Are All Tech Support Jobs Near Me Typical 9-to-5 Jobs?

They say that it is not hard to look for Tech Support Jobs near me and work as a technical supporter. Is that the truth? Overall, most tech support jobs do not require special certificates or qualifications. But in reality, it’s not that straightforward to get these jobs.

Why? The issues may be on your CV – the first thing that helps employers assess each candidate. Sometimes, an impressive resume with “bullet” essential skills and qualifications can make a home run!

IT Support Technician – A day in the life

Tech Support Jobs – Job Overview

Specialists in technical support, what do they do? They solve users’ problems with software, hardware, and even peripheral devices, such as scanners or printers. Recent graduates often work as technical supporters prior to getting started in a higher position like IT specialists, supervisors, leaders, or managers.

For illustration, IT technical supporters will oversee, operate, and maintain a company’s computer system and its internal network. They will learn specifically how to install and set up computer systems, fix software and hardware errors, and solve various other technological issues.

Every facilitator may have one or more areas of expertise, depending on the organization; some unique technical assistance roles include:

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Are All Tech Support Jobs Near Me Typical 9-to-5 Jobs?
What do tech supporters do? Source: ntt-supercare365

What Are Their Duties & Responsibilities?

They ensure your computer systems run smoothly and that all users get the most out of them. Every organization will have its own set of requirements and obligations for each tech supporter, yet the following will be included in a supporter’s missions:

  • Install and set up operating systems and applications for computers.
  • Maintain and monitor computer systems and networks.
  • Assist systems setup or handle all issues related to computer systems.
  • Troubleshoot device and network faults, as well as diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Replace parts as required.
  • Assist procedural and reporting support.
  • Abide the written instructions.
  • Support the rollout of new applications.
  • Set up and deal with password maintenance, user account and profile management.
  • Respond to call-outs within agreed deadlines.
What Are Their Duties & Responsibilities? - Tech Support Jobs Near Me
Technical supporters make sure your computer systems run smoothly. Source: aubertduval

Tech Supporters’ Income 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual midpoint salary of IT supporters is $ 52,270. The top ten percent made more than 76,970 dollars, while the lowest 10% (often for entry-level IT support jobs) earned less than 28,300 dollars. The figures in these positions are substantially below an average of 73,710 dollars in a year as for other computer jobs. The tech supporters’ midpoint salary is much higher than the average of all jobs in the U.S. – with a median pay of $33,840 per annum.

If you are seeking IT jobs in Las Vegas, San Francisco, … in particular or Nevada, California,… in general, let’s check out the mean salary, one critical factor, of tech supporters by state:

  • California: $70,510
  • Massachusetts: $68,680
  • New York: $62,390
  • Connecticut: $62,120
  • Colorado: $61,320
  • Pennsylvania: $55,600
  • Utah: $53,450
  • Arizona: $52,940
  • Nevada: $52,690
  • Texas: $50,650
Tech Supporters’ Income - Tech Support Jobs Near Me
How much a tech supporter could earn? Source: techmerry

Working Hours – Are All Tech Support Jobs Near Me Typical 9-To-5 Jobs?

Depending on the job’s demand, you could expect to work in shifts or be on call, and work additional hours.

Unlike small companies, many organizations don’t offer part-time job opportunities. Career breaks are infrequent because software and operating systems often run 24/7.

Recently, the handling of repairs and upgrades for homemade consumers or small businesses offers self-employment opportunities. Hence, plenty of technical supporters work as freelancers instead of going to the office day by day.

Career Prospect

Technology has grown and expanded at an incredible rate in recent years. Large enterprises with complex infrastructure need to handle their different business areas with various technical issues. As many technology systems of the company need supervising, which will require several support groups, the rising demand for technical supporters will not slow down anytime soon.

According to BLS, between 2019 and 2029, the employment of IT (information technology) supporters is expected to expand by 8%, which is pretty fast compared to other jobs. Additionally, technical support jobs will mostly occur in cloud computing, healthcare, and IT.

Career Prospects And Advancement Opportunities
Tech support jobs’ outlook. Source:

What Kinds Of Soft Skills Do Technical Supporters Need?

Qualifications are solid foundations that help them achieve a better job position or get a good kickoff position. Nevertheless, soft skills support them to advance further in their careers. The requirements of a technical supporter include:

  • The capacity of logical thinking
  • A great memory of how operating systems and software work
  • Excellent listening and questioning skills, combined with the ability to step in users’ shoes to understand the problem and crack the solution
  • The ability to teamwork well
  • Ability to destructure the issue and structure the solution
  • Endure the pressure
  • Track the detail

Educational Requirements & Qualifications

Educational Requirements & Qualifications
 How about the educational requirements of tech supporters? Source: perso-plankontor

In reality, tech support jobs are generally not too difficult for new graduates, but the first step is to build a solid foundation. They will then move to more specialized positions. Specifically, bachelor degrees in the following areas will be essential for tech support’s starting point:

  • business information technology
  • business systems engineering
  • computer networking and hardware
  • information technology 
  • computer science
  • computer software development
  • internet engineering
  • software engineering

All these positions do not require official qualifications. Notwithstanding, many employers will demand a respective computer-related degree or IT-related certification.

In A Nutshell

All in all, technical supporters help solve and fix a variety of computer software and hardware-related problems. In the IT organizations or IT departments, they play a significant role.

Hence, why don’t you kick off your career path with Tech Support Jobs Near Me? Nail it!

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