Keep Yourself Updated With 13 Most Demanding Jobs In Future

What is the future of employment? What will today’s 12-year-olds do when they are 23? And what are the new jobs in the future? Which skills will be the requirements in the job market? 

As the rapid development of new technologies is reshaping millions of jobs, young students can feel uncertain about their future work. 

However, one thing to be certain is employment requirements are becoming higher, and competition is way harsher. 

Therefore, to have a better career plan for the next 10 and 20 years, we recommend you start studying new business demands and keep up with the trend. 

Here we provide you some of the most demanding jobs in future categorized in potential fields that you can consider.

Most Demanding Jobs In Future: Healthcare Service

According to The George Washington University – School of Business, future healthcare providers will invest more in business than ever before. 

Research from Harvard Business School’s physician graduates shows a growth in the number of physicians pursuing MBA degrees within the last 10 years. This growth can lead to the emerging of more private practices and healthcare administrators.

All healthcare providers play an indispensable role in any society. However, here we list out two of the most demanding jobs in future for healthcare candidates.

Keep Yourself Updated With 13 Most Demanding Jobs In Future

Most demanding jobs in Healthcare within the next 10 years. Source: Pexels 

Registered Nurses 

 The US has been facing a nursing shortage for years and will be expecting higher employment for this profession for two reasons: 

First, the baby boomer generation is growing older. According to the Journal of Nursing Regulation, around one million baby-boomer nurses will retire by 2030. The healthcare managers need to make up for this large departure of registered nurses with widespread employment. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 12 percent in nursing job growth by 2028, equal to around 200,000 new registered nurses positions. 

With an average salary of more than $113,000, nursing is the fifth-best job in America.

Mental Health Professionals

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one-fifth of U.S. adults experience mental illness, and one-twentieth experience serious mental illness every year. Thus, investment in mental health is increasingly higher than ever. 

Mental services are becoming more popular, leading to a growing need for Mental Health Professionals. They specialize in treating mental illness and disorders that affect people of all kinds. 

Besides, non-physician providers offering counseling and support services in fields like substance abuse and behavioral disorders start gaining visibility.

The employment of mental health counselors may increase 25 percent from 2019 to 2029 as people continue to look for addiction and mental health counseling.

Do you know that Proctologist is also one of the most demanding jobs in future for healthcare students? 

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Most Demanding Jobs In Future: Information Technology

As the world is moving into the 21st century, the economy starts to transition from manufacturing widgets to digits manufacturing. 

This shift provides various opportunities to experts who understand computer science and information technology. 

Hence, the demand for IT or CS (Computer Science) skilled workers is skyrocketing. Also, The Department of Labor projects that employment in Information Technology will grow by 19 percent from 2020. 

If you are interested in entering this lucrative field in the future, don’t skip these best careers for the future:

Robotics engineering

As the productivity of manual labor cannot satisfy the manufacturing industry, robots are gradually becoming the number one automated labor source. More than just industrial space, they will also serve in the medical industry, search and rescue, and entertainment purposes.

Therefore, the demand for careers in robotics engineering and virtual and physical bots has been pretty positive over the years.

Robotics engineering

Most demanding jobs in IT within the next 10 years. Source: Pexels

Data scientist

From manufacturing, banking to hospitality, data scientists contribute invaluable insights that help businesses transform their strategies, leading to greater profits and cost-reduction opportunities. 

Burtch Works’ report stated that ”As data-first practices have become a necessary strategy to remain competitiveness in the age of digital transformation, the Data Analytics and Technology fields continue to experience incredible growth.” 

Data science has dominated the list of emerging jobs for the next ten years, and employment in this field will continue to grow.

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Cybersecurity specialist

As businesses and organizations are increasingly relying on networks, connected systems, and devices, cybercriminals and terrorists continue to exploit their vulnerabilities. Reports said Cyberattacks are among the fastest-growing crimes in the United States.

Thus, employment for cybersecurity professionals is on the rise. 

With lucrative income, entry-level payment is about $10,000 higher than the national median salary, and professionals can get into the $500,000 range.

According to research by Cybersecurity Ventures, the future of cybersecurity professionals is promising as it’s estimated that there would be at least 3.5 million cybersecurity-related jobs required by 2021. 

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Most Demanding Jobs In Future: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer an option. Its importance keeps growing as more businesses expand their operations online.

There are many opportunities for people looking to enter the digital marketing world. Currently, some of the most hirable skills are content curation, social media strategy, analytics. 

For those with a data-driven mindset, specializing in technologies like SEO and SEM is a great choice since you can help businesses to boost sales by driving more traffics to their sites.

There are other promising marketing-related fields you can search for, such as Video/audio production, E-commerce, Marketing automation, Web development, Web design, etc. To get ahead in this field, you should always prepare a portfolio that shows your achievements. Learn how to create the best porfolio

But in general, the future of marketing might be the combination of strategy, marketing, data, and technology. Companies will conduct marketing implementation through software-mediated channels. Marketers now need to learn and work with technology. 

Here are two of the most demanding jobs in future of digital marketing that you might be familiar with: 

Search engine marketing specialists 

The demand for SEOs is skyrocketing. There are over 2 billion websites globally, plus the growth in online businesses and services due to the Covid pandemic. Every business must optimize its website to find potential customers on search engines. 

Forbes cited that the SEO industry exceeded $80 billion dollars by the end of 2020. 

SEO could be an amazing career choice. However, as search engines keep innovating, SEO is no longer just building links and top keywords.

Greg Secrist, Co-Founder & CEO of BKA Content, said: ”The future of SEO will rely more heavily on voice search, RankBrain, and AI. The actual SEO of websites will become less important as Google’s algorithms improve.”

