Fans Are Revisiting Rick And Morty’s Season 4 Episode 5 Reddit Theories

Rick and Morty’s Season 5 has just wrapped up. So, let’s look at Rick and Morty’s Season 4, Episode 5, and what Reddit discussions are saying about it.  

Rick and Morty is an American animated sitcom with adult and science fiction themes that makes it philosophical. It’s one of those TV series you will likely discover because you have a group of friends who are into psychedelic and trippy animations with tons of philosophical themes. I know because that’s how I first started watching the series, and I got immediately hooked.

Though being an animated TV series, Rick and Morty are not for kids. It seems to be the current trend as more semi-similar animated TV series like BoJack Horseman, Midnight Gospel, and Love, Death, & Robots are coming out but aren’t designed for kids. 

It’s like the creators of this show would want to traumatize kids who would watch an episode by mistake. These TV shows have some nudity, a lot of violence, and some language you may not want your little brother and sister to hear. So, stick with your group of trippy-shows-loving friends when you watch these.

The fifth season of Rick and Morty was dropped on June 20, 2021, a year after the last episode aired. Then, the finale wrapped up the season on September 5, 2021. While the latest episodes answered many questions about the previous seasons, we now have more, especially Rick and Morty’s Season 4 Episode 5 Reddit has been talking about. So, let’s revisit this episode.

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The Rick And Morty Universe

If you’re reading this article, chances are you know what the series is about. But for those who haven’t seen any episodes, but are curious enough, let me tell you a brief background of the show.

Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon are the genius creators behind Rick and Morty. The series follows the intergalactic misadventures of an alcoholic, mad scientist named Rick and his grandson Morty. Between all the actions of outer space, there are also some family dramas and existential questions.

Since Adult Swim first released Rick and Morty on December 2, 2013, a total of 49 episodes were already released. Each episode has Easter eggs and subliminal messages about what is going on in the Rick and Morty universe. And fans couldn’t stop analyzing each that if you search for Rick and Morty theory, there are tons of Reddit threads dedicated to unraveling the mystery behind each episode.

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Rick and Morty Season 4, Episode 5: Rattlestar Ricklactica

Plot Summary, Or Something Like It

Rick and Morty go on their intergalactic misadventures. Source:

Rick and Morty season 4 episode 5 is entitled Rattlestar Ricklactica – a wordplay of the popular science fiction media franchise Battlestar Galactica. Overall, it is the 36th episode of the entire series.

If you’ve seen a few episodes of Rick and Morty, you know how each episode has too many things going on that it would be challenging to summarize the plotline. In a nutshell: Rick and Morty were on their usual interdimensional misadventures. Unfortunately, their spaceship broke down, and while Morty was trying to fix it from the outside, a snake astronaut bit him. Or an astronaut snake. Well, a snake in an astronaut suit.

While defending himself, Morty, unfortunately, killed the snake, which set off a series of ludicrous and preposterous events at the same time but in a true Rick and Morty fashion. It involves time travel, talking snakes, snake robots, a global snake war, and more time travel.

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Rick And Morty’s Season 4 Episode 5 Reddit Theory

I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me! Source:

Reddit is a social news network of communities with content collectively curated and promoted by its users. Its tagline “dive into anything” means you may start a conversation there depending on whatever interests, hobbies, or passions you have. For popular films and movies that attract a following and invite discussions, you’ll indeed find hundreds of discussions in there, which is the case with Rick and Morty.

Each episode of Rick and Morty has separate discussion threads on Reddit. The series is that popular and that talked-about. If you search each episode like, for example: ‘’Rick and Morty season 4 episode 1 Reddit, then you will see all the discussions available for this specific episode. It’s that useful if you want to exchange some interesting insights or just read about something you like.

So, going back to Rattlestar Ricklactica without spoilers for those who haven’t caught up with the recent seasons. The storyline hinted that Beth – Rick’s daughter and Morty’s mother – is a clone in previous episodes, but it was never confirmed or revisited. But there were visual clues that fans spotted that could mean her character is indeed a clone. Hmmmm, do you agree or not? You better watch and find out for yourself.

WATCH VIDEO: Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer

What Can We Expect From Rick and Morty’s New Season

Look, Morty! They’re reading about us! Source:

In an interview of Rick and Morty’s creators with Entertainment Weekly in 2019, they said Rick and Morty has a The Simpsons vibe. They added that it could stretch on for 20 years with 20 or 30 more seasons, and they will continue doing it until fans get bored of it. 

So far, they confirmed a long-term agreement in 2018, ordering 70 more episodes distributed in an unspecified number of seasons. Justin Roiland said he is happy because there are many stories they want to tell using the well-loved characters they created in the Rick and Morty universe.

In the same interview, both creators also gave a hint that if you want to keep up with the story and find some more Easter eggs, you have to rewatch each season before binge-watching the latest one. It looks like they are good at keeping secrets and not being spoilers. That’s good because one of the charms of Rick and Morty is how much each episode can surprise you with every twist and turn.

It’s difficult to say when the show will confirm or debunk fan theories we have been reading on Reddit of our fan theories in future episodes and seasons. Or if there will be more secrets, undertones, and mysteries that we have to keep an eye on. So far, I don’t mind if Rick and Morty will last for a long time like The Simpsons, which has 706 episodes in total.

Into The Multiverse

Rick and Morty’s season 5 has garnered critical acclaim and a total of 95% positive reviews from 22 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with a consensus calling it as “bold and bombastic with the right amount of baffling”. Unfortunately, audiences were less receptive to the new season’s plotline as it only got an approval rating of 49%.

Even if the latest season didn’t get that much approval from the fanbase, we know they would have future episodes and seasons to compensate for the disappointment that half of the Rick and Morty fans felt.

If you still haven’t seen any episodes or the new season, they are all on Netflix and Adult Swim.

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