Red Roses, Wine, And All That’s Fine: Everything About Libra And Scorpio Friendship

No left without a right. No up without a down. And no inside without an outside. Opposites give each other significance and are inextricably linked to each other. One of the greatest dualities is light and dark. In a Libra and Scorpio friendship, the former embodies the light spirit, while the latter ultimately represents darkness. 

Libra is born in this world to bring peace and harmony. As one of the sweetest signs in the zodiac, cozy and friendly Libra always heads toward happiness and justice. Scorpio, on the other hand, gives off that enigmatic, ‘bad boy’ energy. This sign is known for its ambition and all the mysteries they hide beneath the surface. When picturing the match between them, one might think about a story between angel and demon, Persephone and Hades, or, let’s say, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. 

And just like any opposite attracts story, a relationship between Libra and Scorpio can turn out to be a relationship fit for royalty, filled with red roses and wine, or a dark prison yard of betrayal and deceit. Let’s see what the planets say when they unite. 

About Libra: The Light Liberator

“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” —Louise L. Hay

On September 23rd, the Sun enters the heart-centered sign of Libra, where it will remain until October 22nd. 

It’s during Libra season that the school year starts. No matter how old you are or how long ago you graduated, Libra’s characteristics will remind you of those days. They are breezy like a crisp autumn morning, comforting like a sweater, intellectual, like the way you feel in a geometry class before the subject matter stretches beyond “this is a right angle.”

The word ‘Libra’ comes from the Latin word for ‘scale’, which is the symbol for this zodiac. In Greek mythology, the sign is represented by Themis, the Goddess of Justice and Fairness. 

As you can see, people born under Libra are destined to chase after integrity and harmony for the rest of their lives. These individuals use their eagle brains to analyze every circumstance, sort through the muck, and organize right from wrong. They hate fights or confrontations and would do everything to avoid these at all costs.

The fact that they thrive on social justice makes Librans lovable. Their peaceful demeanor makes everyone wants to approach them. Combined with the Air element, Libra becomes a conversational wiz who can hold court in all kinds of social situations and is welcomed anywhere. 

Their obsession with balance and harmony is a double-edged sword, though: Sometimes they can be indecisive. It tortures Librans to stick with something if there is more than one option – even when it is a small matter such as milkshake flavor. They believe that they can make the ‘perfect choices’ through logic, rationality, and analysis, but most of the time they can’t decide which is the best. Librans’ over-thinking of everything can drive people around them insane. My best friend is a Libra, too, and I know it all too well…

Red Roses, Wine, And All That’s Fine: Everything About Libra And Scorpio Friendship
Libra is all about equilibrium and justice – Source: Unsplash

Venus, the planet that rules Libra, represents love. Hence, a relationship is where this Air sign truly shines. They will make dedicated and hopelessly romantic partners who want to grow old with their loved ones. Libra often invests so much energy into a relationship that they should return to their Virgo cousin and learn about discernment before allowing their pure love to pour in. 

In addition to love and equilibrium, Venus also governs art. That’s why this Air sign is the aesthetic of the zodiac: They adore art, beauty, and all sophisticated things. Suave Librans need to surround themselves with stunning objects to show off their exquisite tastes. Accordingly, people born under this sign excel in design, decoration, art criticism, and fashion.

In a nutshell, Libra is here to liberate us. The harmony and equilibrium of earth in them are innate, and they are willing to use these gifts to help humanity. Librans’ sweet personalities may light up everyone around. There is only one piece of advice: Instead of balancing every aspect of life, they should first find the balance between their ideal world and reality. Being a full-time idealist can be extremely stressful for them at times. 

About Scorpio: The Sorcerer of Shadows

“She’s brimming over inside with passion, though it’s kept under rigid control by a poised, frosty attitude toward strangers, and a surface smoothness suggestive of black velvet.”  —Linda Goodman

Brace yourself for passionate romance, intense love poetry, and the transformative power of beauty because Scorpio season is here. On October 23rd, the Sun enters the formidable sign of Scorpio, where it will remain until November 21st. 

You probably have wondered more than once, ‘why are Scorpios so hot?’. Well, this Water sign is indeed ambitious, enigmatic, and independent. They possess intensity and charisma that is impossible to ignore. 

Despite their inner charm, people born under Scorpio prefer to remain low-key because they guard themselves and their private lives fiercely. That just makes them appear mysterious, thus all the more seductive and beguiling.

