List Of Entry-Level Computer Job For Those With Zero Experience And Tech Geek

Did you know that during 2018, America has offered almost 9 million jobs in STEM with 70% in computers and IT? 

But did you know that within the first three months of 2019, there are still 918,000 computing jobs that remained unfilled? 

Computing jobs are not just programming and coding but various in sectors and levels. However, not everybody is well-informed of what potential jobs they can get if they have specific basic skills related to computers. 

Hence, we have selected a list of entry-level computer jobs in which you can work full time and satisfy your tech passion or part-time to earn a second income. 

Easiest Entry-Level Computer Jobs With Little Experience 

Most computer jobs like software developers, web designers, etc., require proper education and hands-on experience. However, many computer-working jobs are pretty straightforward and allow you to work from home. 

Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, virtual assistants are expected to multi-task. They can support the CEO in managing the agenda, responding to emails and phone calls, booking accommodation, tracking the CEO’s spending, and preparing expense reports.  

They also take care of administrative work like creating presentations, writing business correspondence, and bookkeeping. 

Finally, with small-scale businesses, a virtual assistant might help with social media management. For example, manage weekly content, blog, posts on the social media accounts of the organization. 

A virtual assistant should fluently use word-processing and spreadsheet software like MS Office and G Suite; online meeting software such as WebEx, Zoom; online calendars and scheduling like Calendly. 

Besides, the ability to organize and complete multiple tasks with little supervision is essential. 

Average Salary: $14,500 to $124,500 

List Of Entry Level Computer Job For Those With Zero Experience And Tech Geek

Working as a virtual assistant. Source: Pexels 

Remote Data Entry Clerk 

A data entry clerk is employed to enter and update data into a computer via various processes such as typing and voice recording. Many industries are in need of this job: retail, finance, healthcare, and transportation. 

Getting a data entry job is not quite challenging; all you need is fast typing skills and fluency at word processing tools and spreadsheets like MS Office Word, Excel, etc. However, this job requires great patience and attention to detail, as you have to ensure that data is fully covered and not lost. 

Average Salary: $15,38 to $18,80 

IT Helpdesk Technician 

An IT Helpdesk technician is responsible for installing, maintaining computer hardware, and diagnosing software issues within a business setting. 

They update or repair existing systems and troubleshoot issues with the hardware. 

They also provide training sessions to users about new tech equipment in the organization and cybersecurity. 

A few keynotes if you want to apply for this job: 

  • You should be able to answer all the queries and resolve any kind of technical problems. 
  • Obtain some sorts of certificates like CompTIA A+ Technician, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), CompTIA Network+. 
  • If you want to self-learn for these certificates,  taking lessons from courses or Youtube videos will provide you just as much knowledge as in tech academies.
  • The final advice is to learn the hardware parts theologically and practically. And watching tutorials is not enough. You need to get your hands on some old computers, research their components, and assemble or reassemble them.

IT help desk salary: $41,426-  $61,444/ year 

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Entry-Level Computer Jobs If You Know Basic Coding and Programming

Entry-Level Computer Jobs If You Know Basic Coding and Programming

Entry-level Computer Jobs If You Know Basic Coding and Programming. Source: Pexels 

Computer coding isn’t just for turtleneck-clad tech geeks in Silicon Valley.

Companies are relying more on programming as they want to update their digital presence and e-commerce functionality. 

So if you have even just a basic knowledge of coding and programming, there are loads of job opportunities out there for you. 

Junior Web Designer 

Junior web designers assist with building innovative design and layout for the websites, coding, and updating existing web applications. 

They keep up with the latest technological trends and collaborate with other web designers to implement new website features.

As beginners, they often need lots of direction, mentoring, and supervision by senior designers. After specific years, they can choose to go for senior designer positions.

To be a web designer, you should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology. 

Try to train yourself to be fluent in at least 1-2 coding languages: HTML, JQuery, JSON, Python, Ajax, etc. 

Besides, don’t forget to educate yourself on software prototyping and UX design tools. A good understanding of web design and development principles is essential. 

Lastly, most employers expect to see the candidates’ hands-on experience; therefore, you should do some real work and get yourself a web design and projects portfolio. A few web designing projects that web beginners can work on are Food and Dining, Stock of Photos and Templates, Talent Management Portal, Customised Healthcare App. 

