All I Want For Christmas Is… An Explanation Behind The Mariah Carey And Michael Myers Meme

It’s that time of the year when Mariah Carey’s infamous Christmas song will dominate all radio stations and mall playlists everywhere. But before that, let’s not forget that everyone’s favorite occasion after Christmas is Halloween, and it will come first. And just in time for Halloween, let’s revisit one of the memes that made everyone laugh and see the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer in a different way: the Mariah Carey And Michael Myers Meme.

Mariah Carey… I Do Know Her!

Who Is She?

Mariah Carey is a living legend who needs little to no introduction. But thinking everyone knows her is too assumptive. So, for anyone who’s either living under a rock or just can’t be bothered to know about pop musicians, here is some information you need to know about Mariah Carey and the memes surrounding everyone’s favorite diva.

Mariah Carey, also known as MC or Mimi – depending on which era of music you know her from as she likes rebranding herself and her image – is a Grammy-winning American singer and songwriter who rose to superstardom in 1990. She is well-known for her five-octave vocals, melismatic singing, and her unparalleled whistle register. Mariah’s first five singles reached number one in the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first artist to accomplish such a feat.

Her well-known songs include “Hero”, “Emotions”, “Always Be My Baby”, and everyone’s love-it-or-hate-it Christmas song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, which started the Mariah Carey Christmas meme. Her music incorporates elements of hip-hop, RnB, and ballads and her lyricism flaunts her wide range of vocabulary. These are some of the reasons why she received multiple awards during her three decades of being an active pop star, including Artist of the Decade in the 1990s and World Music Awards’ Best Selling Female Pop Artist of the Millennium. 

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Do You Know Her?

Do you agree that Mariah Carey looks like Mike Myers? Source:

Of course, many people know Mariah Carey. Besides being an immensely talented artist, she is also a diva – both figuratively and literally. When it comes to being a literal diva, one of the most famous instances you can see how much of a diva he can be is when she said, “I don’t know her,” when a reporter asked if she knows Jennifer Lopez, who she has been having a feud with.

Her “I don’t know her,” response instantly became an iconic GIF and meme that many people share worldwide, which is why it’s no surprise that Mimi became the content of many other memes. One of them is the face swap with Mike Myers, which got the whole world laughing and sharing the meme. Since memes are a huge part of the mainstream culture, many people were suddenly Googling ‘’Mariah Carey Michael Myers meme‘’ two names you would never think would be in the same phrase and Google search. It’s terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Whoever started this meme, you should know that Mariah Carey doesn’t know you as well.

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Mariah Scary!

Mariah Carey And Michael Myers Meme

Mariah Scary!

Mike Myers preparing to be a meme sensation. Source:

As the meme culture is getting more prominent and more popular, no one is safe from being turned into one. You could just be a random girl giving a sinister-looking smile in front of a burning house, holding a clock in your hand and saying “It’s time to stop“, or simply you just need to be Shia Labeouf to be a popular meme. So, can you imagine how it would be for celebrities like Mariah Carey, who have countless official and unofficial photos of themselves on the internet? It’s a dream for anyone who likes making memes, which is precisely what happened in 2018 when Michael Myers and Mariah Carey’s meme became an internet sensation. Hence, Mariah Carey suddenly becomes Mariah Scary.

The Michael Myers Mariah Carey meme won the internet and the terrifyingly hilarious meme race of 2018. It was that time when someone decided Mariah Carey looks like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies and photoshopped their faces together. The whole internet suddenly cannot unsee it anymore as everyone’s favorite diva turned into another meme, but it’s a creepy one this time.

Since the Michael Myers Mariah Carey meme became a meme legend, there are even some more versions of it. With every new version, meme-makers are getting more creative and have gone out of their way to make the most creative memes. One meme is an homage to the Pokémon game where Michael Myers went into battle with Mariah Carey only for him to lose to her whistle tone. It sure looks like someone has too much talent and time on their hands to come up with this meme.

WATCH VIDEO: Reacting to Mariah Carey Memes

The Internet Agreed

Of course, like most memes, it spawned more versions of it with different reactions from many internet users to the point that there are even products like shirts saying “HalloWE Belong Together”. Some people even tweeted that they’ve never seen Mariah Carey and Michael Myers in the same room before, which is a way of jokingly saying that the two could be the same person. Netizens on Reddit and other social media agreed that the resemblance is uncanny.

Many others joked that since this meme got internet-famous, they can’t take Michael Myers anymore. But can they still take Mariah Carey seriously after this meme? Well, if you can’t, then she might add you to her list of people she doesn’t know.

You wouldn’t want Mariah Carey to hate you for making a scary meme about her, as the last time someone like Eminem dissed Mariah Carey big time, she wrote a song called “Obsessed” about it. Well, if we’re going to have a song written about us, then I guess it’s okay, and we can continue laughing at the Mariah Carey and Michael Myers meme. If she has seen the meme, she would probably agree that it’s funny.

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More Mariah Carey Memes

When it’s that time of the year again! Source:

It seems like netizens and meme-makers just couldn’t get enough of Mariah Carey, as she is the center of most memes during the Holiday season. Of course, you all know what I’m talking about as Mariah Carey is a force to reckon with during the Christmas season when her Christmas hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is being played on every radio station, shopping mall, and restaurant.

Every meme is about her making more money during the holidays as her Christmas song is used in every media that wants to remind people it’s time to buy some Christmas trees, decorations, and some gifts. There is also an All I Want For Christmas Is You meme that shows the yearly performance of her infamous Christmas song and how it starts to climb up the charts once again once Halloween is done.

Whether you hate or love the song or are one of the many people who are already annoyed with hearing it every day during the holidays, you can’t deny that these memes are getting out of hand.  And whether Mariah Carey likes it or not, her diva attitude, unexpected lookalikes, and Christmas songs, she has become a meme culture favorite.

Until The Next Meme

Does Mariah Carey know us? After the Mike Myers meme, I guess she doesn’t.  Source:

It never fails to amaze anyone how some people have so much time in their hands to notice things like the resemblance between Mariah Carey and Mike Myers and to also make a meme about it. Well, it’s all good as the whole internet was laughing at it. We got to admit, that memes make the world a funnier place to be. So, make your lives funnier for the holidays with some memes and have a Michael Myers Christmas or a Mariah Careysthmas – or whatever it is you want to call it.

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