The word Scorpio or Scorpius stands for ‘scorpion’ in Latin. Like their symbolic animal, this Water sign stands out for its distinctive venomous sting. They can lurk in the dark and strike at the least expected moment. For Scorpio, life is a chess game. They are continuously strategizing several moves ahead to orchestrate an ultimate checkmate. This isn’t to say that people born under this sign always have sinister motives. The scorpion of the zodiac just knows what they want and will do everything to win it. 

This aspect of Scorpio in mythology can be seen in Pluto, the planet that controls both destruction and transformation. On a good day, Scorpion energy is ambitious and alluring. They can do everything and create whatever they want. On a bad day, though, their dark side is fueled by an insatiable craving for power and possession. Power-hungry Scorpios must keep in mind that if their egos take over, they are at risk of destroying their achievements, themselves, and their loved ones. 

About Scorpio: The Sorcerer of Shadows
Scorpio’s charm comes from their secretive nature – Source: Unsplash

Due to their immense passion and intensity, Scorpio is sometimes mistaken for a Fire sign. In fact, they embody the psychic and emotional strength of the Water element perfectly. Like fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive. However, unlike the crab and the fish, they protect their emotions by burying them deep inside. That’s why Scorpio often appears cold, calm, and unapproachable. 

Though known as the loner, Scorpio is very protective and devoted to those they love. There is no one better to have on your side (and in your corner) than this Air sign. If someone comes at you, your Scorpio friend will strike them back. And they can wait a long-ass time to take your revenge, but they will surely do.

While Libra’s mission is to retain peace, Scorpio comes to earth to transform everything they touch. They represent power, an overwhelming power that can destroy everything in the way, just to give rooms for something new to begin. 

Compatibility Between Libra And Scorpio 

Compatibility Between Libra And Scorpio
Why are Scorpios attracted to Libras? – Source: Unsplash

No one can overlook Libra’s charm and grace, and Scorpio is not an exception. Aquarius is too bizarre, and Gemini might be too chatty for the Water sign to bear, but Libra is just right: They are friendly enough to make Scorpio feel safe, yet they fully know how to maintain Scorpio’s boundaries. Libra’s great personal charisma and exquisite taste are what catch Scorpio’s attention in the first place, and they will eventually feel pleasant with the Air sign’s peaceful companion as well. 

Libra, on the other hand, will be intrigued by Scorpio’s mysterious aura and confidence. They could sense something juicy going on under the wraps, and Scorpio’s intense gaze is their drunk. Curious by nature, Libra can’t wait to see what’s hidden beneath the Water sign’s cold appearance. 

For those reasons, a Libra and Scorpio friendship or romance will proceed very quickly, but how far can this intense attraction go? We will take a look at some aspects of this pair to see where they meet and where they clash. 


Libra and Scorpio look for different things in life – Source: Unsplash

Both Libra and Scorpio will value consistency and dedication, which will bring them together in the first place. However, the remaining parts of them don’t coincide that much, they have different expectations. 

Libra values fairness and justice more than everything. The Venusian influence always pushes them to find balance in all aspects of life, and they will frown at any indecent behavior. 

Scorpio, on the other hand, values authority. It is their nature to do anything to obtain power, even if that means breaking some rules. To them, being in control is the most prominent. If Scorpio can’t keep themselves on the right path and let their power-hunger takes over, Libra won’t tolerate any wrongdoings, even the smallest. 

Furthermore, since Scorpio is fiercely loyal, they will fully accept and respect their friends’ indecent behaviors. The Water sign can accept indecent friends, as long as they are trustworthy to them. In a Libra and Scorpio friendship, this might lead to endless arguments when Libra comments on Scorpio’s social circle. 

It appears to Libra that Scorpio keeps bad company just to seem special, while Scorpio sees Libra trying desperately to fit in. The main issue between this pairing is their perspectives of the world and other people. 

As mentioned, Scorpio and Libra seek the same thing in their bond. Both of them prioritize honesty and commitment, but that might not be enough to sustain the relationship since their beliefs are way too different. If Scorpio and Libra can’t find a middle ground, as much as these two want to be together, they will be torn apart.  

Emotional Connection 

Emotional connection is another troublesome area for this pair. Being a Water sign, Scorpio is deeply emotional and can stew over their feeling, even though they don’t usually show it. Libra, on the other hand, inherits the typical Air sign character: They are intellectual and tend to analyze things using logic. 

According to astrologer Lisa Kiss, this makes little sense to Scorpio since this Water sign can feel emotions in their bodies. They intuitively know what they are feeling, while Libra uses reasoning to figure out what’s going on inside. Even though the scale tends to fall in love, at first sight, their feelings is often superficial. Because of this, Scorpio may perceive Libra as less committed than they are, even if this isn’t the truth.

