Shanley Are You The One and Untold Stories After The Dating Show

Shanley Are You The One, and her love story with Chris Tolleson (a.k.a Chris T) raise many controversies in season 1 of the hit MTV series. Despite not being a perfect match, the couple insists that their relationship will even go further after this drama show. Like most crazy fans, I wonder if there is a happy ending for both. 

The cameras have stopped recording, but the question remains. Shanley and Chris T Are You The One, where are they now?   

Shanley and Chris T – Are You The One Show

Like most contestants, Shanley McIntee, a young and unlucky-in-love single, comes to the Are You The One. As far as you guys are concerned, the concept of this experimental reality TV show is simple. Twenty hot and young contestants travel to a picturesque and remote location. Besides enjoying their time here, they need to find out their perfect match. 

Through a series of challenges, Shanley, or Chris T Are You The One, and every contestant tries to sort out the missing puzzle, the soulmate they have always been looking for. Once they reach their goal, they can bring home a double present: a true love, and a huge money prize!

To determine who is the one, these young people can narrow down their choices by heading towards Truth Booth. Thanks to that, they can confirm whether they are a perfect match or not.

True love does exist in Are You The One. For evidence, a couple in the show did actually get married. For Shanley, nevertheless, I assume that her journey definitely turns in an unexpected way. She did find her true love, but not the one that the matchmaking machine chose for her. Inevitably, curious minds will wonder, what happens next to her? And other couples?

Love At First Sight –  Shanley Are You The One And Chris T

From the very beginning, Shanley Are You The One and Chris T only have eyes for each other. The 24-year-old Indian native girl, thus understandably, makes an early declaration that they are a perfect match. Based on the couple’s determination, it is a no-brainer for the team to send them to the Truth Booth.

Shanley Are You The One and Untold Stories After The Dating Show

Shanley and Chris T in You Are The One – Source: Intouchweekly

It turns out that they are not a perfect match. What a plot twist! Naturally, both Shanley and the 23-year-old Virginia resident are heartbroken. However, the dramatic romance does not end here. The couple decides to ignore the game rules and whatever others say about their relationship. Chris T and Shanley Are You The One stand by each other’s side throughout the show.

Soon, both Shanley and Chris T discover who is the one to them. Actually, Paige and Chris T are a perfect match, while Shanley’s is Adam Kuhn. However, it does seem that nothing can change the crazy love of this filler-drama couple. The controversial couple remains loyal to each other and struggles to maintain their bond even when the show comes to an end. 

Yeah, guess what happened to Chris T and Shanley from Are You The One? A few months after the show was on the air, the duo starred in an interview with HollywoodLife. At that time, they both looked happy in their relationship and were likely to be engaged.

This video reveals Shanley and Chris T are still together after the dating show.

Thrilling to follow this drama-filled romance? The answer to the question if they are together to date is in the following part!

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Are Shanley And Chris T Are You The One Still Together To Date?

Actually, no.

Out of sight, out of mind. It does seem that the relationship between Shanley and Chris T cannot work out due to long distance. 

According to Shanley’s Instagram, she is now living her best life in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Cameron Porras. She also owns a new podcast on Youtube called ‘Too Tough To Cry’, where she and her friend talk on exciting topics suggested by viewers. As for Chris T, he definitely moves on with his own life. He is now a dad of two children and has an Instagram account dedicated to those who love fishing.

If you wonder: ‘What did Chris T say about Shanley?’, then this American guy feels proud of his perfect match. “I was so proud of Shanley. Anything that happens that night… it deserved it. The lamp deserved to be punched, the Gatorade bottle deserved to be thrown out the window, the couches deserved to be kicked – all of it.” 

Also, if you are interested in this couple like me, then you must remember what the 24-year-old Indian girl says about Chris T and their relationship. “We know why we’re not a perfect match. We’ve understood that, and I want everybody else to know, I’m a very physical [person], and he’s a very vocal person. Distance does not work between two people like that,” said Shanley. 

Are Shanley And Chris T Are You The One Still Together To Date?

Shanley and Chris T Are Not A Perfect Match – Source: MTV

Like most hard-die fans of the show, I expected a long-lasting relationship of this couple, regardless of their geographic differences. However, Chris T Are You The One reveals that he gets in touch with Paige at a reunion. Though he denies having any physical interactions with her, Shanley feels betrayed when she finds out they exchange photos. Somehow, it may be the last straw that kills their relationship.