Average Salary: $49,321/year. 

We have published another article which explains in detail about career path and chances of visual web design. You should visit it if you have a knack for coding and designing. 

Junior Web Designer

Working as a junior web designer. Source: Pexel 

Junior Front-end Web Developer

Front-end developers are web developers who focus on creating user-facing functionality, such as menus, widgets, articles, games, photo galleries. 

These tech guys ensure that users can interact with the website quickly and effectively, and enjoyably. 

Junior front-end web developers usually don’t take care of back-end aspects of web development, for example, website framework, data storage, server connections. 

They spend most of their time working with experienced developers and UX designers

Usually, their first task is to perform a minor adjustment or change in the product’s user interface (UI). 

For example: changing some CSS code, Styling UI components, creating automated tests for the UI, implementing UI mocks, etc. Read our article on UI UX for more details.

Average salary: $50,000/year 

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Junior Back End Developer

A backend developer works mainly on server-side code. They handle things such as APIs for clients to interface with databases. They provide support to the design, implementation, development, and maintenance of the applications.

When beginning as a junior developer, you’ll be assigned simple tasks like fixing typos or bugs involving a few code lines. 

You will collaborate with front-end web developers to establish objectives and designs that can improve the user experience.

And you will receive lots of training sessions on best practices and new programming languages. 

Good candidates for this job should understand PHP, Java, or Python and operating systems. 

They understand the web development cycle and programming tools, techniques. Lastly, they should obtain a degree in computer science and computer programming.

Junior Backend Developer’s average salary:  $68,388/year

Junior Back End Developer

Working as a Junior Backend Developer – Entry-Level Computer Jobs. Source: Pexel 

Data Analyst

Data analysts are those who compile, interpret, and present different data like surveys, metrics.

They then use that data analysis to give recommendations on how companies can improve the quality and efficiency of data systems. 

Junior data analysts should be fluent in databases, coding languages such as XML or JavaScript, and segmentation and data mining processes. 

They should have a degree that shows their mathematical and analytical skills such as finance, mathematics, economics, statistics, or computer science. 

Average salary: $47,287 /year

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Best Entry-Level Computer Jobs For Tech Geeks 

Now, if you are tech gurus and already master several programming languages and understand the computer system, you probably should look out for the jobs below. 

Entry-Level Computer Jobs: Software Engineer

Software engineers develop software and systems for business. They improve system quality, enhance applications,  implement technical designs and improve existing codebases.  

Given the diverse tasks of this role, a Software Engineer must have a good understanding of computer systems and software design. 

They are expected to have a degree in Software Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science. And expertise in specific programming languages such as C++, Java, or Scala is essential. 

As a beginner to the position, you will go through several training sessions, for example, testing processes, software design methodologies, and utilizing software development. 

If you consider stepping into software engineering, this is the best time. This field is seeing significant growth worldwide. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),  there is a 24% increase in the number of software development job opportunities from 2016 to 2026, 7% much higher than any other profession. 

Average salary: $34,674 – $72,216

Best Entry-Level Computer Jobs For Tech Geeks

Working as a Software Engineer – Entry-Level Computer Jobs. Source: Pexel 

Entry-Level Computer Jobs: Computer System Analyst

Computer system analysts bring business and technology together. They work on various techniques to design a computer system that meets the client’s needs. 

They research and implement new technologies into the IT system and update them frequently to help the organization operate more effectively.  

To apply for entry-level computer system analyst, candidates need a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree for advancement. 

Besides, they should acquire good knowledge about the business of the company they are applying for.

For instance: a computer system analyst working for an oil company will require some knowledge about the oil industry.

Average salary: $48,830 /year

Entry-Level Computer Jobs: Game Developer 

As an entry-level game developer, you can assist senior game developers with video game design, creation, software, and testing.

You will learn and advance skills needed for the job, including designing graphics, coding games, developing a game for a specific computer operating system, and testing the game for bugs. 

To become a junior game developer, you should have an associate degree in programming, graphic design, computer science with particular experience in designing and programming video games. 

Knowing a variety of programming and script languages helps a lot, such as C/C++ and Perl. 

Finally, you should acquire hard skills like audio design, game movement physics, graphics rendering.  

