Rick and Morty Merchandise You Should Get If You’re A Fan Of The Series

Not just Kong vs. Godzilla funko pop, Rick and Morty drawings, posters, and shirts are all the rage for any fans of the American animated sitcom. With its philosophical sci-fi themes about time travel, alternate dimensions, intergalactic travel, existence, etc., it quickly became one of the most popular series that Adult Swim has released in recent times, especially since it’s available on Netflix too. 

While the series is well-received by many critics and fans, it hasn’t yet reached the level of The Simpsons. Still, if you look at how inventive the show’s creators are with the plot line, characters, script, pop culture homage, and all-around mindfuckery, it’s on its way to becoming a massive series. 

It seems to be a current trend for animated TV series to be NSFW (not safe for work) and NSFK (not safe for kids, if there is such a thing). Now, there are more animated shows like Rick and Morty, like BoJack Horseman and Love, Death, & Robots, for example, and they are not exactly something you can watch with your children. Most of them contain drug use, alcohol abuse, nudity, violence, and obtuse undertones juxtaposed against some psychedelic imagery. These kinds of content are probably why they are huge among couch potatoes these days.

So, if you’re into Rick and Morty and you want to show off how much of a fan you are, then there are items you should check out and get for yourself and your other Rick and Morty fanatic friends. They are fun, creative, and perfect conversation starters, especially if you’re in a space with people who are into the same crazy shows as you are.

The Rick And Morty-est Rick And Morty Products You Should Own

Well, if Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP is not your cup of tea, go for these fantasy-based products. Since you made it to this part, we assume you’re really into getting your hands on some Rick and Morty products. So, we won’t keep you waiting; check out the list of the coolest products below:

Talking Pickle Rick

If you want to bring the infamous alter ego of Rick Sanchez, who first appeared on the show’s third episode of the third season, into your side of the multiverse, then getting a Talking Pickle Rick should be your thing. It’s a three-inch action figure type of item you can squeeze and force to say “I’m Pickle Rick” and “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!”. It sounds a bit masochistic, but you can pretend to be Morty finally having his revenge for all the times Rick did him wrong.  It’s a perfect purchase that comes with a colored 48-page book with some pages you can also use as a Rick and Morty poster for your room for $9.99.

Rick and Morty Blanket

Non-fans of the TV series would probably be thinking, “Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want a blanket with a Rick & Morty drawing?” but you can tell them, “Why not?!” if they do. It’s a colorfully trippy blanket with a fun image of the titular characters of the TV series, and it’s only $39.99. It’s honestly a good deal that would give you your money’s worth.

Rick and Morty “Existence is Pain” Shirt

Wearable items are the best tie-in merchandise of TV series that any fan could own. You could wear it and be a walking advertisement of your cultured taste in TV shows, which could be perfect conversation starters. It’s as if saying, “I watch good TV series, so talk to me if you’re the same.” On this black Rick and Morty shirt with the iconic character Mr. Meeseeks printed on the front, the phrase “EXISTENCE IS PAIN” is surrounding him, which many millennials could relate to. For $22.99, it’s honestly a steal that you could wear to either a funeral or a birthday party.

Rick and Morty Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass

For the record, alcoholism isn’t something we are advocating for, but occasionally drinking and getting drunk is cool, especially if there’s a reason to celebrate and be merry. And if you’re going to drink, do it in style with Rick and Morty collectible drinking glasses. If you want more laughs, Rick Sanchez – who fans know of as an alcoholic mad scientist – and his face is on it, so you will see him every time you drink. It’s going to be the best purchase you will make for $13.99.

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Can You Get Rick And Mortyer Than That?

So, now that you’ve seen some of the coolest Rick and Morty drawings and products out there, it would be the perfect time for you to go on your interdimensional shopping spree. If anyone asks you if you can Get Rick And Mortyer than your usual Rick and Morty-loving self, the answer is apparently a “yes”. Into the Rick and Morty-verse you go with these products!

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