All About Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ And His Hilarious Freak-outs

Back in 2004, a sitcom called “Drake And Josh” was launched on Nickelodeon. No one paid attention to this little show at first, but it soon became one of the most rocking television series. It ranked consistently among the 10 most-watched cable shows of the week. Until today, the series still lives on with priceless GIFs, classic jokes, and unfortunately, the drama between two main actors Drake Bell and Josh Peck. But, let’s leave it to another day. The show deserves this recognition because it is entertaining and iconic in its own way. 

“Drake And Josh” follows the journey of two new stepbrothers. They have nothing in common, but through their shenanigans, they eventually become close. This sitcom knows how to turn ordinary life scenarios into crazy-entertaining, which audiences enjoy at its best. Of course, every kid who watched the show wanted to befriend Drake and Josh. In this post, though, I want to appreciate another character. 

Aside from the duo, Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Joshis one of the most memorable characters in the series, mainly because of his sudden outbursts and hatred toward Mondays. There were many theories surrounding this mentally disturbed young man after the events of the show, such as he had a long story of kidnapping children and actually kidnapped Megan (honestly, I didn’t even know why such “theory” got so popular!”). Still, audiences couldn’t help but find Steve likable, since he brought comedy to the show on his own. 

All About Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ And His Hilarious Freak-outs

Relatable right? – Source: Giphy

Today, let’s pay tribute to our Crazy Steve by looking at his best freak-out moments. I’m sure after reading this post, you will be drowning in nostalgia! 

About Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’

Just in case you don’t remember, Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ is one of the employees in The Premiere Theatre where Josh (and formally Drake) works. He appeared in the third episode, ‘Movie Job’, of the second season. 

Being portrayed as a character with various strange problems, such as easily triggered and extreme anger issues, Crazy Steve often gets himself caught in hilarious situations. In ‘Really Big Shrimp’, it can be interpreted that Steve’s mental condition comes from his rough childhood. Some fans suspected that his father abused him as a child and he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is why he always freaked out, but it is just a theory. 

Either way, according to Redditor Theish17, Crazy Steve is one of the unique characters in television history, and I agree with this comment 100%. There is not a single line he blurts out that is not hysterical, and his freak-out moments make audiences laugh no matter how many times they watched them. Truth be told, it is plain insane to hire such a man like Steve to work in a movie theater, but who cares? He made it all the way to the last episode just because audiences couldn’t stop laughing at him. 

About Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh'

For all the laughter he delivered, Steve is worth hiring – Source: MTV

Part of this is thanks to the excellent portrayal of Jerry Trainor.

Trainor was 27 at the time season 2 was aired, and even though Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ was not his first role, it was the one that brought his name to audiences. After the success of this show, Trainor joined another teen sitcom, “iCarly”, as Spencer Shay, Carly Shay’s big brother. For iCarly, he was nominated and later won three Kids’ Choice Awards. 

After iCarly ended in 2012, Trainor continued to work with Nickelodeon and starred in several shows such as “Wendell And Winnie”, “Wreckless Epic”, “T.U.F.F Puppy” (as a voice actor), and so on. His most recent appearance was in Netflix’s “No Good Nick”. 

You might be surprised to know that your Crazy Steve’s net worth is now at a comfortable $1.5 million, as shown on Celebrity Net Worth. It seems like two decades of non-stop Hollywood work have paid off well. If you want to peek into his “photographic” mind, you can follow Trainor on his Instagram @jerrytrainor ( Don’t expect to get some spoilers of the projects he is working on, though, because he prefers to share updates about his daily life (mostly his adorable dog Shoe) more! 

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Crazy Steve’s Best Freak-out Moments

Truth be told, it was a challenge trying to sort out Crazy Steve’s best freak-outs, but I eventually came up with the most hilarious ones. 

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – First Impression

Crazy Steve’s first appearance

Viewers knew that Crazy Steve was gonna be one-of-a-kind since the first moment he appeared. When Josh was complaining about a loose cup holder, Crazy Steve busted out that with all the sufferings, hunger, and disease around the world, he had no better way to kill time than to ensure every single cup holder was “rock-solid steady”. Josh then whispered that he had a fruit punch, making Steve even more furious and declared his quitting. 

Luckily, he didn’t, and audiences would continue having good laughs with this guy for a long time after. 

Popcorn Machine Issue

This time, Steve discovered that the popcorn machine seemed to be malfunction. He interrupted Josh’s conversation with his friend and politely asked for help, but Josh rejected, saying he didn’t have a shift that night. Of course, it got on Steve’s nerves. 

Popcorn Machine Issue

Steve just wanted some help, okay? – Source: Insider

Audiences then witnessed Steve knocking Eric’s chair over, tossed Craig’s hot dog away, and yelled at Josh, “thanks for nothing”. He must have had a very rough time struggling with that popcorn machine, and now he reached his limit. 

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – On Fire

The conversation started casually when Josh was bragging about how he beat Helen at racquetball, which Helen was known to be an expert at. It could have been calm and chilling… until Josh declared that he was “on fire”. Steve freaked out right away, yelling “fire!” and sprayed the cleaner all over Josh’s face. This was just ridiculous because the cleaner was most likely flammable. 

