Looking For Your Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP Figure? Check This Out!

November 14th, 2020 was a memorable day for all Grey’s lovers as the famous toy company finally announced the long-awaited Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP vinyl collection. There’s no secret that Grey’s is one of the biggest doctors shows on television, while the Funko POP! toyline is one of the most popular and accessible series of pop culture-related collectibles worldwide. Hence, fans of this series couldn’t wait to take home a POP form of their favorite characters, and that wish finally came true. 

As a collector, what draws me most to the toyline is that all of the figures share a strict aesthetic template. The latest Grey’s Anatomy collection doesn’t let me down. In the first wave, Funko manages to capture all of the series’ magic in four models, with some iconic characters getting the POP treatment. Scroll down to check them out and let us know which one is your favorite! 

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP – Meredith Grey 

“The most amazing thing about Meredith, though, is that she takes all that pain, all that loss, and she turns into drive. Drive to save lives, to make things better. And despite all that she’s lost, she continues to find joy in her work as a surgeon, as a teacher, as a mother. And she managed to share that joy through her spirit of discovery and of possibility and of hope, right in the face of darkness.”

We know Meredith Grey too well: She is the ABC’s hit protagonist, the head of general surgery, half of Grey’s Anatomy’s greatest couple, and our all-time favorite. Now, she comes to us in adorable vinyl form and is ready to give your workspace some vitamin MG. 

Standing 3 ¾ inches in a window display box, Meredith seems totally happy and comfortable in her casual lab coat. Well, perhaps a bit more happy and comfortable than she seems in the series, but that’s how we all want her to be, right? Since Mrs. Shepherd is the face of the whole series, you might want to bring her home first and let her remind you every day that time waits for no man. A perfect gift for any procrastinator out there that’s it! 

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP – Derek Shepard

Meet the other half of Grey’s Anatomy’s dearest couple, Derek Shepard! Derek might be a narcissist at times, and yes, he initially received many negative opinions for being manipulative. Over time, though, Derek has proved himself to be a compassionate and caring person. Audiences now love him as much as Meredith does because he is truly a human – flawed but good. 

Now, you can add a McDreamy touch to your collectible shelf with this Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP featuring Derek Shepherd. This adorable figurine is not only perfect on your office desk, bookshelves, or table but also makes a perfect pair with Funko POP’s Meredith. It would be a sin to let them go alone – true fans of this series know that too well. 

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP – Cristina Yang

No matter how much time has passed, “You are my person” remains my favorite line in Grey’s Anatomy. It comes from Dr. Cristina Yang – the incredibly focused and driven surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We admire her willpower, her talent, and, of course, her insanely close bond with Dr. Meredith Grey. 

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP - Cristina Yang
Cristina Yang’s “You are my person” – Source: Tenor

In films or TV series, absolute loyalty, trust, and affection are usually reserved for romance. Cristina is a special case: She doesn’t reveal her soft side to any of her love interests. Instead, she keeps reminding Meredith that Meredith is her person and that she will always be there for her friend. This goes above and beyond the typical “bro-code” we usually see in male friendships. Gift your friend a POP figurine of Cristina Yang to let them know that you two share a special bond! 

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP – Miranda Bailey

Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP - Miranda Bailey
Grey’s Anatomy Funko set of four – Source: Twitter

Last but not least, we have the POP version of the most respected, talented, and professional surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital – Miranda Bailey. It is a wise move from Funko to start the Grey’s Anatomy collection with some amazing characters that are widely popular in the show. 

Since the first time they introduced viewers to Chandra Wilson’s character, it’s clear that she is as kind as she is tough. Miranda has gone through everything, both personal and professional difficulties, and still manages to keep her sense of humor. Well, she can be sassy at times, but that’s what makes her likable. 

For all of that, Miranda has gained for herself a huge fanbase, perhaps bigger than Meredith’s. Some Redditors even say that Miranda Bailey should have been the show’s main character! But, why argue when we can have both? This tiny version of Miranda is the last one you need to complete the set of four, and trust me when I say they will look amazing together! 

The Best Funko POP Figures From Other Series

Of course, Grey’s Anatomy is not the only favorite show that gets the POP treatment. With each release of a blockbuster, you may expect to see the main characters “Pop-ified”. Funko has been launching figures for well-loved movies that were premiered before the dawn of their company, and you can even find vinyl toys of popular mascots, politicians, or public figures. So far, there have been around 20,000 different models in the POP vinyl line— hey, don’t freak out just yet! 

That being said, choosing the best Funko POP! is as hard as choosing your best movie. Aside from the Grey’s Anatomy collection, I have rounded up my picks for the most brilliant POP! figures. Whether you are looking to start your own collection or just want to add more colorful pieces to your desk, look for these cuties: 

Star Wars Funko POP: The Mandalorian – Child With Egg Canister

There are plenty of Baby Yoda figurines (or Grogu) out there, so a simple one is no longer in style. Instead, my choice for the best Mandalorian Funko Pop commemorates the funniest, most ridiculous, and somehow controversial moment from season 2 — when Grogu chews on the Frog Lady’s eggs. 

Baby Yoda eating eggs 

The scene might be dark, but this POP is hands-down the cutest thing in the world. 

Batman (1989) Funko POP: Joker With Hat

Batman (1989) Funko POP: Joker With Hat
Joker (1989) – Source: IMDb

The sinister grin and raised eyebrows Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 1989 Joker makes us recognize this iconic character instantly. He’s rocking his signature purple, orange, and turquoise suit while holding the gold-banded stick in hand. Completed with his purple hat, this is a must-have for any Batman collector or Joker enthusiast.

Rick And Morty Funko POP: Rick With Glorzo

Sometimes, the only way to know a face-sucking alien has brainwashed you is to slap one of them in your face – that’s what the titular characters of Rick & Morty show us. In this figurine, Rick has a dead Glorzo tied to his face. You can also purchase the Morty version. Once you have owned both, the only thing left is to repeat “Glory to Glorzo” again and again. 

Are you into Rick And Morty? Check out these fun and creative gift ideas to get even Rick And Mortier! 

Sons Of Anarchy Funko POP: Jax Teller

Since its release in 2008, Sons Of Anarchy has been entitled one of the best crime/family dramas ever. If you are a fan of this series, get yourself this Funko POP Sons Of Anarchy figurine and let freedom ride! 

Jax Teller ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ – Source: NY Daily News

​​In his POP-ified form, Jax Teller is leading the crew in his signature black leather SOA vest. Blue pants and white sneakers complete his casual look. Holding a silver sword in his hand, the leader of SAMCRO is ready to fight. Though having an oversized head, all-black eyes, and no mouth, Jax still gives off his intimidating vibe, making him one of the best POP figurines in my collection. 

Bring A Touch Of Pop Culture To Your Home!

There can be many dark sides of geek culture, but Funko Pop is definitely a bright spot: It allows everyone to show their fandom in a quirky way. The only con is that some of the iconic series still haven’t received their POP treatment (and I’m still waiting for my Phineas and Ferb Funko POP). Still, they are releasing vinyl toys for everything you can imagine, and your awaited series will come soon, whatever it is. 

Have you found your favorite Grey’s Anatomy Funko POP yet? Was there a good one we left out that you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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