Average salary: $66,537

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Entry-Level Computer Jobs: IT Security Specialist

Security specialists are responsible for their companies’ computer-related security and privacy.  

By researching potential risks, evaluating current systems, suggesting improvements, and executing changes, they make sure the company data is protected against cyberattacks.

Many recruiters expect security specialists to have firsthand experience in Information Security and a specific field, for example, banking – which will help the candidate stand out. 

Entry-level cybersecurity specialists can look for internships and connect with professors in their programs.

They can choose to work as subordinate team members or get into the industry through other junior positions in the Information Technology departments.

We would like to suggest a few security certifications: the Wireless network professional type, which includes advanced levels for securing networks; CompTIA Security+; global information assurance certification in security essentials (GIAS); penetration testing, and incident handling.

Average Salary: $86,812

IT Security Specialist - Entry-Level Computer Jobs:

Working as an IT Security Specialist – Entry-Level Computer Jobs. Source: Pexel 

Entry-Level Computer Jobs: Mobile Application Developer

Mobile developers are those who work exclusively in mobile technology. 

They build apps for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android,  and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms. Therefore, these developers can be regarded as for Android developers and iOS developers. 

Demand for mobile application developers is surging significantly as tablets and mobile devices are worldwide preferred among internet users over desktop computers.

Requirements for mobile app developers candidates depend on the needs of employers. 

Most of the time, employers expect their candidates to obtain a degree in Information Systems or Computer Science. 

However, in this industry, experience plays a significant role. Therefore, you should consider an internship in a relevant field or work on some app projects before applying. 

Many software development companies routinely hire junior app developers.

These people will work under a senior developer to sharpen their experience level and go up to a senior software development position.

Average Salary: $64,000 – $140,000

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Ultimate Ways To Advance Your Computer Career

Never Stop Learning 

We did mention a few entry-level computer jobs you can get if you know the basics of coding and programming. 

However, you should never stop at the basics. Don’t just take “Python for Everybody” and go right away for a computer job. 

Keep challenging yourself with advanced education. How about learning to write a Python-based web application in Django? Or educate yourself on a variety of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Or take PostgreSQL courses and equip yourself with some solid database skills. 

Keep learning, whether from online courses, academies, friends, or social events with technology folks.

Ultimate Ways To Advance Your Computer Career - Entry-Level Computer Jobs:

Educate yourself with new programming languages – Entry-Level Computer Jobs. Source: Pexel 

Get Innovative In Your Everyday Tasks

A pretty popular way to help you train your programming skills is to apply your knowledge to reality. 

By this, we mean you should evolve your current job by doing some programming. 

Suppose that you work in data entry, and each month there is a spreadsheet of data for each sales report. 

Why not try to write a simple Python program to produce a report that is way faster and optimal. 

Or, every week, you can spend a few hours doing data analysis. 

For example: convert the report into a graph on Google Data Studio. 

You will gain more confidence in your ability just by innovating a bit in everyday tasks like this.  


To get entry-level jobs, connections are more helpful than popular sites with thousands of CVs. 

We know that this ongoing pandemic might put some obstacles for you to make new friends.

However, we recommend you to stay socially active in another way. For instance: find your local Django Girls, Python User Group, or perhaps your city has a group for IT employees that frequently meet.

Trying to find out weekly technological Zoom meetings; startups, computer science veterans; or who works for what organizations.

Networking - Entry-Level Computer Jobs:

Join online Zoom webinars about Technology – Entry-Level Computer Jobs. Source: Pexel 


Nowadays, more and more small non-profit organizations are looking for technical help on their websites and big data management.

No matter your current computer level, you can offer to help them innovate their technological system, improve your skills, and add experience and achievements to your CVs. 

Remember that you are recruited professionally when you can solve messy and complex tasks. 

Therefore, don’t “wait until a perfect little job comes along that only needs one single skill I have”. or wait until you get the perfect education to apply for complex jobs. 

The Final Thoughts Of Entry-Level Computer Jobs

Whether you are a recent Computer Science graduate with excellent skills, or you have just finished a dead-end job and start over in IT, bear in mind that the beginning is always challenging. 

However, as you accept the challenge, put in extra learning time, and keep working from the bottom up, your effort will be paid off. 

And remember that IT is a results-driven industry. Therefore, as you begin working on any IT project, always make sure that you are making significant progress. 

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