Kristen Wiig’s Net Worth, Life, Career, And Why You Should Take Her More Seriously

Kristen Wiig’s net worth of $25 million is still growing fast as she has made a name for herself as one of the most sought-after American comedians, actresses, writers, and producers. She is mostly known for being the funny actress that most people will recognize right away as part of NBC’s sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live“. 

Besides being on SNL, she has appeared in several critically acclaimed and financially successful films such as “mother!”, “Welcome to Me” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Adventureland”, “Knocked Up”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”,  “Wonder Woman 1984”, and the film she co-wrote and produced, “Bridesmaids“.

Although Kristen Wiig has been in the business for almost twenty years, she still hasn’t gotten the recognition she deserves. She has also been stereotyped into funny female roles. There is nothing wrong with getting these kinds of roles, but if you’re a fan of the actress, you know that she can act and she has more to offer than being funny. Read on to find out why Hollywood and the rest of the world need to take her more seriously.

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Kristen Wiig: The Woman Behind The Funny Roles

Early Life

Kristen Wiig was born in New York, and while she was born and raised in The U.S.A., her father Jon Wiig has Irish and Norwegian ancestry, and her mother Laurie is Scottish and English descent. While Wiig doesn’t sound European, it’s common for Norwegian people to have it as their last name. When she was three years old, her family moved to Pennsylvania, and she eventually attended college at Virginia’s Roanoke College

During this time, Kristen Wiig didn’t have any ambitions in entering show business, so she majored in art at the University of Arizona. As a course requirement, she had to take an acting class where her path was suddenly diverted to acting, especially as her teacher saw her potential and told her to continue acting. A day before she started a job to draw people’s bodies at a plastic surgery clinic, she suddenly decided to pursue acting just like her acting teacher told her to and moved to Los Angeles. 

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It’s not unusual for actors to take on odd jobs to keep themselves afloat while looking for their first big break, which is exactly what Kristen Wiig did when she first moved to Los Angeles. Eventually, she met people with connections in the industry and an agent who encouraged her to audition for a part in Saturday Night Live. The rest are the “Kristen Wiig getting into SNL and becoming big” story. Getting nominated for a few Emmy Awards for her SNL stint also helped her finally get her break and make a name for herself.

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In 2006, Kristen Wiig made her film debut in the Christmas movie Unaccompanied Minors. From then on, she appeared in several other films, which included her breakthrough performance in Bridesmaids. Her acting and writing in the film earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

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Of course, the success and the attention that comes with it will also come with some controversies, like Kristen Wiig’s plastic surgery and some casting issues with the film Ghostbusters, which she starred in. But these minor things didn’t hinder her from becoming more successful and slowly breaking out of the comedian and funny roles the industry boxed her in. She has appeared in supporting roles for a wide range of genres, from horror, drama, to superhero films. But anyone who has seen her during her 18-year career would agree she has made herself cut out for bigger roles.

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Personal Life

While Kristen Wiig isn’t the conventionally beautiful actress that most people love seeing onscreen these days, her talents help her conquer Hollywood’s standards. If you really like her, you probable have some questions about her personal life like, How tall is Kristen Wiig? or Who is Kristen Wiig dating? Fortunately, her life isn’t a big secret as the 5’4” is star mostly candid about her personal life.

Who Is Kristen Wiig Dating?

From 2005 to 2009, Kristen Wiig was married to actor Hayes Hargrove. After their divorce, she dated the drummer of the indie rock band The Strokes, Fabrizio Moretti, from 2011 to 2013. After years of dating lesser-known people, she eventually found herself ready to settle down with actor Avi Rothman. The couple had twins through surrogacy in early 2020, who they named Shiloh and Luna, and they eventually got married in February 2021.

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Kristen Wiig Has Proven That Funny Women Can Make Things Happen

Even if Kristen Wiig’s fans are still waiting for her next big, leading role after Bridesmaids, no one can’t deny how she has made more people take notice of funny women and the talents they can bring to the table. While the rest are still speculating on Kristen Wiig’s plastic surgery and other things about her appearance, she is busy working and making things happen for her future that will elevate how the world sees women like her.

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