Netflix and Chill Alternatives to Spice Up Your Game Plus Movie Suggestions

Netflix and chill” phrase is overused now and pick-up lines need to be more creative. So here are some “Netflix and chill” alternatives to spice up your game!

They’re good to go if you ain’t in mood of reading Attack On Titan manga, or Divergent Trilogy. Who don’t prefer films to books in this “chill up” game, anyway?

The term “Netflix and chill” may have popped up in your DMs (direct messages) a few times, and it must be dull by now. The phrase’s problem is that it’s not inclusive to those who subscribe to other streaming services. So if you want to get creative with your pickup lines and nail a date, here are some “Netflix and chill” alternatives from JobandEdu

Netflix and Chill Alternatives

Hulu and Woohoo

Hulu is another online streaming service just as widely known as Netflix, and it would be a bummer to miss out on this. Besides “Netflix and chill”, “Hulu and woohoo” is also one of the most used terms. Either that or “Hulu and hang” would be a great “Netflix and chill” alternative. 

What should you watch on Hulu? Honestly, it varies with your type of date and what you and your date have talked about before. But in case you are stuck, go with a romance or a horror; both will guarantee a higher chance of getting close physically *wink wink*.

Youtube and Lube

When you say “Netflix and chill”, it’s not like you’re going to sit through a whole featured film, like How I Met Your Mother, eating popcorn, am I right? So why not just avoid the awkward silence by watching something short and debatable. It is surely going to break the ice for you. 

Youtube fills with hidden gems, be it weird or funny or scary, and sometimes uncensored content. “Youtube and lube” is guaranteed to be a great segue into that happy ending to your evening!

Youtube and Lube
Turn on Youtube and get the lube! – Source:

IMAX and Climax

IMAX is a big-stuff projector system and is usually seen in theaters, which will be a great tool if you want to watch a movie properly. If you and your date(s) are cinephiles, then don’t hesitate to “IMAX and climax”.

Not only is the term an obvious hint to your date, but IMAX will also be a great experience for both (or many) of you. However, hanky panky in a theater filled with hundreds of people can prove troublesome unless you’re into public fun. Not that I’m here to judge, just be mindful of others. 

Netflix and Chill Alternatives to Spice Up Your Game
What else is there besides Netflix and chill? – Source: parismatch

HBO Go and Blow

In reality, HBO Go is also a popular streaming service with loads of great movies and series. “HBO Go and blow” is yet another great “Netflix and chill” alternative. And as mentioned before, when in doubt, go with romances (say, Best Dating Movies) or horrors, preferably a series of short episodes so you can pause and catch up anytime you want. 

Bluray and BJ

Yes, yes, another Netflix and chill gem alternative that we have missed out on. Do remember that Bluray isn’t only limited to BJs (blowjobs, not Brazilian Jujitsu), and whether you get a happy ending or not depends mainly on your flirting skills. 

If you are into rom-com, The Office can never go wrong.

Spotify and Creampie

Who says a date should just be limited to watching TV? Music is also a great conversation topic and can be a great way to get to know your date. Music taste is important!

Do remember not to let the music drown your conversations or you’re going to be sitting in awkward silence for the evening. 

Do remember not to let the music drown your conversations or you’re going to be sitting in awkward silence for the evening.
Play some jams and prepare to bam! – Source: miro.medium

iTunes and Spoon

This is actually a very sweet Netflix and chill alternative. Do use this on your boyfriend/girlfriend and spend quality romantic time with each other. Indeed, we need well-rounded experience to maintain a fantastic relationship. “iTunes and Spoon” is a decent supplement.

Amazon Prime and Sexy Time

The best thing about Amazon Prime is its all-in-one streaming service. It’s not limited to movies only, so there can be no dead-end for your date. If you don’t feel like watching movies or listening to music, go ahead and switch to reading e-books or online shopping. This might sound counter-intuitive, but who doesn’t love shopping? It’s basically an old-school date in the mall, quarantine-version. 

The term might be a mouthful to speak of, but hopefully, someone will also get a mouthful. Check out our list of Best Movies for Rainy Day.

Buzzfeed and Proceed

Don’t just limit the fun to media. Random quizzes are a great way to have a few laughs and get to know someone else. And Buzzfeed is so much more than that since they also post a bunch of other good stuff like puppy videos, random listicles, or “breaking” news. The possibilities are endless, so don’t hesitate to “Buzzfeed and proceed”.

Takeout and Makeout

As the old idiom goes, the way to a man’s heart (and other genders’ hearts, too) is through his (or her/their) stomach. Modern life can be exhausting sometimes, so why not go old-school and invite them to grab something to eat, drink, and talk it out (and yes, make out). 

In A Nutshell

There are many “Netflix and chill” puns variations to choose from instead of the trite original. A secret about dating is that you don’t want to seem too unoriginal. How can you stand out from the rest if you only stick to the beaten path? 

Switch things up every once in a while; I guarantee you, it will be worth it!

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