Thus, what happened to Chris T and Shanley from Are You The One? They have broken up since then. Sadly, the couple that once doubted the matching algorithm is actually no longer together. That’s life! Anyway, though the relationship does not last, the two are sure to have incredible experiences. 

Shanley Are You The One, Yea Or Nay?

It has been nearly seven years since Are You The One Season 1 went on air. However, people still talk about Shanley McIntee and her love story with Chris T to date. The inquiry “What is Shanley from Are You The One” does not show any sign of ending soon. Shanley McIntee and Chris T from Are You The One are the most controversial couple that once came down a storm amongst fans of this reality dating show. Insisting that they are meant to be, the duo turns a deaf ear to the game rules and sparks arguments on social media, including Reddit and Twitter. 

For some, the couple is the best definition of a relationship. They assume that both Shanley and Chris T are meant to be, and what they do for each other is just for the sole purpose of their happiness. Loving and being loved is normal thing. With that said, they consider Shanley and Chris T’s efforts for the sake of their relationship understandable, and the world seems to get hard on them.

There will always be that one couple that had a relationship like Shanley and Chris T. did on Are Your The One
Fuck what that machine says on are you the one Shanley and Chris T are a perfect match

In opposition, some feel like Shanley Are You The One and Chris T p*ss off on them, and their drama romance seems to ruin the efforts of the whole cast of Are You The One. As far as our beloved readers are concerned, the ultimate goal of the gameshow is finding their perfect match determined by the algorithm machine. If they fail to find their missing piece, they will come home with nothing. Thus, for some people, if this controversial couple does not define selfishness and childishness, they don’t know what does.    

Chris T. And Shanley on are you the one are starting to annoy me
I'm rewatching season 1 and I hate her.

Shanley and Chris T’ relationship ending also raises differing opinions. For those who admire their love, Shanley and Chris T are always an adorable couple, and they feel sorry for their sad ending. As for anti-fans, they still dislike them until the end of the show.

Shanley and Chris T end up breaking up also raises different opinions.
And I dislike her, no matter the year.

For me, I give no comments to this couple. I don’t really care about their past. The fact that they are enjoying a happy life at the moment matters most.

So, what about the current life of other contestants like Kayla Are You The One or Ethan and Amber? For Ethan and Amber Are You The One, let me tell you a happy ending story.

Ethan and Amber Are You The One

Do you believe in true love after watching a reality dating series? It does sound insane for some, but truth to be told, it is real. No need to look further, Ethan and Amber Are You The One is the golden couple that is still together today.

Not only being a perfect match on the show in 2014, Ethan and Amber also took the next step in their relationship. Things became clear when Ethan proposed to Amber in the special reunion of Are You The One in the same year, in the presence of the whole cast members of this dating TV series. 

Ethan and Amber Are You The One

Ethan and Amber Are Still Together – Source: Distractify

I will not forget the moment when the 23-year-old guy got down on his knee after a few months of knowing his girl. Yeah, proposals on the screen are something that I do not highly appreciate. Honestly, I am skeptical about the fate of such romances on social media. For evidence, Jon and Hannah in Love Island. On the show’s finale, the runner-up couple got engaged. Unfortunately, this bond did not last long, and they have since broken up. 

As for Ethan and Amber, is there a happy ending? The answer is “Yes”. This adorable couple has proven me wrong. They got married while both were still in school and have been by each other’s side to date. They get their first precious gift from God, their daughter Scarlette, four months after the show is on air on MTV.

Their second child was born in 2019. The family is now enjoying their life with two adorable children in a new home in Texas.

Are You The One Show – The After Math

Few couples are still together after a dating reality show. In 10 matches on Are You The One, there may be ones that last for long. We can’t deny that all the best couples and episodes of this show keep us at the edge of our sit. Shanley Are You The One and Chris T, Ethan and Amber Are You The One have made their own choices. Whether their romance can go beyond after the show or not, I am sure they have lived their best lives, enjoying every moment in the mansion of Hawaii.

As an audience, I have experienced a lot of heartache dramas among these cast members in this hit TV show. Honestly, I will not find myself (cause I’m not that hot as Shanley Are You The One) in such a reality dating show to look for my Mr. Right. I prefer to watch them, though. 

Love is pure. So, I will stay away from the love involved with cameras and substantial cash prizes. And you, will you be in Are You The One to find your perfect match?

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