Additionally, while Scorpio’s habit of keeping secrets might attract Libra at first, their need for privacy might cause tension in the relationship. Don’t forget that Libra is all about balance and harmony. If Scorpio decides to bottle up their feelings (which they do all the time), Libra can be frustrated and even enraged. Scorpio can even lash out at Libra for being too pushy about getting them to open up. Ultimately, this only leads to the Air sign distancing themselves from their friends. 

Communication & Intellect 

Communication & Intellect
Communication with a Libra is pleasant for Scorpio – Source: Unsplash

The spark of a Libra and Scorpio friendship lies in their communication. At first, it doesn’t seem so smooth since they have very different communication styles: Scorpio is intense while Libra is soft-spoken. However, airy Libra is a great conversationalist, and this will benefit them both. They are gentle, patient, and most importantly, nonjudgmental. This will help Scorpio to relax and open up. 

This is where Libra’s rational nature comes in handy: There is nothing Scorpio can say that pisses off Libra. They can calm down, breathe in, and understand the hidden emotions behind the impulsive acts or words of the Water sign, which are something other zodiacs can’t do. 

Issues might still arise when Scorpio reveals their aggressive personality. When this water sign wants to know something, they want every single detail. Meanwhile, Libra can be indirect at times as they thrive to maintain a harmonious vibe. Moreover, Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the God of War. In the best scenario, the Air sign can lift their friends up with their sunny disposition. When things turn worse, Scorpio’s dark and gloomy side might engulf Libra, making them feel like they have been overly optimistic. 

Mutual Trust 

There is a huge roadblock to a partnership between Libra and Scorpio, namely jealousy. Though often committed and loyal, Librans are charming by nature and are known for being one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs. This doesn’t sound so ideal to Scorpio, who’s very obsessive about what they consider ‘theirs’. Scorpio can’t trust a partner that shows how attractive and sensual they are to the rest of the world. 

Libra would have to try their best to tone down the charm for the sake of their Scorpio partner or prepare to do some major reassuring. “Scorpios are one of the most faithful signs and would never flirt with others,” says astrologer Lisa Kiss, ‘and they expect the same from their partner’. 

That’s why they may view Libra’s outgoing as a betrayal and lose faith in the Air sign over time. Some Scorpios can even try to limit who their partners may see or communicate with. Scorpio’s possessiveness may turn Libra off and make them realize this isn’t the right relationship for them. On the other hand, some Libras may give in to Scorpio’s dominant personality, which leads to a toxic relationship.

Libra And Scorpio Friendship 

Libra And Scorpio Friendship
Libra and Scorpio friendship – Source: Unsplash

While Libra excels at getting people to open up, is there any way a cardinal Air sign and a fixed Water sign can become BFFs? In fact, a Libra and Scorpio friendship can be quite complicated. 

Libra enjoys interacting with others, so they tend to ask many questions (it’s a typical Air sign trait). They sincerely want to build a connection with someone they find interesting. Scorpio, however, is naturally reserved, so Libra’s questions might make Scorpio feel invaded and raises their guard. A Libra and Scorpio friendship will only have a shot if they can get over this early stage. 

Once these two manage to form a friendship, it can be both mentally and emotionally fulfilling and engaging. Libra’s balanced vitality can counteract Scorpio’s gloomy disposition. The duo can reach incredible new heights together by combining Libra’s superb interpersonal skills with Scorpio’s determination. While Scorpio is more focused than Libra, the latter knows how to get the ball rolling in the direction both friends want. 

With one being emotional and the other being intellectual, the Libra and Scorpio friendship is multifaceted and deep. Scorpio is more patient than Libra, but also more controlling and indecisive. Libra would appreciate anyone who can guide them, especially when that someone is as wise and considerate as Scorpio. 

Despite their differences, both of them share an exquisite taste and want to surround themselves with finer things in life. This duo will have so much fun together exploring the city to try new restaurants, bars, and shows. Though being a fixed sign, Scorpio still embodies the Water spirit: They don’t hesitate to take risks and changes, which their airy friends greatly encourage. 

Most importantly, Libra and Scorpio are deeply devoted to their friends. While Scorpio is well-known for their protectiveness, Libra loves helping their loved ones and making them happy. Though not as naive as Cancer, people can sometimes take advantage of the Air sign due to their kindness. With a Scorpio by their sides, Libra won’t have to worry about that anymore: Their friends can see through all the tricks and will sting anyone who dares to hurt them. 

Still, keep in mind that these two signs both hate confrontation. There is no way they will admit when they are irritated with one another. Instead, they choose to stop talking. The phone calls, messages, and hangout sessions will cease. They’ll slowly disappear from each other’s lives if they don’t attempt to communicate with one another. 

