Jack Black’s Tik Tok? You Will Love His Five Most Viral Videos

While Marvel fans are feverishly enjoying the latest amazing big-screen Spider-Man No Way Home, many are going for Jack Black’s Tik Tok. You bet. It is mostly because of his hilarious videos embodying superheroes. A Robert Downey Jr shirtless version, a new god of thunder in his rocking mighty tight briefs, what could be more amusing to see these Avengers arriving fresh? 

As Jack Black always knows how to elicit laughter from the crowd, you may not want to miss out on any of his transformations. Read on!

Robert Downey Jr Shirtless

Within a world lacking cosplay conventions, you can embody anyone you like; just your imagination is limited. As a star born to entertain others (like his cameo as Jack Black in Last Man On Earth, Tropic Thunder, or Jumanji), Jack Black has enticed many to turn their attention to his Robert Downey Jr shirtless version. Trust me; you are going to see one of the funniest Iron Man on the screen.

Robert Downey Jr shirtless
Jack Black Tik Tok – Source: Youtube

Just forget Marvel’s theatrical releases about the superhero who leaves you with tears for his death. You are sure to laugh out loud for 46 seconds while watching Jack Black’s tik tok video. Putting on the iconic helmet, red briefs, a pair of shoes and sockets, he has effortlessly proven his ultimate power: getting viewers in very good humor. 

Thanks to amazing visual effects, Jack Black has no problem creating powerful energy blasts. Also, he wants to make sure fans will get excited about his dancing. His rendition of WAP is really something you cannot take your eyes off!

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Jack Black’s Tik Tok Video Of ‘WAP’

It’s no secret that WAP – Meghan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s choreography did come down a storm last year. Their twerking and popping are such a cult that many are mesmerized. Because of its immense popularity, many have jumped on board Tik Tok, and Jack Black did not skip the summer WAP wave. 

His affinity for dancing routines and music has paid off. His Tik Tok video quickly went viral and got 38.4 million views in total. And, of course, a tight outfit is usually involved. You are sure to hit the ‘Play’ button again and again!

Jack Black As Thor – Asgardian God Of Thunder

You should not be surprised that Jack Black would have something cool to offer the world as he steps into the Tik Tok arena to make people laugh. For evidence, his viral video embodying Marvel’s Thor is just something to be named.

People may already know that Jack Black’s Tik Tok is where fun resides. However, who knows that he is worthy of holding Mjolnir? As for Jack Black, he defines himself as “the new god of thunder”. You seemingly may not want to miss out on this fantastic version. 

The Asgardian god of thunder is freaking amazing that some fans admit their fascination and giggles have got the best of them. A red cape, red briefs, and a horned helmet perfectly complete the shirtless hero from Asgard. Despite possessing one of the most powerful weapons to destroy the whole planet in mere seconds, this new hero relies on his bike to move!

More than that, everyone is super impressed with the Thor sound effect in Jack Black’s Tik Tok videos. If you were not paying attention to his ‘ah-aaaa-ahhhh-a!’, you might need to watch it again. Sound on in order not to miss this freaking thing!

I have no clue whether Chris Hemsworth has seen this funny video. However, we see the reason to believe that Jack Black can be his understudy or stunt. 

The clip on Twitter has 1.4 million views and gets an abundance of well-deserved comments. Head toward his post and leave yours, too!

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Rarely does Jack Black put on a suit in his Tik Tok videos as superheroes. But this video is an exception. He launches his ‘WAP’ dance and leaps and moves at incredible speeds in his Spider-Man suit. His inner ‘spider-sense’, thus, has enticed more than 12.1 million viewers. Are you a part of them? If not, check this out now!


my spidey senses are TINGLING – new ep link in bio!! ? @taylor

♬ Out the Frame – Marv Allen

Jack Black also has a penchant for embodying Captain America. Shirtless, clad in his shorts, helmet, and shield, Jack dances to a catchy song that makes his clip hilariously mesmerizing. 

You may not get enough of this!


?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?@taylor

♬ original sound – Jack Black

A Hero Of ‘Stay At Home’

If you have not heard about Jack Black’s Tik Tok video encouraging people to follow the orders and stay at home during the period of quarantine, you are missing out. Rather than issue a reminder, Jack Black lets his dancing do the talking. As usual, our R L Stine’s fictionalized version strongly inspires others with his positive power. As a shirtless cowboy in his funny hat, Jack Black definitely makes your day with his ‘Stay at home’ dance.

The Final Thought

If you have been hesitant about checking out what is on Tik Tok, let Jack Black’s Tik Tok be the reason you get on board, just even for a while. Jack Black is truly a man of fun. He makes people laugh with his enticing videos and his positive inspiration. Fans love his clips and have them on repeat for times. Also, he has posted a few more videos, making sure he’s just getting started. All in all, his Tik Tok account is possibly the one you may want to start following.

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