Guide To A Remarkable Portfolio: 4 Best Examples Of Marketing Portfolios

It takes a whole-hearted guide and many references to the best examples of marketing portfolios to create a memorable one that gets you ahead of the job hunting game.  

According to Careerbuilder, up to 16% of recruiters/customers of all fields (including public relation, business, and so on) look for a link to portfolios from applicants/service providers. Thus, they claimed that portfolios would be the next HR trend in the upcoming years, and of course, they wouldn’t be trendy in marketing-related areas only. 

So, if you want to impress your future recruiters or clients via your portfolio, today’s article of Jobandedu will clear the path for you. 

What Is A Digital Portfolio? 

For every marketing specialist who needs to demonstrate her/his successes and capabilities, a marketing portfolio consisting of visual presentations of previous work is a valuable investment. Indeed, it may gain you extra edge, together with a solid CV.

You may question the reason for including a digital portfolio with a resume and a cover letter. We’ll tell you why!

Why Do You Need A Portfolio?

It Attracts More Job Opportunities

If you don’t hesitate to experience a new working environment for another fascinating job, a digital portfolio can allow you to draw employers without putting forth any energy. 

Indeed, social media accounts for one out of every ten recruits, according to CareerBuilder. Thus, providing a web-based portfolio to one’s stunning portfolio is one of the most effective methods to attract new job opportunities and clients.

Why Do You Need A Portfolio?
A digital portfolio is extremely beneficial – Source: Edutopia

Even if you aren’t currently hunting for a vacancy, it can effortlessly help you obtain intriguing proposals. Indeed, CareerArc stated that 75% of specialists are passive job hunters. 

It Helps You Stand Out

According to Glassdoor, a company receives an average of 250 CVs for one corporate recruiting post. However, they only call 4 to 6 applicants to an interview, and only one gets the position. How competitive is that!

It Helps You Stand Out
A portfolio increases your chance of getting selected – Source: Capital Design

Higher chances are that most employers don’t have the time to scrutinize each job application form and request. All in all, it’s document after document. Thus, higher chances are that they’ll give you a pass if you present a vibrant portfolio with all significant elements. It also captures their attention instantly and allows them to spend more time getting to know you. 

What To Write In Your Portfolio

Now, you know how beneficial a portfolio is. Yet, the remaining question is, “What does a portfolio look like?” 

Typically, a proper portfolio should include these 7 components. Follow this detailed checklist, and you’ll catch your recruiters’ interest.

Short Bio

A compelling personal biography that displays your objectives, working history, and experience is an excellent start to showcase your competence. Moreover, feel free to provide a message about your working philosophy or why the job is important to you.

Watch this video to know how to write a hooked bio:


Including a résumé in your portfolio helps to summarize your work history and specific descriptions of each job. However, don’t forget to include all essential elements of a solid resume, like career history and educational background.

Contact Details

If you want clients to approach you for job openings, provide them with your business email and mobile number. Also, if you possess any social media sites related to your business, such as a LinkedIn account or a Facebook page promoting your expertise, you should link to these, too.

Samples Of Your Best Work

It is the most crucial section of your business portfolio. Thus, share spectacular pictures of your previous tasks, the details of the concept approach method, and your strategy behind them to spotlight your best work.

Samples Of Your Best Work
Work samples are utmost important in portfolios – Source: Jacob Herper

Every presentation should also come with realistic data-driven statistics like engagement and income growth.


Put good client feedback alongside your job examples to generate a better image. In the end, ensuring clients’ satisfaction helps to increase your assertions’ legitimacy.

Refer to this video for more testimonial design instructions:

Awards And Recognition 

Moreover, remember to add any official acknowledgment you’ve gained, whether that’s a prize in your industry or a mention in a periodical in your portfolio. As a result, you can establish yourself as an expert.

Cover Page And Table Of Contents

Additionally, it’s a helpful suggestion to have hard copies to take to interviews or appointments with potential customers and other events. Designing an attention-grabbing cover including your name, official role, company name, and logo is an effective way to grasp your recruiters’ interest.

See how to create an excellent portfolio cover page using Photoshop here:

4 Utmost Tips To Impress Recruiters With Your Portfolio

Ensure That Your Portfolio Is Reader-focused

Like every other service you provide, your portfolio should begin with your targeted group. Identifying your audience and customizing the portfolios to suit them is a great start. 

