You Wouldn’t Know What The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Up To Now!

– “It’s awful. I fear for our next generation.”

– “Oh no, is this another sign of the Apocalypse?”

– “This is shameful.”

– “8.6 million reasons why abortion should exist packed in a TV show.”

Anyone who searched for Jersey Shore online would probably remember these comments from users. After every mind-blowing viewership record set by the MTV hit (which recently outrated Grey’s Anatomy, just so you know), there’s a wailing “oh the humanity” outcry. No matter how you feel about it, there’s no other television show that could generate as much fury and despair as Jersey Shore. If you think about it, anything that is revolutionary sparks rage, like Tiktok. Although it has some dark sides, we have to admit it brought the world young talents like Josh Richards, Addison Rae, and Emma Chamberlain.

The same case applies to Jersey Shore. Let’s admit, that all the controversies surrounding it also turned the MTV reality series into a cultural phenomenon. The show was so popular to the point that, after many years passed, fans still remember all of the cast. Even Jonathan Manfre, also known as The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’, who was arrested during season 5 and had since disappeared from the screen, is still a name for discussion. 

Fans of the series are eager to know where he is and what he is up to now. If you are one of them, stay tuned, because we’ve got some intriguing revelations for you! 

A Brief Introduction To ‘Jersey Shore’

Perhaps you are thinking ‘Jersey Shore’ is some kind of dating show, just like Love Island? Well, not really. The reality series follows the lives of eight housemates spending their summer in a summer share in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, known as The Jersey Shore House. While hooking up and relationship drama contribute largely to its success, the main purpose of ‘Jersey Shore’ is not to match-make but to feature the “gym, tan, laundry” lifestyle. 

I’d say, spending a whole summer at a shore house with friends and doing nothing but enjoying life is the dream of many teenagers. That’s why the MTV series drew the attention of countless youngsters across the country. At the time ‘Jersey Shore’ was first aired, the original cast member influenced the pop culture in many ways, from hairstyles to fashion trends and even slang words. 

So, Who Is The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’? 

As MTV’s most well-known series began its fifth season, fans quickly spotted a name to keep an eye on, a name that became synonymous with trouble and drama: The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’. Who is the man behind this nickname, you may ask? 

Jonathan Manfre Jersey Shore
The Unit Jersey Shore – Source: Distractify

Well, during the fourth season of the hit reality TV series, the beloved gang traveled to Florence, Italy. When the original cast returned to Seaside Heights for season 5, a big party was hosted to welcome them home. Among the attendees was Jonathan Manfre, also known as ‘The Unit’, a Seaside Heights resident. He was later revealed to be Mike Sorrentino (a.k.a. ‘The Situation’)’s close friend. 

Prior to his appearance on Jersey Shore, this man was a double major graduate from Rutgers College. He managed a mortgage company and was a real estate investor before spending three years overseas dealing with the Central American market. 

Quite an ordinary profile, isn’t it? But if you thought The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’ was just a fuzzy face sitting by, you were mistaken! Much to his delight, The Unit had witnessed Snooki hooking up with Mike despite having Jionni as her boyfriend, and he didn’t miss this chance to stir things up. 

What Happened To Him On The Show? 

Instantly, The Unit took advantage of what he saw and threatened to tell Snooki’s boyfriend what happened. Although the argument was later settled down with an apology, the seeds for more drama had been sown: The whole season turned out to be a battle royale between Snooki and Mike. 

Snooki confronts Mike about rumors

“I think in Italy it was all drama because we missed home and obviously some people were stirring up unnecessary, fake rumors in the house,” Snooki explained to MTV News. “So when we get back to Jersey, you’re gonna see that pan out more.”

And, to heat things up, even more, that moment also marked The Unit as Snooki’s arch enemy. The lady from Santiago is always ruthless when it comes to Jonathan Manfre. “He’s like Mike times 10, so it’s, like, gross, gross, gross. It’s not attractive,” she stated, echoing statements made by Deena. “‘The Unit’ is another part of Mike. He’s like Mike’s unit, it’s kind of unreal. He kind of, like, gives Mike more ‘umph’ to be, like, a jerk,” said Deena.

The Unit on his beef with Snooki

What beautiful words to talk about someone who only appeared on the show in less than 15 minutes! But it also proved this man’s talent in causing chaos, because his appearance on ‘Jersey Shore’ ended much sooner than he planned. 

Legal Issues 

Soon after, fans would see Manfre getting himself into, ahem, some sticky situations that go well beyond Snooki’s relationship. 

