You Wouldn’t Wanna Wait For Your Life To Be Over Before You Know More About Sasha Alexander’s Net Worth, Life, And Career

Like most stars of 90’s TV shows, Sasha Alexander’s net worth and career have grown since then. Since the popular series Dawson’s Creek (cue Paula Cole’s I Don’t Wanna Wait theme song) ended, she has starred in blockbusters and critically-acclaimed movies like Mission: Impossible III, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Girl from Nagasaki, Bernard and Huey, and more. 

Sasha Alexander is not a household name like most of her contemporaries. Still, she has been active in her career, especially in many TV shows like NCIS, CSI, and Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons. So, if her low-key life in the film and TV industry has got you more interested in her, read on to find out more about her life and other projects.

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Sasha Alexander’s Life: From Ice Skating To Dawson’s Creek Star To Producer Director

Early Life

Sasha Alexander is of Serbian ancestry, which explains her European looks and first name, which is a common Eastern European nickname. But if you’re wondering why her last name sounds very American, it’s because it’s a screen name, and her real name is Suzana Drobnjakovic, which isn’t easy for most people to pronounce. 

Sasha Alexander was born in Los Angeles, California, and began acting in her school’s theater productions and projects in sixth grade. Besides her love for acting, she also used to love ice skating but had to give it up because of a knee injury that kept her from performing properly. Because of this break in her ice skating hobby, she was able to focus on her acting throughout high school and college. She eventually moved to New York City, started performing in various festivals, and graduated from Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television.

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Before Sasha Alexander’s Dawson’s Creek role, she started her acting career in two short-lived TV series: Presidio Med and Wasteland. She also made appearances in an episode of Greg the Bunny as a lesbian TV Guide reporter. She shared an on-screen kiss with female co-star Sarah Silverman, which became a controversial episode back then.

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After making her TV debut and bagging iconic roles, Sasha Alexander’s movies and TV shows became more plentiful. She eventually had her film debut and appeared in films like Lucky 13, Yes Man, All Over the Guy, and the independent film The Last Lullaby. During this time, she also played small roles in CSI and Friends until she eventually got more prominent roles in NCIS, The Nine, and Shameless. In 2016, she starred and also made her first credited directorial effort for one episode of Rizzoli & Isles.

After making her TV debut and bagging iconic roles, Sasha Alexander’s movies became more plentiful. Source:

In 2018, Sasha Alexander starred in The Ride’s drama film alongside rapper Ludacris and guest-starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also appeared in the Netflix film Dangerous Lies and voiced Addie, a character in the animated web series Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons (2020). In 2021, she directed an episode of the Netflix series You. Since she has been keeping herself busy since she first started acting while pursuing other business ventures, Sasha Alexander’s net worth is $260 million which mostly came from real estate investments.

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Personal Life

While Sasha Alexander was a 90’s TV star, her personal life wasn’t covered that much by the media, so there are few known things about her personal life, except that she has dated Big Brother contestant Spencer Smith. She was also married to writer and filmmaker Luka Pecel on September 18, 1999, until they went their separate ways after a few years. 

In 2007, Sasha Alexander eventually remarried filmmaker Edoardo Ponti, who is the younger son of actress Sophia Loren and producer Carlo Ponti. The couple has two children, and she said she likes to communicate with them in different languages such as Serbian, English, Italian, and French. It sounds like a perfect way to grow up multilingual.

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Sasha Alexander Won’t Keep You Waiting

Sasha Alexander Won’t Keep You Waiting
Sasha Alexander, smiling for the camera. Source: https://www.ajc

Sasha Alexander’s net worth is a staggering amount for someone who only had a fair share of TV and film projects. It looks like she doesn’t need to be back to being active in acting unless she really loves being an actress, as that amount will be more than enough to live a proper life. Either way, it would be amazing to see what she can come up with if she becomes more active again in acting or focus on her directing and producing.

Based on her Instagram (@sashaalexander), where you can see photos of her home, family, and friends, she has been doing some projects and attending events most of the time with the people she loves. She is also proud of her directorial effort for You that she has posted about it and used it as her bio description to urge people to watch the series. It’s looking like she enjoyed working as a director, so hopefully, she will keep at it as fans have been waiting long enough.

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