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Are you a fan of Marlo Hampton? In addition to being known as a reality TV star, Marlo Hampton’s net worth and her biography and relationships have gotten a lot of attention. If you claim to be a true fan of Marlo Hampton, you will not  want to miss this article. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date information and interesting facts about this star here. 

Who Is Marlo Hampton?

Marlo Hampton, a well-known American reality star, was born on February 7, 1976. She grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, before migrating to Atlanta, Georgia. Marlo has appeared in reality shows such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I Dream of NeNe. She also has her own YouTube channel, which she uses to share fashion and style ideas and interview fashion stylists and trendsetters.

Marlo Hampton has her own fashion and style ideas YouTube channel.
Marlo Hampton is a well-known reality star in the United States – Source:

All About Marlo Hampton

You’ll undoubtedly want to know how old is Marlo Hampton, Marlo Hampton’s full name, and other details in addition to Marlon Hampton’s net worth. Here are some general Marlo Hampton facts that you should know.

Full nameLatoya Hutchinson
Celebrated nameMarlo Hampton
Date of birth7 February, 1976
Place of birthFlorida, USA
Height185 meters
Weight65 kilos
ProfessionTV personality, fashion designer, businesswoman, philanthropist
EducationUniversity of Southern Florida College of Arts and Sciences.
Net Worth$1 million
Last updatedDecember 2021

Marlo Hampton’s Early Life

Marlo Hampton’s childhood was filled with hardships, abuse, and abandonment. Marlo’s mother is a known drug addict who used to mistreat her. Marlo Hampton’s youth was spent moving from house to house due to her mother’s abuse. In the end, she was adopted by Hopkins, a normal family. 

However, Curtis Hampton, who is Marlo Hampton’s younger brother, died of a catastrophic brain injury. This event had a significant impact on Marlo’s life. She previously stated that it was the hardest time for her, and she misses her late brother greatly. When fans learned about this, they immediately sent Marlo Hampton heartfelt messages of support. Even still, the loss of this loved one continues to haunt her.

Marlo's most horrible years were from 1999 to 2003.
Marlo’s childhood was filled with hardships and abandonment. – Source:

Marlo probably wants to forget the years 1999-2003 the most. She was arrested in 1999 after a knife fight and sentenced to 100 days in prison. She was detained again in February 2001 and sentenced to 6 days in prison for violating the amnesty. In 2002 and 2003, she was also jailed for passing a forged check and breaking amnesty. These are all of Marlo’s most heinous prior deeds. As of now, Marlo has had no problems with the law.

Marlo Hampton Career

Marlo Hampton is a reality television star and YouTuber who also launched the Art of Style Tour. This multi-city fashion workshop promotes stylists and educates women about fashion and style. She also operates the website, which is a fashion blog. Besides, Marlo is the Atlanta-based Red Carpet Boutique fashion store owner. 

After being inspired by her adopted mother Arrie Holmes and her mother Emma, Marlo Hampton decided to found the Arrie and Emma brand in 2019. In addition to her successful fashion business. She also became wealthy as a result of her good investments.

Marlo operates the fashion blog website -
Marlo Hampton launched the Art of Style Tour – Source:

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Marlo Hampton Net Worth

Marlo is one of the wealthy reality stars in the United States. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Marlo Hampton’s net worth is estimated to be a million-dollar. Her wealth results from her business abilities and real estate venture capital investments.

Furthermore, the success of Real Housewives of Atlanta, with an average viewership rate of over 4.5 million viewers, has provided a large source of revenue for the show’s stars each season, including Marlo Hampton.

Marlo Hampton is estimated to have a million-dollar net worth.
Marlo is one of America’s most wealthy reality stars. – Source:

Marlo Hampton’s House

The house was one of the biggest gifts she’d ever received out of all the gifts. She once emotionally shared with The Daily Dish that she loves her house, even calling it “The Hamptons”. According to information from several well-known periodicals, Hampton’s house was given to her by an unknown rich boyfriend a decade ago. He also bought a house for Marlo Hampton’s mother as a gift. She also expressed her desire to purchase a larger townhouse by herself on television.

Hampton's house was a gift by her unidentified wealthy boyfriend.
Marlo once emotionally loves her house, the Hamptons. -Source:

Hidden Facts About Marlo Hampton

  • Marlo Hampton’s younger years were dubbed “loose and wild” by the media because she was arrested numerous times in the past. 
  • Marlo Hampton has been known as an active participant in various charity programs.
  • She is best known for her friendship with NeNe Leakes on shows.
  • Some individuals wrongly believe that James Hampton and Marlo Hampton are related. These two celebrities, on the other hand, have nothing in common. James Hampton is truly wealthier than Marlo Hampton when it comes to assets and career. According to the Idol Net Worth page, James Hampton’s net worth is estimated to be $14 million.
  • Marlo Hampton is working on making her figure more attractive. She loves her pear-shaped body with attractive curves.
  • The press frequently reports on Marlo Hampton’s friendship with Charles Grant, a professional football player.
Charles Grant, a professional football player, is Marlo's friend.
Marlo Hampton’s friendship with Charles Grant – Source:

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Final Thought

Hopefully, you have answered the question about Marlo Hampton’s net worth and know more interesting facts about this famous star. After all, we can see that she is a successful television personality and a businesswoman. Let’s follow and wait for Marlo Hampton’s achievements in the future.

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