The Truth About Chelsea Handler’s Net Worth: How Is The Life Of A Female Stand-Up Comedian?

If you watched the recent Zoom interview featuring Ophira Eisenberg and comedian Chelsea Handler, you shall notice one thing: Handler loves to surround herself with books. In a room filled with stacks and stacks of books, the 46-year-old comedian excitedly shared with viewers what she was reading. From there, you will get a glimpse of Handler’s comedy style: Deep, witty, and charming. 

Rising from her own late-night talk show, “Chelsea Lately”, Chelsea Handler has marked her name as a part of pop culture for nearly a decade. She is not only a well-known comedian but also a best-selling author with five books ranked #1 on NYTimes’ list. With that in mind, it makes all the sense in the world that Chelsea Handler’s net worth has grown into a whopping amount. 

Since you are here, you may be curious about Chelsea Handler’s fortune and other secrets she’d like to keep outside the spotlight! 

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Chelsea Handler’s Net Worth: How Does The Comedian Spend Her Fortune? 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chelsea Handler’s net worth has reached $35 million. Her fortune is more impressive than other comedians, such as Bernie Mac, the golden couple ‘Sarah Goldberg Adam F. Goldberg‘ or Bo Burnham, thanks to her fame as a TV show host. 

Still, compared to other celebrities, Handler is not the richest one. In fact, there are many longtime hosts who have much more money than she does. Does this mean we should question her title as the “best late-night MC of all time”?

Well, don’t forget who we are talking about here. For more than two decades in the spotlight, Handler has made it clear that she has a mindset like no other. The beauty from New Jersey is more than willing to say and do things that other celebrities wouldn’t dare to. Hence, it might be interesting to contemplate how Handler handles her fortune, in comparison to her peers. 

Real Estate 

So, what would you do if you found yourself awash in cash? If owning a huge and lavish mansion is on top of your list, Chelsea Handler is no different. The comedian got herself a Bel-Air home just a few years after becoming the host of Chelsea Lately. 

Chelsea Handler’s Luxurious Mansion
Chelsea Handler’s Bel-Air Home – Source:

Measured 5,572 square feet in size, Handler’s luxurious manor consists of six bedrooms along with six and a half bathrooms. Since it was initially built in 1964, the comedian also spent a huge amount of money on renovation. As shown in public photos, she transformed this old residence into a tranquil haven. 

The New Jersey native spent $5,942,000 to acquire the house. Due to inflation and all the remodeling she has made, its price is now increased. Following her departure from the talk show, Handler decided to list it for sale in 2018. So far, however, nobody has met her current $10.5 million asking prices. 


Let’s admit it: Though being a fan of Chelsea Handler, her lifestyle still makes me jealous sometimes. If you follow her on Instagram, you will know what I mean. Given the fact that she is always on vacation, Handler is now living the dream of many. 

The famous TV show host enjoys traveling, and when she does, she does it in style. For example, she once shared a photo of her dog joining her on a private flight.

Chelsea Handler’s Dog In Her Private Flight
Chelsea Handler’s Dog Chunk – Source: BuzzFeed 

But of course, Handler doesn’t always fly around on her private jet. Most of the time, she travels by car just like the rest of us. Her vehicle, however, is not any car but an early model Tessa that’s worth a fortune. Unfortunately, Handler recently stated on Twitter that she had lost trust in her automobile after bumping into a video of a similar one erupted into flames out of nowhere. Next time, don’t be surprised if the comedian flies to work! 

Ventures In Other Businesses 

Chelsea Handler, like other celebrities, has used her wealth to venture into some businesses. Still, she is not your typical star. Her most well-known investment is not in a fashion brand but in Civilized, a cannabis lifestyle firm. 

While it is unknown how much money Handler spent, she posted a statement explaining the reasons behind this choice. According to the star, cannabis has been helping her with her career as a comedian big time. She was inspired by the way Civilized smashed old-fashioned stereotypes about Cannabis while making folks entertained. 

Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

It’s true that Chelsea Handler expects to profit from the deal with Civilized, but for most businesses she invested in, that’s not the case. She has, after all, contributed to a number of non-profits throughout the years. The star is known as a loyal contributor to many charities, such as the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Alzheimer’s Association,, and Stand Up To Cancer.

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Did Chelsea Handler Sex Tape Affect Her Career?

Until this point, you can see part of the reason Chelsea Handler’s net worth doesn’t match other celebrities’. Unlike many stars out there, this lady is not a hustler. Her priority is not to make money, but rather to do what she is passionate about and enjoy every moment. This can be seen even in her business choice: Handler chooses Civilized not because she thinks it is the most profitable, but because she is inspired by the company’s idea. 

Still, her long-term fans know that she could have amassed much more if it wasn’t for the Chelsea Handler sex tape scandal. 

In 2010, a short video of the famous comedian was leaked out and immediately created a sensation on the internet. Unlike Jenny McCarthy sex tape, the video began innocently, showing Handler in her work uniform. She started to introduce herself a perform some stand-up. Suddenly, the scene was cut to an explicit sex act between Handler and a British man. 

In the video, the comedian was on all fours on a bed and completely naked. She stared straight at the camera numerous times throughout the recording. At the end of the “show”, we could hear her partner asking if they got the (bleep) shot. Then, right after, the tape cut back to Chelsea doing her stand-up performance in her apartment.

According to Chelsea Handler’s representative, it was an old tape she made for a comedy piece. The comedian also addressed the issue on her own show, saying she made the tape when she was 23 as a joke. 

Chelsea Handler Talks About Her Sex Tape 

From what the audiences see, though, it’s certainly not a joke. Even if it was, it must be the most X-rated act that has ever been done. Needless to say, the backlash Handler received following the scandal was formidable. Her public image was badly damaged, forcing her to delay some of her shows at the time. 

Making a, ahem, comedy routine with explicit sexual scenes is not a wise move for her career, I have to say. While this scandal might slow her down, it definitely proves Chelsea Handler’s talent to get attention. Just like Redditor BoreDominated wrote, “the comedy was pretty bad here, but she definitely gets noticed.” 

How Much Is Chelsea Handler’s Boyfriend Net Worth?

So now we know how much is Chelsea Handler’s net worth, but what about her boyfriend’s? After the famous comedian announced on Instagram that she was “officially in love” with her long-time friend, many were curious about this lucky man. 

Turned out, Chelsea Handler’s boyfriend is Jo Koy – a regular guest on her late-night talk show. The two have known each other for more than 20 years before dating. According to Handler, she harbored feelings for the fellow stand-up comic way before that, but she didn’t know how to express her feelings. That’s why she was always combative with Koy on the show: The host claimed it was her own way of flirting. 

Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy Make Red Capet Debut
Chelsea Handler And Jo Koy At People’s Choice Award 2021 – Source: Page Six

If you just look at Jo Koy’s net worth, you will be disappointed: After three decades of being a stand-up comedian, he had amassed a fortune of $5 million, which is far behind his famous girlfriend. 

Still, that number alone is not enough to talk about him. Considering the fact that he set a new record for most tickets sold by a single artist in 2017, Jo Koy may be regarded as one of the most popular stand-up comics these days. More notably, Koy achieved the top spot on the Billboard comedy charts in 2019 with his live stand-up album, Live from Seattle. He is also well-known for his weekly podcast, The Koy Pond with Jo Koy. 

And with that, Chelsea Handler does not make her fans disappointed. Now you know what kind of man can steal this fierce lady’s heart! 

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Chelsea Handler’s Net Worth – The Bottom Line

Looking at Chelsea Handle’s net worth, it is clear that she is not the richest comedian and TV show host. Again, do we have to question her title as one of the most successful MCs? I’d say, we don’t. From 2007 until now, she has risen to international fame, amassed a fortune for herself, embarked on exciting journeys, and found the love of her life. If Handler’s definition of success is to enjoy life to its fullest, she has achieved it.

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