It was Josh who calmed Steve down, assured him that there was no fire, and told him to breathe slowly while patting him on the head. Eventually, Steve was relieved and hugged the cash register. Alright then…

Steve’s Wood Chipper

In the “Merry Christmas Drake And Josh” episode, Steve had a wood chipper which he endearingly referred to as “Sally”. He treated the wood chipper like a real person and would be triggered by anyone who called Sally “it”. Letting Crazy Steve own such a machine didn’t sound like a good idea, but in the end, he used it for a good purpose: Giving some kids a memorable Christmas by throwing cheese into Sally as a substitute for snow. 

Steve's Wood Chipper

Errm sure Sally – Source: Tumblr

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – Foreign Movie

Josh wanted to please his pen-pal, Yooka from Yudonia, so he took her to the cinema to watch a movie that could remind her of her hometown. However, Drake persuaded Josh that Yooka would be happier to have an “American experience”. 

That led to Josh telling Steve that they would be watching another movie, but Steve had never been one who took changes well. He yelled out that he spent god-knows-how-many-hours tracking down the foreign film and set up everything, so if nobody was gonna watch it, then “someone is going to become an organ donor before their seventeenth birthday, Josh Nichols!”. Josh had no other way but to watch the foreign movie as planned because he desperately wanted to protect his organs…

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – Anger Problem

The scene began when Josh was violently stacking candies in front of Steve. He told Steve that he was frustrated to see Mindy and her boyfriend at the theater. “I also struggle with anger problems”, Steve empathized deeply as he showed Josh a small rubber toy that helped him to calm down. 

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh' - Anger Problem

“I also struggle with an anger problem” – Source: Tumblr

With perfect comedic timing, as Steve began to squeeze the toy, he yelled at Josh to stop drinking while he was talking. Josh, totally freaked out, spit out his drink right away. In the end, the rubber toy came in handy for both Steve and Drake who struggled to control their anger. 

‘Come On Dora’ 

While watching Dora The Explorer, Steve was so into the episode as he couldn’t stop screaming at her in Spanish and told her to hurry up. At one point, he shrieked out: “C’mon Dora, you are the one with map, don’t ask me!”. 

A little set with an antenna that must be manually cranked to stay on kept Steve entertained while Drake and Josh’s power was out. Poor Craig was chosen to crank it, and if he ever dared to put the antenna down, Steve would go berserk. Still, he allowed Mrs. Parker to switch the channel once in a while to check on her husband, who was reporting in bad weather. Perhaps Steve needed a break from Dora, but he always wanted to go back and watch the show afterward, regardless of how nerve-wracking it was.

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – Work On A Monday

Mindy just started working at the theater and accidentally scheduled Steve to work on a Monday. No one dared to tell her it was Steve’s bad day, and it turned out to be a fatal mistake. Helen almost called the SWAT team, but Josh arrived on time to save the day, calming Steve down while he was swaying two tennis shoes in each hand and screaming “cock-a-doodle-doo, the cow says moo!”. 

“Cock-a-doodle-doo, the cow says moo!”

Steve immediately recognized Josh as the one who ate his enchilada, and Josh sang “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain” to him. In the end, Steve broke down in tears, embracing Josh and said sorry to him. We totally agree that Mondays suck, but Steve takes it to a whole new level. 

‘You Ate My Enchilada!’ 

It was such a bad day for Josh as he made the biggest mistake in his life: Eating Steve’s enchilada at work. Aware of the consequence, Josh tried his best to reason with Steve, saying there wasn’t any note. To everyone’s surprise, Steve remained calm at first. This was due to the fact that he had agreed with his psychologist to only freak out four times a day. 

“You ate my Enchilada!”

Still, Josh’s luck didn’t last long: When the alarm went off, signifying that it was time, Steve rip a cane from an elderly man’s grasp and chased after Josh. Even after Josh thought the matter was resolved, Steve was still furious that Josh ate his enchilada. For fans of Drake And Josh, this moment has become legendary. 

Other Notable Characters In ‘Drake And Josh’

Aside from Crazy Steve, there are still other non-titular from the series that got viewers to bust their guts. 

Helen ‘Drake And Josh’ 

The Premiere Theater was a constant source of laughter as the protagonist duo spent most of their time working there and interact with characters like Crazy Steve or Helen. 

Other Notable Characters In ‘Drake And Josh'

Helen ‘Drake And Josh’ – Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sure, Helen was Josh’s boss. However, she made it clear from the start that the one she liked was Jake. Hence, Helen didn’t give a damn what Josh did or didn’t do. It became one of the biggest jokes throughout the series and never failed to make audiences bust out laughing. 

Yooka ‘Drake And Josh’

Though Yoka didn’t appear much in the show, she impressed the audience. She had a strange dream of becoming a mother to at least nine children. Her obsession with that dream and American culture was simply hilarious. 

Megan ‘Drake And Josh’

Megan. I’m sure all of the 90s and early 200s kids will be haunted by this name for the rest of their lives. This is a classic little sister character who serves as a nuisance for her big brothers. Nothing made her happier than to see them suffer. 

Megan ‘Drake And Josh'

Definitely the kind of sister nobody wants – Source: Know Your Meme

From everyone’s perspective, Megan was just an innocent, lovable little girl. Only her brothers knew what kind of demon was under that mask. Let’s repeat that again – Megan

Crazy Steve ‘Drake And Josh’ – Final Thoughts

The show had stopped airing for many years, but its over-the-top antics will live on. To me, “Drake And Josh” is one of the rare shows that audiences will remember not only the protagonists but also all the side characters such as Crazy Steve. Each of them is hilarious and wildly entertaining in their own way. 

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