Look?

Ross Lynch’s brown hair? What the heck am I reading?

Yay, not joking, guys. Our first love as Austin on the Disney channel is no longer blond. When there were whispers that the young heartthrob would take the role of Harvey Kinkle on Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, fans had the feeling that he would end up dying his hair. Well, he did it, and now we have brunette Ross Lynch. His new look may rock some, but his super cuteness always drives us crazy. Can’t get enough of Ross Lynch? Find out who he is, his impressive hairstyles, and some personal secrets.

Who Is Ross Lynch?

I believe that anyone who has grown up watching Disney’s Austin and Ally will be instantly familiar with the charming blond Ross Lynch. 

It has been a long time since the TV series was aired, and our first love is now no longer a teenager. Ross Shor Lynch, better known as Ross Lynch, is now a versatile American star. He gets people talking about his name as a world-class actor, singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist. Interestingly, Lynch is also the lead vocalist of R5, a pop-rock band where his siblings and their best friend pursue their careers as entertainers. 

Ross Lynch’s net worth
Who is Ross Lynch – Source: Youtube

Ross Lynch could easily have his peak success since his debut role as Austin in the comedy TV series. Of note, his total winnings, including 4 Kids’ Choice Awards in the category of Favorite TV Actor, 3 Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice TV Actor: Comedy, and the Radio Disney Music Award for Best Music Video for “Heard It On The Radio”, all results from his marvelous performance in “Austin & Ally”. 

However, he keeps his deep love for onscreen presence rather than staying on his laurels. Recently, we see him taking a role in a teen comedy romance film named “Status Update” and Netflix’s supernatural series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, where he becomes Ross Lynch brown hair version.

Ross Lynch in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Ross Lynch’s brown hair and Kiernan Shipka – Source: Gettyimages

Global fame has been following this young star for many years, and so has his fortune. Ross Lynch’s net worth of $8 million as of January 2022 may be more burgeoning in the future. 

There are seven fun facts about Ross Lynch that the most dedicated fans are sure to know.

  • Ross Lynch’s middle name is taken after his uncle Shor as they were born on the same day.
  • He had his first kiss at 13 in a short film, not with Laura Marono in “Austin & Ally”.
  • Ross learned to play the piano and the guitar and sing at the age of ten. 
  • He has one sister and three brothers: Rydel Lynch, Ryland Lynch, Rocky Lynch, and Ryker Lynch. All of them are entertainers. 
  • His most common nickname and his favorite one is Rossome.
  • His favorite number is 32, as it was his first hockey number. If you add them together, you get 5. It’s his family band’s members.
  • Is Ross Lynch gay? No. He has confirmed his relationship with Jaz Sinclair, and the couple has been sharing their love on social media.
Is Ross Lynch gay
Ross Lynch and his girlfriend Jaz Sinclair – Source: Pinterest

Ross Lynch’s Brown Hair

He has had various hairstyles in recent years, which continuously becomes a trending topic in celebrity magazines and tabloids. 

However, his hair in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is really something that leaves us confused. Is that the guy who has always rocked his bleached blond look? Is it Ross Lynch? I can’t remember how many times I have looked at Ross Lynch’s brown hair and wondered such questions, the same questions that I have when I saw Taylor Lautner without his long hair. He looks strange, and it may take time to get used to his new look. But in all that, I still love this guy and his super cute appearance.

Ross Lynch’s brown hair
Ross Lynch’s brown hair – Source: Pinterest

Just if you want to know more, Ross Lynch doesn’t know at first that he will then have to change his hair color. 

Sharing to People Now, he explained that during the audition process of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, he was told to dye his hair as he looks quite a bit like Kiernan Shipka. “They put this weird spray dye in my hair to try and make us look different because all my auditions were with Kiernan”, Ross Lynch added. 

For your information, Kiernan Shipka has blond hair, too.

Ross Lynch’s brown hair
Ross Lynch’s brown hair – Source: Pinterest

Not only fans, but Ross Lynch also has to get used to seeing himself in darker hair. Also, according to the American actor in an interview with “Elle”, “it is really interesting to change your hair color after being blond your entire life.” Ross Lynch may go blond eventually, but he really loves his brunette hair at that time.

Ross Lynch’s Latest Hairstyle Looks

Besides Ross Lynch’s brown hair, we also see the young man with his new hairstyle at the end of 2021. The new haircut is curly and medium with brown and blond. In my opinion, this hairstyle totally fits his face, eyes, and eyebrows. 

Ross Lynch’s brown hair
Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle – Source: Flaunt

However, not everyone likes his haircut. While some find it interesting and nice, some don’t agree. According to them, Ross Lynch new haircut is terrible. 

Take a look at some photos of Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle in “The Driver Era” in 2021. How do you like that?

Ross Lynch’s brown hair
Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle – Source: Pinterest
Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle
Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle – Source: Twitter
Ross Lynch’s latest hairstyle
His latest hairstyle – Source: Twitter


It is interesting to see Ross Lynch’s brown hair rather than his usual blond hair. However, it is important to note that his new look doesn’t change anything about himself. He is always the guy who steals the hearts of many young girls out there with his unique look and delightful characters. Ross Lynch maybe stick to teenage roles thanks to his super-cute appearance. However, we really look forward to seeing him in a breakout role rather than a new hair color. 

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