What Does Being Drunk Feel Like? Cheers!

There is an international beer day, a beer month, and also a beer festival. It’s no question that alcohol is something we celebrate – and use to celebrate. But what does being drunk feel like?

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If you Google some quotes about being drunk, you’ll get the funniest results with no credit, maybe because whoever said it was too drunk. 

One of those quotes is “Vodka may not be the answer but it’s worth a shot.” Another one is “I drank so much vodka last night I woke up with a Russian accent.” 

These quotes may stereotype Russians a bit, but if you have many Russian friends – as I do – you will know they wouldn’t mind. That is because alcohol, whether it’s beer, vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, etc. is something that most people love.

There is no denying that being drunk is mostly fun, as long as you don’t overdo it or be drunk while driving. Remember to drink and be drunk responsibly, okay? 

Just a disclaimer: this article doesn’t advocate any form of alcohol abuse or anything related to that. So, going back, “what does being drunk feel like?”

What It’s Like Being Drunk

Based on the 2019 data by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 85.6% of Americans, aged 18 and older have, at one or more times in their lifetime, drank alcohol. So, the answer to the question, “what does being drunk feel like?” is already known by most Americans. But, just in case some of us are too drunk to remember what it’s like, here are some information about what it’s like being drunk:

  • temporary loss of coordination 
  • losing balance
  • making poor judgments
  • having semi-unintelligible speech
  • blurred vision
  • memory loss

For people who have never been drunk or those who never drank any form of alcohol, the above-mentioned list may be intimidating. But, all these can be fun if done in the right setting, with the right people.

What Does Being Drunk Feel Like? Cheers!
Drinking in nature or passing out in nature. Source: unsplash

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Are You Tipsy Or Drunk Or Both?

Whether you drink alcohol or not, you may have heard of another word besides “drunk” which is “tipsy. But, what is the difference between tipsy and drunk? And can you remember the last time you were just the former and not the latter? I bet you can’t.

An average male would usually feel the effects of the alcohol after 2 to 3 drinks, and for females: after 1 to 2 drinks (take note: ladies!) But that also depends on what the alcohol is. This is the stage when drinkers become a little bit more talkative or confident. This is what it’s like being tipsy. Any alcohol taken after that with an increased euphoria, loss of coordination, memory, and balance, or all of them, is most probably the drunk stage.

Different Types Of Drunk

Anyone who has ever been to a party or drunk with their mates knows that alcohol hits people differently. There are a lot of factors that affect how intoxication differs for every person, but here are different types of being drunk and some information about them:

The euphoric drunk – although a study found in the Clinical Psychological Science suggests that being happier when drunk is a myth, we know that when we are drunk we’re happier. Everything seems fun and we laugh at the smallest things. How many nights do we consider the best night of our lives just because we were drunk? The answer is: many!

The Careless Drunk
What does being drunk feel like? Cheers! Source: welcometothejungle

The Careless Drunk

These are the kinds of people who become more extroverted and would talk a lot, even to strangers. They usually spill their drink and speak in a language only he/she understands.

The Emotional Drunk

If you pair people who are drunk like this with karaoke, chances are: they will sing about the sappiest love songs. After a drunken karaoke number, they will be nostalgic about their past relationships and crying. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Just turn down the volume.

The Aggressive Drunk

These are the kinds you wouldn’t want to be with as they get really violent while being drunk. Some of them will pick fights or cause a ruckus when they’ve had too much to drink. 

The Affectionate Drunk

Some people become too extroverted when they’ve had too much to drink and would dance and hug people. Some would even kiss other people. But that wouldn’t be a good thing, especially in the #MeToo era. So, these people should know their limits. Or be with people who would tell them when they are crossing the line.

The Expert Drunk

A person can be considered a professional at drinking when they get drunk and still act sober. They’re usually the ones who are good to drink with when you are the kind of drunk from 1 – 5.

The All-in-one Drunk

Some people can be all kinds of drunk in one drinking session. They can be 1 to 6 and it all depends on their mood, the drinks, the setting, and how the session proceeds and ends.

A person can go through all these types in one or more drinking sessions, which could be interesting. There could also be other types of drunk out there that we could just be too drunk to remember, so we will settle for this list for now. 

Different Types Of Drunk
When you’re having the best night of your life – What Does Being Drunk Feel Like? Source: unsplash

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Let’s Cheers To That!

Did you know that moderate alcohol consumption could potentially protect you from certain heart diseases? According to several studies published throughout the years, it is even safe for people with cardiovascular diseases to drink. So, if you’re looking for a sign to drink today, then let this be it. Cheers!

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