Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth, Biography, Relationship And More

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most well-known beauty YouTubers in the United States and internationally. That makes fans want to know more about Jaclyn Hill’s net worth, biography, relationship, and other intriguing details. Do you want to know more about Jaclyn Hill’s personal life outside the makeup artist on her YouTube channel? Let’s look at some interesting facts about this well-known figure below.

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

Jaclyn Hill is a successful American businessman and YouTuber with over 5.7 million subscribers on her channel. A cosmetics instructional video made with Kim Kardashian West in 2017 is one of Jaclyn Hill’s most famous videos.

She has also collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics and Becca Cosmetics to produce limited eyeshadow palettes. Despite being one of America’s most powerful celebrities, Jaclyn Hill has always preferred to spend time with her family in Florida rather than traveling to Los Angeles to further her career.

Jaclyn Hill is a YouTuber with over 5.7 million subscribers
Jaclyn Hill is a successful American business woman – Source: www.popsugar.com

About Jaclyn Hill

The below newest update will include basic facts such as how old is Jaclyn Hill, who are Jaclyn Hill’s parents, what is Jaclyn Hill’s net worth and her biography.

Full nameJaclyn Roxanne Hill
Date of birth20 July, 1990
Place of birthIllinois, U.S.A
Height5.57 feet  
Weight134.48 lsb
SpouseJon Hill (married 2009 – 2018)
ParentsJames Eilers (father)Robin Eilers (mother)
EducationCollege in Sarasota, Florida
ProfessionEntrepreneur, YouTuber
Net worth5 millions
Last updatedDecember 2021

Jaclyn Hill’ Early Life

Jaclyn Hill was born on 20 July 1999 on a farm near Іllіnоіѕ. Her father was involved in a car accident and received $4 million in damages for the loss of both legs. In 1998, her family relocated to Tampa (Florida), and her father accepted God’s call to become a missionary. Her family moved to Honduras and India to spread Christianity.

Jaclyn Hill worked as a freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics
Jaclyn married drummer Jon Hill in 2009 – Source: fameimpact.com

Jaclyn Hill’s parents split in 2012. She started to grow apart from her father. She was homeschooled and eventually graduated from high school in Ararat, Florida. After that, she worked for MAC Cosmetics as a freelance makeup artist. In 2009, Jaclyn married drummer Jon Hill and their marriage only lasted until 2018. Even though she is very busy with her career, Jaclyn is a family person who spends a lot of time caring for her parents, according to her friend’s comments.

Jaclyn Hill Career

In 2011, Jaclyn Hill launched a YouTube channel devoted to celebrity makeup and beauty. As previously stated, the video she shot with Kim Kardashian West became the most viewed. Also, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Australian cosmetics brand BECCA in 2015 to release a highlighter called “Champagne Pop.” This product set a record by selling over 25000 “Champagne Pop” pieces in the first 20 minutes of its release.

Check out the her best product: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, Champagne Pop for Women, Soft Gold with Peachy-Pink Pearl.

Moreover, Hill collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics, a low-cost drugstore makeup brand, to create a limited-edition eyeshadow palette. In 2016, she and Morphe released a gem-encrusted makeup set, followed by a second eyeshadow palette dubbed “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe” in 2017. She has also worked with several well-known makeup brands, including Makeup Geek, Gerard Cosmetics, and Sigma. The successful launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics in 2019 marks a watershed moment in Jaclyn Hill’s career. Jaclyn Hill’s longtime fans have all expressed their joy at this announcement.

Here is the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette – Dark Magic – 10 Creamy, Sultry Eyeshadows – A Palette of Smoky and Shimmering Eyeshadows.

Jaclyn is now well-known throughout the industry as a top makeup artist. She also regularly interacts with her fans on social media, answering all questions about beauty and makeup. When it comes to Jaclyn Hill, fans will immediately think of a unique makeup style and accent for all skin tones.

Jaclyn is now well-known as a top makeup artist
Jaclyn Hill launched a celebrity-makeup and beauty YouTube – Source: www.talkbeauty.vn

Jaclyn Hill’s Awards & Achievements

Jaclyn Hill has received numerous prestigious awards throughout her career. She received Тhе Ѕhortу Аward as a result of the great content she created on her YouTube channel. She is also honored to receive the Аmеrісan Іnfluеnсеr Аwаrd, which is an award that any influencer would be honored to receive.

Jaclyn Hill received the Аmеrісan Іnfluеnсеr Аwаrd
Jaclyn Hill received Thе Ѕhortу Аward for her YouTube channel – Source: www.zimbio.com

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Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth

Jaclyn Hill’s fortune stems primarily from her YouTube channel, with over 5.7 million subscribers. Her estimated income from YouTube ads is $600 per day. She also makes money by collaborating with cosmetic companies. Her collaborations with BECCA and Morphe generated over $10 million in sales. Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is $5 million as of December 2021.

Jaclyn's daily earnings from YouTube adverts are estimated to be $600.
Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is $5 million as of December 2021- Source: www.cosmopolitan.com

Lesser-Known Facts About Jaclyn Hill

  • When it was revealed that Jaclyn Hill had gained 20 pounds in seven weeks, the phrase “Jaclyn Hill weight gain” became popular. Instead of being self-conscious about her appearance, Jaclyn Hill responded confidently that she is not insecure and expects fans to get used to it in her future videos.
Jaclyn Hill responded confidently about her appearance
Jaclyn Hill had gained 20 pounds in seven weeks – Source: www.dexerto.com
  • Each customer can save 10% on their purchase by using Jaclyn’s JACATTACK. That is also the most popular Morphe code.
  • Although Jaclyn Hill’s limited Eyeshadow palette has received positive feedback from fans, consumers believe the product is not good enough to repurchase.
  • Many people believe Jaclyn Hill’s Instagram channel, which has over 7 million followers, can earn $1000 per brand-related post. This information has yet to be confirmed, but Hill Jaclyn has undoubtedly earned money from her Instagram account.

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We can see from the information above that Jaclyn Hill’s net worth results from years of hard work and creativity. Jaclyn Hill began her career as a freelance makeup artist and has worked extremely hard to achieve her current level of success. Let’s keep an eye on Jaclyn and see her further development in the future.

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