4 Utmost Tips To Impress Recruiters With Your Portfolio
Your work should center on readers – Source: Slideshare

Meanwhile, discover what your target customers are looking for and demonstrate how your abilities can serve them for the best results.

Put A Heavy Emphasis On The Writing

Many portfolio pages begin with a series of tasks in which creators show off their skills to viewers. While it’s great to allow your content to speak for itself, we recommend introducing the individual or crew behind it initially.

At the end of the day, all the graphics are just to help you express yourself  and facilitate the process. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to prioritize the text.

Don’t Include All The Previous Work In A Portfolio

As people develop a portfolio, they presumably expect potential viewers to examine it for a minimum of 10 mins. Yet, employers and customers aren’t going to do it. 

According to Troy Park and Patrick Neeman, individuals glance through portfolios for 10-15 secs on average. As a result, adding too much work in your portfolio to compete for a recruiter’s interest is more detrimental than beneficial.

In a nutshell, when you choose what to present, the principle of “less is more” applies. In no case should people misinterpret your portfolio for a resume. Prioritize content above number, identify the most impressive pieces, and consider how to display those so that their relevance gets maximized.

Don't Include All The Previous Work In A Portfolio
Don’t stuff your portfolios with too much work – Source: OnlyGFX

Likewise, ensure that your portfolio should present not only your previous performance but also potential future visions. As a consequence, keep in mind to include those jobs that you still want to include.

Apply the 1-minute skimming technique to ensure that you present your most critical info effectively. Finally, it’s advisable to deliver your initiatives as case studies for extra engagement. 

Navigate Your Audience

Viewers should be able to explore the site without difficulty. In several situations, a one-page format is preferable. It’s because they will be able to imbibe data through scrolling up and down.

Navigate Your Audience
Navigating your audience will help a lot – Source: SSAA

If you opt to spread your information throughout several parts, ensure the template is uniform, as various chapters should all be parts of the same site.

Moreover, sometimes people will prefer to know more about you. Therefore, you should make the contacts stand out and easy to find. As a result, building “About Me” and “Contacts” sections is a wise addition.

4 best examples of marketing portfolio

If you’re still unsure about the definition of a remarkable portfolio, check some of these examples out. Higher chances are that you’ll know what to do. 

Tasha Meys Portfolio

Tasha Meys is a digital marketing strategist, photographer, and company entrepreneur. Her webpage is colorful, lively, and it comes with a fantastic presentation of her talents. 

Tasha Meys Portfolio
Tasha Meys provided an excellent example – Source: Tastefully Tasha

Moreover, her site layout breathes new life into her identity and lends enthusiasm to her collection. It’s well-organized, allowing users to navigate and providing a pleasant visit.

Velvet Spectrum Portfolio

Luke Choice’s artistic agency, Velvet Spectrum, depicts his career as a graphic designer. His clean and tidy homepage performs a beautiful effort to showcase his fascinating tasks using a setting that isn’t too overbearing yet succeeds in capturing your eye.

Velvet Spectrum Portfolio
Luke’s inspiring portfolio is one of the best pieces – examples of marketing portfolios. Source: ColorME

Wisely, Luke has presented his vibrant and vivid art in thumbnails, offering the visitor to zoom in on each piece for a more detailed look. Then, he keeps the remainder of his page straightforward, allowing his art to sell itself.

Yul Moreau Portfolio

This piece is perhaps the most intriguing one we’ve viewed. Given its vintage style and vibe, the page immediately attracts your gaze.

Yul Moreau Portfolio
Yul Moreau creates exceptional engagement in her portfolio – examples of marketing portfolios. Source: Human Fyis

Yul, a Digital Art Director, presents an exceptionally engaging sensation once visitors enter the page. Its unique one-page layout encourages readers to go down to view more from the director’s innovative art.

Gari Cruze Portfolio

Gari Cruze works as a copywriter engaged in multiple marketing programs for well-known companies such as Lyft and Slack. Therefore, his impressive portfolio focuses on impressive projects in which he has participated. 

Gari Cruze Portfolio
Gari’s portfolio is elegant and straightforward – examples of marketing portfolios. Source: Gigworker

Also, Gari presents a call-to-action button on top of the site that directs readers to his most recent articles. This action is super wise as it is an astonishing way to get people to interact.


Have our best examples of marketing portfolios cleared your fogged path? For creative jobs like content creators or designers, it’s of utmost importance to showcase your portfolios. It’s living proof for your skills and qualifications, which can help you achieve positions of up to a 6-figure salary

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