Therefore, if you want to enter the SEO digital marketing world, it is best to educate yourself on new technological trends from now.

Search engine marketing specialists

Most demanding jobs in Digital Marketing in the future. Source: Pexels 

Market research analysts

Market research analysts collect qualitative and quantitative information, including sales data, surveys, interviews, questionnaires, public opinion reviews, and market intelligence.  They suggest and come up with strategies for potential sales of a product or service. 

If you are working as a market research analyst or consider becoming one someday, there’s good news ahead. The occupational outlook for market research analysts is projected to grow 23 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Besides, we also recommend you skim through 21 Marketing Jobs of the Future research conducted by the Center for the Future of Work. There are many new jobs in the future that might provoke your interest, such as Science Liaison/Bio-marketing Specialist, Customer Wellbeing, Machine & People Ethics Manager, etc. 

Most Demanding Jobs In Future: Aritificial Intelligence 

According to Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many other famous tech geeks, robots and other forms of AI will become popular in the future to help complete human tasks. AI robots include wildfire-monitoring drones, surgical robots, and naturally speaking artificial personal assistants, etc. 

A Gartner survey shows 37% of businesses already implement different forms of Artificial Intelligence in their workplaces and estimates that the global AI software market will have been worth $126 billion by 2025.

AI is going to be the right hand of multiple industries in the future. For example: 

  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers use AI to detect and diagnose diseases, track specific patient data, and perform surgeries. 
  • Cybersecurity: AI technologies can scan the entire system, improve threat detections, and prevent cybercrime.
  • Business Intelligence: AI enables BI tools to quickly and accurately produce meaningful insights from big data resources. 
  • Cloud Computing: enables AI-product developers and data analysts to run demanding AI learning models. 
  • Manufacturing: Industries use AI to track performance and operating conditions and learn to predict malfunctions and failures.
  • Transportation: AI technologies like computer vision are inserted in self-driving cars to navigate directions safely.
Aritificial Intelligence - Most Demanding Jobs In Future

Most demanding jobs in AI in the future. Source: Kindal Media 

Jobs in AI have is and will be in extremely high demand. Workers in  AI-related areas, for example, data science and software development, can see increases in job employment within the next 10 years.

The World Economic Forum forecasts that 97 million new jobs may emerge by 2025. Here are two of the highest paying AI jobs ranked by Indeed: 

Machine Learning Engineers

In 2019, Indeed ranked the machine learning engineer as the No. 1 job in the U.S, with a 344% rate of growth and a median salary of $146,085/year.

ML engineers work between statistical and model-building work and constructing machine learning and AI systems. 

However, this is not an entry-level career for most people. It often takes years of experience in software engineering and data science and decent machine education to become a machine learning engineer.

Computer Vision Engineers

According to Gartner, “The global computer vision market size was valued at USD 10.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% from 2020 to 2027.” 

Vision Intelligence will play a vital role in the Post-COVID 19 industrial world. Its purpose is to help computers “see” via mathematical architectures in code and machine learning. 

Computer Vision Engineers’ jobs have been on the rise since computer vision companies are developing advanced hardware and software that require enormous team works. However, this is a demanding field that requires specialized experts.

Most Demanding Jobs In Future: 3D Printing Stem 

Multiple industries are harvesting from utilizing 3D printing. Even though it is still a young technology, 3D printing is undoubtedly becoming one of the hottest fields today. 

Its application expands from manufacturing, medicine, architecture, and custom art to design. 

The promising future of 3D printing will create new jobs as industries start to adopt and explore its burgeoning technology’s potential.

3D Printing Stem - Most Demanding Jobs In Future

3D Printing – New jobs in the future. Source: ZMorph All-in-One 3D Printers

3D organ and prosthetic designers

Researchers are developing 3D printing techniques to print skin, and build hearts and tissues. 

The main job of a 3D organ and prosthetic designer is to use Biomaterials and 3D printing technology to create bioengineered products. 

3D printing auto mechanics and engineers

The automotive industry has started working on 3D-printed cars to create products with an accelerated development process and further personalization. 

This industry requires qualified experts who understand 3D printing concepts to create replacement parts, and design and repair future vehicles. 

Most Demanding Jobs In Future: Renewable Energy

As fossil fuel supplies are on the verge of burning out and consumers are gaining environmental awareness, the renewable energy industry reveals huge potential. 

From green building retrofitters to urban farmers and electric car assembly line workers, here are three green jobs that can promise a brighter future for your career and the ecosystem: 

Wind turbine technicians

In the US, BLS predicts that wind technician will be the fastest-growing job by 2029. 

This job falls under the big umbrella of an estimated 105,000 wind energy workers, including roles in component manufacturing, project development, education, construction operations, research, and training. 

You should also look up relevant jobs such as Wind Data Analyst, Wind Field Technician.

Renewable Energy - Most Demanding Jobs In Future

Most demanding jobs in Renewable Energy in the future. Source: PixaBay 

Solar photovoltaic Installer

Solar panel installers assemble, set up, and maintain solar systems on rooftops and elsewhere.

Cited the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the continued expansion and adoption of solar panel installations are expected to create new jobs until 2028. 

BLS also expects that the market for solar installers will increase by 63%, which is approximately six times faster than any other construction field. 

As predicted by the International Renewable Energy Agency, in 2050, solar employment could increase globally by 63% or nearly 19 million jobs. 

Most Demanding Jobs In Future – The Final Thoughts 

All in all, the job market is constantly evolving thanks to multiple driving factors, including information technology innovations and changes in service demands. 

Fortunately, future careers involving personal services, such as financial consulting to registered nursing, IT/AI innovation, will always find a niche in labor markets.

However, the list above is just for reference. The best careers for the future might not be the most demanding jobs in future, but the job you are passionate about. 

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