On July 27, 2011, during the filming of season 5, eyewitnesses reported seeing a man being led away from the residence in Seaside Heights wearing handcuffs. It was our scandalous Manfre. 

drug possession
The Unit was arrested during Jersey Shore season 5 – Source: Distractify 

The Unit was arrested for possessing a “white, powdery substance” that turned out to be Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer. He was later sent to the Ocean County prison, where he posted $1,500 bail that night. 

Though escaped jail, Mike Sorrentino’s former BFF just disappeared from the screen ever since that incident. The fact that he didn’t pop up on MTV’s revival was a shame for many fans because let’s admit it, we watched these reality shows for drama! No matter how annoying he is, who wouldn’t want a troublemaker like The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’?

Where Is The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’ Now? 

Naturally, The Unit’s disappearance raises a lot of questions. Fans want to know what has become of Jonathan Manfre. As you’ve read this far, perhaps you are curious too. 

After leaving the show, Manfre still embraced the “G” of the “gym, tan, laundry” lifestyle. He spent some time working as a personal trainer and obtained certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and CrossFit Level 1 – that was something we could tell from his Instagram. Oddly enough, he has been dormant on social media since 2017. The Unit used to have two fitness websites, too, but both of them are no longer active. 

What happened to The Unit after the show
The Unit became a gym coach after the show – Source: TheHollywoodGossip 

Although his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been deserted for years, his LinkedIn *may* reveal a bit of what this guy is up to these days. According to his LinkedIn profile (which seems to be authentic since he uses the exact same avatar from his Facebook page), The Unit (who should be called ‘Jonathan Manfre’ now) is currently running a renewable energy business. 

Manfre has been the CEO of 10x Energy for the last 4 years as seen on his profile. The business has offices in Utah and New Jersey. He wrote in the ‘About’ section, “My interest is in utilizing and promoting renewable energy sources, not only because it makes all the sense as a smarter, cleaner way to generate power, but also because it is exponentially more cost effective than conventional sources, resulting in an economic windfall.” 

Well, that’s a huge leap from reality TV shows and fitness, but if that’s what The Unit, I mean, Jonathan Manfre is doing these days, kudos to him! It’s nice to see the scandalous reality star investing in a business that actually benefits the planet. 

Interesting Facts About Other ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast

Aside from The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’, do you want to know what the others are up to? From Jersey Shore cast zodiac signs to their life after the show, let’s discover some interesting facts about them! 

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino 

Mike Sorrentino Jersey Shore
How about Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino? – Source: ABC News 

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino was born on July 4, 1982, which makes him a true Cancer. Although his narcissistic behaviors are far from what we usually thought about Cancer, it can be explained if his full-blown narcissism is the result of deep insecurities. 

Cancers are also known for their emotional sensitivity, which may present itself in the form of a bad temper. Hey, does it sound like Mike now? 

After leaving the show, the famous bad boy drowned in various legal issues. In 2014, he was charged with tax fraud and sentenced to prison. His eight-month sentence began in January 2019, just a few weeks after marrying his high school sweetheart, Lauren Pesce. 

The Situation was released in September 2019. The couple welcomed their first child, Romeo, in early 2021, after previously suffering a miscarriage. 

Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley 

Jenni Farley Jersey Shore
Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley – Source: PhillyVoice 

Interestingly, JWoww never showed us audiences any sign of a dreamer, despite being Pisces. Compared to other “Jersey Shore” cast, she was always wise and down-to-earth. Well, Pisces are famous for their wit, but not in the way JWoww expressed herself. 

We all know about Jwoww’s romance with Roger Mathews, whom she met at a nightclub in New Jersey during season 3. The couple tied the knot in October 2015 and shared two children, daughter Meilani and son Greyson. Their marriage ended abruptly in September 2018. Now, this beauty is working hard to become a full-time producer and is engaged to her new love, wrestler Zach Clayton. 

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

Nicole Jersey Shore
Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi – Source: Film Daily

Snooki is one of Jersey Shore’s most popular cast members – that’s for sure. This typical Sagittarius lady doesn’t attract viewers with her appearance – her quirkiness and sense of humor are the most appealing to us. She also enjoys pushing the boundaries and often gets into ludicrous situations. 

And just like any Sagittarius, Snooki has what it takes to become an influencer. After leaving Jersey Shore, she starred in other shows, including ‘Dancing With The Stars’. In 2012, she gave birth to the first kid with her fianceé, Jionni LaValle. The couple managed to survive all the drama in Jersey Shore! They got married two years later, much to fans’ delight. Now, our Snooki has everyone a woman desire: A happy family and a successful career. 

