What You Need To Know About The Top TikTok Stars: Addison Rae’s No Makeup Look And More

Whether you like it or not, we live in a time when being an influencer is a real job as they boost awareness and sales of products and services. All they have to do is look cute and nice, upload content like their lives depend on it, and their followers will do the rest. This reason is why it’s not common to see them appearing without wearing makeup or fancy outfits, but there are still some who defies this trend now and then. So, let’s look at Addison Rae’s no-makeup look alongside other TikTok influencers who have sported their makeup-free faces.

Fun Facts About Addison Rae And The Other Top TikTok Stars Of Today

Influencers are still very divisive in today’s world, as every generation has opinions about them. Most millennials and centennials love them as most of them grew up with the internet and their mobile phones, while Gen X and Baby Boomers would tell them to get a “real job”. But these TikTok stars who get the job done with their marketing skills through their social media and other ventures prove that they have real jobs that make money. 

It’s quite common for everyone especially these influencers to invest in their social media presence and online persona in today’s world. So, it’s a breath of fresh air when they post content that doesn’t have any filter or any kind of editing on it. It makes their followers know that they’re human beings and they’re not setting an unrealistic standard of beauty for them. So, check out Addison Rae’s no-makeup look alongside other TikTok stars like Brooke Monk and Bella Poarch’s life and persona on and off social media.

Addison Rae Life And Career – She Is More Than A TikTok Star

What You Need To Know About The Top TikTok Stars: Addison Rae’s No Makeup Look And More
She is more than a TikTok star. Source: lh3.googleusercontent

Addison Rae Easterling was born on October 6, 2000, to Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, who are also TikTok users. At the age of 6, she knew that dancing was one of her passions as she started joining several dance competitions across The U.S. This phase of her life started her slow ascent into a promising career.

She began her TikTok stardom by moving to Los Angeles and publishing dance videos in July 2019, which caused her following to increase to 81 million. She is currently the fourth most followed person on the app including other TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio, Brooke Monk, Emma Chamberlain, Josh Richards, Loren Gray, Khaby Lame, and Bella Poarch.

When she achieved notoriety as a TikTok star, Addison Rae dropped out of school to pursue her TikTok career – yes, she did that to be a full-time TikToker. It seems like it’s worth it as Forbes crowned her as the highest-earning TikTok star in August 2020. Besides being a dancer and a TikTok personality, Rae is also a singer and actress. In March 2021, she released her first single, “Obsessed,” and on August 27, 2021, she made her acting debut in He’s All That, a Netflix remake of the 1999 film She’s All That. Some fans asked, Does Addison Rae have a tattoo? as one of her dancing videos shows a belly tattoo, but it turns out to be only the label of her shirt.

Yes, she’s a social media personality, influencer, dancer, actress, and singer – she’s definitely all that and more! Addison Rae is slowly making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, and her fans are behind her, and they are eagerly waiting for more content and other things she can do.

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Addison Rae’s No Makeup Look

TikTok star Addison Rae to launch ITEM Beauty makeup line
Addison Rae’s no-makeup look is refreshing to see. Source: https://pagesix.com

Besides her TikTok dance videos, Addison Rae has also posted a few makeup tutorial videos for her followers to know how she glams herself up. Many fans were shocked at first and thought she looked almost unrecognizable, but you can’t deny she still looks great. Of course, she looks more realistic and relatable, so we hope to see more of Addison Rae’s No Makeup Look on her TikTok.


Addison Rae’s Guide to Faux Freckles and a Go-To Glowy Makeup Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Brooke Monk’s Life And Career – She Has More Than 16 Million Followers

Brooke Monk was born 31 January 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida, as the youngest of four sisters. She has stated in some of her content that she wanted to pursue a career in acting, and it seems like she is on her way to becoming famous as she has amassed 16 million followers on her TikTok account. Her followers love her content as they range from dancing clips to lip-syncing videos. 

Brooke Monk also uploads her videos on her YouTube account with 1 million followers. She says she loves posting videos about mundane things like reaction videos, getting her wisdom tooth removed, and makeup tutorials to allow her to interact with people from all over the world. While her social media has some brands that she sports and markets, she said she doesn’t want them to change her style.

Brooke Monk’s No Makeup Look

Brooke Monk’s no-makeup look. Source: https://www.byrdie.com/

While she uploads a wide range of content, Brooke Monk’s no-makeup look isn’t usually on her social media. Most of the time, you would only see her sporting a bare face when she does her makeup tutorials or snaps a just-woke-up photo and shares it for the world to see. You have to admit that she still looks stunning even with no makeup on.


Bella Poarch’s Life And Career – She Has The Most Liked TikTok Video

Denarii B. Poarch was born on February 8, 1997, in The Philippines to her Filipino biological parents. Her grandmother raised her in the slums until her American adoptive parents adopted her. In some of her interviews, she said she faced verbal and physical abuse from her adoptive father until she was 13 years old. Oh no, we hope that things have gotten better, though, because it’s not right to grow up in such a household.

She created her TikTok account in January 2020 and used her screen name, Bella Poarch. She first uploaded gaming and cosplay-related content until her lip-syncing videos got a massive amount of likes. Bella currently holds the top spot for the most liked TikTok video for her lip-sync clip of M to the B. Since then, she has also tried her hands at singing and released her debut single “Build A B*tch” in May 2020. Many of her fans don’t know that she is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has served for four years in Japan and Hawaii, and that she is also actively supporting the fight against racism towards Asians.

Bella Poarch’s No Makeup Look

Of course, Bella Poarch’s no-makeup look is something she can be proud of because it is equally gorgeous with her glammed-up look. Fans also love how she has tattoos all over her body, and she said that getting tattoos is her way of overcoming the trauma she experienced as a young girl. She said that she had them done to cover up the scars from her abuse which eventually made her feel insecure when she was growing up. 


The Influencers Are Taking Over The World

So, while social media is amazing and helps us connect and achieve other things, we should be wary of the things most influencers post on their accounts. Some of them don’t show the realities of life and could set as an unachievable standard that could warp our self-esteem. We need to know what’s real and what’s not and be responsible consumers as well.

For this reason, we are glad that some of the top TikTok stars are showing us that they can be proud of their “normal” look too. It makes everyone know that Addison Rae’s no-makeup look, Brooke Monk’s “just woke up” style, and Bella Poarch’s stories behind her tattoos are all parts of their real lives and their stories. Posting them for their followers to see makes them responsible influencers and we need more of them.

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