Libra And Scorpio Romance 

In Greek mythology, Hades, the God of the Underworld, falls in love with the beautiful and kindhearted Persephone. Feeling his heart softened by her tenderness, Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her down into his realm, where he declared her his queen.

Scorpio, like Hades, might develop an obsession with charming Libra and can go all the way to win their hearts. This pairing might create a good match with intense chemistry or slip into a toxic mess if the relationship goes unchecked. Jealousy, anger, and control issues are the key problems they will have to deal with. 

Between Libra Man And Scorpio Woman

Libra And Scorpio Romance
Libra man Scorpio woman – Source: Unsplash

The Libra man is hopelessly romantic. Once he falls head over heels for the Scorpio woman, he will do anything to win her over. This gentleman is an expert spell caster when it comes to love and romance. He’ll entangle Scorpio in a web of seduction and magic, and she’ll be left enchanted.

It is not much of a problem, anyway. Libra enjoys talking about everything, so he has no problem expressing himself, his feelings, and his desires. The Scorpio Woman is mesmerized by the Libra Man. She listens intently to every word he says. During this time, she makes mental notes of important facts for future reference. 

Speaking of desires, it takes only a few dates before this couple finds themselves in bed together. Libra’s every desire is satisfied by Scorpio. That makes their physical intimacy all the more intense. With Scorpio’s sexual drive and Libra’s adventurous nature, the couple won’t rule anything out on the sex menu as long as they haven’t tried it. 

Still, at times, the Scorpio woman’s sexual desire can overwhelm the Libra man’s craving for emotional intimacy.  She only loses focus on what he wants when her lustful demands and carnal desires take over. The Scorpio Woman gets caught up and enraptured by “feel-good vibes.” A gentle reminder that the Libra man expects more than just sex will be helpful in that case.

The Libra man is prone to becoming a “Yes” man by consenting to the demands or requests of friends and family. It takes all of his time to keep the promises he makes. Next thing you know, the Scorpio woman will be far down on his priority list. Don’t worry, she won’t put up with it for long. The Scorpio woman will eventually demand her partner to become more attentive to her needs. 

In short, the romance between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman is intense. Sometimes, it gets too intense. The Libra man’s social nature can come off as flirtatious, although he is completely loyal and means no harm. Of course, the Scorpio woman won’t overlook this. Jealousy brews and out comes the venom of the Scorpion!

Between Libra Woman And Scorpio Man 

Between Libra Woman And Scorpio Man
Libra woman Scorpio man – Source: Unsplash

It is safe to say that a Scorpio man is a Libra woman’s Prince Charming. He is fiery, mysterious, and dark – everything this lady dreams about. Libra is determined to bring him the peace of mind and equilibrium he seems to lack. She gets right to work on “fixing” the Scorpio Man as soon as she can. She believes that by showering him with all of her affection, she would be able to pull him out of the darkness. 

Unfortunately, the Scorpio man doesn’t want anyone to ‘fix’ him. He enjoys keeping his emotions a mystery. He is justified in sometimes being melancholy or dreamy. The Libra woman soon realizes that she must learn to deal with Scorpio’s extremes for this love to survive. Whatever she says or does won’t persuade Scorpio to change his mind.

Whether or not she is willing to embrace Scorpio as he is will determine the relationship between them. If she gets past this challenge, the two will have a wonderful bond: The Libra Woman brings balance and harmony to the relationship. A Scorpio Man brings intrigue and mystery.

Right after the door shuts behind them, Scorpio frees himself. Between the sheets, there are no boundaries. Scorpio Man likes to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Libra is not bothered by it. On the bed, she is happy to give in to his desire and take the submissive role. What she wants is to see he satiates his every desire.

Although the two both require commitment, they don’t have the same level of jealousy. Even though Scorpio appears confident, he harbors a surprising level of insecurity. If he has gone through several failed relationships before, the jealousy factor multiplies. It’s natural for the social butterfly Libra to come off as cheating, and Scorpio won’t stand that. It might lead to the downfall of their relationship.

So, Lovers Or Fighters? 

Overall, the relationship between Libra and Scorpio is not gonna be smooth and light. Both of them will be forced to confront their dark sides through this bond. Even though this can lead to incredible and intense moments of realization, it might also draw them both to a depressive hole they won’t easily get out of. 

The only way to form a strong relationship between them is for both Libra and Scorpio to establish a strong individual, independent life. Otherwise, they will get sucked into the swirl of karmic emotions and obsessive, negative expectations.

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