Angelina Pivarnick 

Angelina Jersey Shore
Angelina Pivarnick – Source: Page Six 

Though only appeared in the first 2 seasons of ‘Jersey Shore’, fans remember Angelina as a sentimental girl. That’s because she is a Cancer. Being one of the most hated guidettes, her fluid emotions are always extreme. Now we know why she was involved in many altercations with other cast members! 

But well, she was only 23 at the time. After Jersey Shore, she also attempted to kickstart a singing career with the song “I’m Hot” but failed to make an impression. Angelina is now married to Chris Larangeira. 

Paul ‘Pauly D’ Delveccio

Pauly Jersey Shore
Pauly ‘Pauly D’ Delveccio – Source: Page Six 

While Cancer traits like short temper and insecurity are prominent in Mike’s personality, the personality of Pauly D – a fellow Cancer – is defined by his dedication to the gang. 

The list of parents continues to grow: Pauly D has become a father! Unlike JWoww or Snooki, though, he didn’t expect a child. In 2013, rumors spread that Pauly had a daughter with waitress Amanda Market, with whom he had a one-night-stand. 

This was later confirmed to be true. But, let’s push the drama aside. Pauly gladly embraces the life of a dad, but it doesn’t mean he neglected his career. After Jersey Shore, he continues to DJ all over the world. Pauly also becomes buddies with many celebrities, including Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. 

Vinni Guadagnino 

Vinni Jersey Shore
Vinni Guadagnino – Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Until now, Vinni is still Pauly D’s close friend – that’s proof of his Scorpio trait. Scorpios have a reputation for being loyal friends, and they cherish long-term relationships. 

Additionally, while other members try to make as much impression on the show as possible, Vinni prefers to remain lowkey. This is typical for Scorpio since they are known for being calm, cool, and mysterious. 

That being said, not much is known about his life post-Jersey Shore. Vinni and Pauly D hosted a match-making show, A Double Shot Of Love, in 2019, but none of them found a partner. By now, looking at his social media, we only know that he’d lost a ton of weight on the keto diet. 

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro 

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro – Source: The Sun 

You will agree with me on this: Ronnie getting drunk and betraying his girlfriend was one of the most upsetting things in Jersey Shore. Of course, not everyone cheats on their partners when they drink. Ronnie just hates being constrained. 

He repeatedly stated that clingy people were not his type throughout the show. Well, if you are not ready to settle down and be monogamous, anyone can feel clingy to you! 

Ronnie’s life took a sharp turn in December 2017 when his girlfriend Jen Harley announced her pregnancy. The two welcomed their daughter Ariana Sky in April 2018. Their relationship, however, was turbulent, with both accusing the other of physical abuse. In January 2019, Ronnie spent a month in a treatment center for alcoholism and depression, which is sad news for his fans. 

Eventually, though, our reckless guy found his happy ending: In June 2021, Ronnie proposed to his new girlfriend Saffire Matos. The former reality star revealed that from the beginning, he already knew she was the one. 

Deena Cortese 

Deena Cortesa
Deena Cortese – Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet 

She only joined ‘Jersey Shore’ from the third season, but she immediately presented herself as Snooki’s ideal sidekick. Those born under Capricorn tend to maintain a low profile and make excellent managers, that’s why Deena made such a great sidekick for Snooki’s shenanigans. 

In 2014, Deena and her long-term boyfriend Chris Buckner appeared in VH1’s Couples Therapy, determined to work through their relationship troubles. She was seen as a bridesmaid in Snooki’s wedding and Jwoww’s wedding as well. 

Paula Pickart 

Paula Jersey Shore
What happened to Paula from Jersey Shore? – Source: OK Magazine

Though not being an official cast member, Paula from Jersey Shore quickly became a fan-favorite after her fling with Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. Her passion and emotional intelligence prove that she is a true Cancer by all means – we have many Cancers in the show already, haven’t we? 

During the show, Paula worked at the tanning salon that the housemates often visited. Mike and Paula made their relationship official with a dinner date, but it was short-lived. After just two weeks of dating, the couple decided they weren’t meant for each other. 

As seen on her Instagram, the brunette beauty has found the love of her life. She had married a man named Chris and the two had a daughter together. Paula currently works as a bartender and enjoys shopping at Michael’s in her free time. 

Paula Pickart
Paula Jersey Shore Instagram

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The Bottom Line 

That’s what The Unit ‘Jersey Shore’ and other cast members of this iconic series have become. They were young, wild, and reckless when they appeared on the show, but as the camera stopped rolling, all of them have grown up, dealt with real adult struggles, and found their own happiness. 

Still, their tremendous influence on reality shows and on audiences’ life is evident. If you want to distract yourself from your own stress for a while, come to Jersey Shore and chill as they did in 2009! 

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