Get To Know About The Rising Youtube Star Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a YouTuber and social media celebrity from the United States, best known for her quirky videos online. She has over 9 million YouTube subscribers and million followers on other social media platforms. She’s also been nominated for the Streamy Awards numerous times for being the fastest-growing creator.

What did Emma do in the limelight at such a young age? 

Here’s information about Emma Chamberlain and especially the relationship between Emma Chamberlain and Role Model!

Emma Chamberlain Profile

Get To Know About The Rising Youtube Star Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is an American YouTuber and social media celebrity – Source:


Emma Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001. She grew up in San Bruno, California. Chamberlain’s parents divorced when she was 5 years old. She turned to YouTube early on to “connect with other people and see what they’re up to”.

Chamberlain has been making videos for her pals since she was a child. She taught herself how to edit videos and started posting on her YouTube channel in 2017. The channel is full of vlogs and DIY tutorials. Most of these videos are filmed by her father, an artist, and photographer. By that time Jersey Shore was still a thing on TV and basically, that’s all we have for entertainment, what she did putting herself out there on the Internet was quite impressive.

Chamberlain’s first hit video appeared in July 2017 when she followed the trend and “showed off” items bought from a store selling cheap things. “It was a huge trend on YouTube at the time, and it helped me a lot,” Chamberlain recalls.


She was a bright student. She attended Central Middle School and subsequently transferred to Notre Dame High School in Belmont. Emma was also a member of the cheering squad. She was so proficient at cheerleading that she joined the All-Pink Cheer Team of California. After passing the graduation exam in high school, Emma focused on her YouTube business.

Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain has made good money on YouTube, and her net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of 2021. For a young person and even for a Tiktoker like her, that is unquestionably an impressive amount compared to her peer, Josh Richards.


Emma Chamberlain has around 13.6 million Instagram followers, 3.8 million Twitter followers, 10.6 million YouTube subscribers, and 10.4 million TikTok followers as of September 2021, a close call to her colleague’s, Addison Rae. Emma has been deemed “the world’s most talked about influencer.” Her work has led to collaboration opportunities with major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein.

Besides, Emma launched her podcast, “Stupid Genius,” in 2019, with new episodes released weekly. Emma started her own mail-order coffee company in the same year. You may purchase Emma’s coffee and coffee-related items directly from her official website.

Emma has received several accolades for her work on social media. Chamberlain was named by Time magazine as the 100 most influential people in the world in November 2019. Emma was also included in Variety’s list of the Power of Young Hollywood in 2020.

Moreover, she received the Best Podcaster award at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards. Emma Was nominated for several Streamy, People’s Choice, and Shorty Awards.

Personal Life

Relationship Between Hull And Emma Chamberlain

Emma initially sparked dating rumors with the TikTok star Aaron Hull when she released a video titled “Learning How to Skateboard to Impress a Boy” in November 2019. Many people linked Aaron’s passion for skateboarding to the fact that the two were social media friends.

Personal Life

Aaron and Emma appeared together on social media – Source:

This duo have been spotted together on social media several times. Aaron even included Emma Chamberlain in his Tik Tok. The two had also met each other’s families. As a result, even though the couple did not disclose anything formally, many assumed they had something going on.

However, there was also a photo of Aaron Hull kissing another female. That went viral at a time when the media was unsure about Emma and Aaron’s relationship status. Therefore, many people thought Aaron was cheating on Emma.

Then, Aaron posted a YouTube video on September 2, 2020, in which he exposed the truth about their five-month romance.

He says, “He didn’t cheat on Emma, and he never wanted a terrible ending with her, but it was out of his control at the time.”

He concluded, “Emma was the best girlfriend; and he couldn’t have asked for anything better. She was really supportive of him”.

Hey! I hope you will watch this.

Emma Chamberlain didn’t say anything about it. The only significant change was Aaron’s disappearance from her social media accounts. Emma also unfollowed Aaron on Instagram.

Chamberlain’s father also unfollowed Hull on Instagram, fueling speculation.

Whether she dated Hull or not, it’s all in the past now.

Relationship Between Emma Chamberlain And Role Model

Emma revealed that she was dating a mysterious man – Source:

Is there a new guy in Emma Chamberlain’s life, and if so, who is he?! Those are the burning thoughts on everyone’s minds after Emma Chamberlain revealed that she was dating a mysterious man in a video on Tik Tok in August 2020.

Some believe her lover is none other than Role Model, a famous musician. Why? According to one admirer, the social media sensation Chamberlain has been hanging out with the “Blind” musician — whose actual name is Tucker Pillsbury — a lot lately. Plus, it appears that both of her parents have started following him on Instagram!

And someone also recorded the video of Emma Chamberlain and Tucker Pillsbury having dinner at Saddle Ranch. Emma Chamberlain Reveals New Boyfriend as They Have Romantic Dinner at Saddle Ranch

Tucker Pillsbury is a young musician, up-and-coming singer, and composer. He has established quite a name for himself through the title ‘Role Model’. He has even earned the reputation of a prodigy. Tucker Pillsbury’s ‘Role Model’ has kept his girlfriend and relationship status a secret so far.

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Final Thought
As her developing relationships ‘Emma Chamberlain and Role Model’ and blossoming coffee business reach new heights, Emma engages in the next phase of her life and work. Emma is speeding past the speed of light—faster than all the megabits on the internet—from the girl-next-door who made videos out of boredom to becoming a rising fashion industry darling. This talented young lady is admirable! 

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