Our Verdict: 20 Best Job Searching Sites On the Net

The labor market has never shown cooling signs. Hundreds of thousands of job seekers are finding a job every day. The websites for job search have been turning up constantly with thousands of vacancies to serve job seekers’ needs each day. Sometimes, Google lands you on unsafe sites with confusing information. Hence, you can equip the knowledge of trusted websites that provide accurate information without risking your security and privacy, wasting your time or confusing you during the process. We have done thorough research to supply the best job searching sites. Check it out!

Best Job Searching Sites 2020

Catch A Bird’s Eye View Of Top Best Job Searching Sites 2021 

Robert Half

Robert Half- Best Job Search Sites
A Robert Half’s office – Best Job Search Sites. Source: i.pinimg.com

It’s not unusual for us to refer to Robert Half as a pioneer of today’s list. Robert Half has a convenient mobile app and a website that allow you to access thousands of jobs quickly. This company’s partners are all over the world with an exciting and “exclusive motto”: many jobs and opportunities can’t be found anywhere else except Robert Half.

Individuals may register, post and submit a curriculum vitae for daily and independent job alerts. In addition, employers can contact the right candidate via Robert Half Direct very quickly.

What’s more, Robert Half offers a range of excellent career advice, tips, and valuable tricks. Job seekers may also benefit from a research library with extensive knowledge and annual wage guidance.

CareerBuilder – One Of The Best Job Searching Sites For A Long Time

CareerBuilder is today one of the best job searching sites, not just in the US but also worldwide. And CareerBuilder also offers a mobile app (one of the best apps for jobs) that enables users to track the jobs around them using Augmented Reality (AR). It also provides a map view to follow hiring news quickly. Advisably, applicants should apply for a job title and position filter to narrow down the job range.

To better prepare for the next job, Careerbuilder offers you many beneficial tools and advice. For illustration, it will suggest to you some skills for preparation to get a well-paid job or help you to keep track of your better positions.

In particular, the easy-to-use career app CareerBuilder enables you to:

  • Access its exclusive job lists.
  • Create your resume profile rapidly.
  • Apply suitable jobs at once with only one tap.
  • Save jobs that interest you to apply later.
  • Check your application status. 
CareerBuilder - Best Job Search Sites
CareerBuilder has a diversity of day-to-day hiring vacancies. Source: hiring-assets

Indeed – Another One Out Of The Best Apps For Jobs

Indeed - Best Job Search Sites
Catch a glimpse of Indeed’s office. Source: amazonaws

The famous app offers a rich job database and thousands of recruiting positions. You can easily search for a wide range of jobs, from freelance, part-time to full-time vacancies in more than 60 countries and more than 28 languages. You are also provided with GPS navigation tools to find jobs in towns and regions close to you quickly. Indeed is indeed one of the best apps for jobs!

This application is intelligent and practical to send a series of relevant jobs and recruitment news to your mail every day. Furthermore, you could also effortlessly send your CV or personalized messages to the recruiting company once you want to approach them directly.

Glassdoor – A Fantastic Choice In Our List Of Job Websites

Glassdoor - Best Job Search Sites
Have you ever tried Glassdoor? Source: techcrunch

Glassdoor has its website and mobile app too with a huge database. It offers millions of jobs and reviews from former and current workers. What’s more, its reviews focus on practical information about welfare, compensation, the business culture, and even a list of questions often asked by employers, and so much more.

Moreover, you can save and apply for jobs and receive job information that meets your qualifications, skills, and objectives from your smartphone. Especially, Glassdoor has a tool named “Know Your Word,” from which you can professionally measure your market value and navigate to get better jobs. Your worth is no longer a “black box”! And get ready to negotiate your appropriate package.

LinkedIn – Another Old But Resourceful Man

LinkedIn - Best Job Search Sites
LinkedIn is one of the best job searching sites. Source: educasvietnam

This application has been a pioneer for a long time; it offers you the opportunity to search for all types of part-time, full-time, remote, and temp-to-hire jobs.

You can connect to employers, research target companies, or stay alert 24/7 in this ecosystem. In case you want a job soon, you never want to miss any chance, don’t you?

You can also create a professional profile of your own to build your professional image. If you haven’t ever tried, start today! LinkedIn supports you to immediately send your curriculum vitae and resume to the recruiter so that you can shorten the job search duration.

LinkedIn is a social network that most job seekers think about first. According to Jobvite, up to 92% of employers use social media for their jobs today, and LinkedIn is the most widely used social network.


The ZipRecruiter’s office. Source: studioim.design

ZipRecruiter is one of the highest-rated websites in our list of job websites. This job search application allows you to search for hundreds of jobs automatically. You could search by position or title or keywords. You could also save your research and find it again later. ZipRecruiter will daily send filtered job results based on your personalized search criteria to your inbox.

As soon as an employee checks your curriculum vitae, ZipRecruiter sends you a notification.

Once you finish your resume, you have the option to turn on the reporting mode, meaning that employers can still find you even if you do not apply.


LinkUp - Best Job Search Sites
LinkUp Blog – LinkUp Job Search Engine. Source: blog.linkup.com

LinkUp was created in 2009 using “exclusive technology” to search for a variety of new jobs every day. LinkUp has the slogan “verified, up-to-date job listings directly from employer websites” as a promise for users. More than two million jobs are updated on the site every day on 50,000 corporate profiles. It also monitors and eliminates scams, frauds, duplicates, or other troubles that often prevent users from unwanted query results.

You don’t have to register for an account, yet you are still able to browse all work possibilities free of charge. Nevertheless, it is better to sign up with your account to store job listings and subscribe for timely job notifications.

Monster Job Search – Tinder For Job

Monster Job Search
Monster Job Search. Source: androidheadlines

The design of Monster Job Search looks like a dating app as users could swipe right to apply for a new job and swipe left to pass. Job search is not a boring process anymore! The app will tell you if employers want to talk and interview you via email or text message.

It also has a special tool, “in-app career concierge” that helps candidates color their resumes and rate their salary ranges.

Monster Job Search can screen more than one million jobs in all 50 states in America. This app also provides job description videos created by recruiters and employers.

Good&Co. Culture Fit Jobs

Good&Co. Culture Fit Jobs
The world’s first & only culture fit jobs app just got better – Best Job Search Sites. Source: good.co

Good & Co. Culture Fit Jobs has a system that uses a ‘cultural fit AI‘ algorithm to make it easier for you to search and connect with employers. In particular, this AI system analyzes the job categories you like based on your personality, career objectives, and skillsets. 

How can this be done? It combines your profile information and your answers from initial individual questions, psychologically-based personality tests, and gives meaningful outputs that help you probe possible proper career paths. Then, Good & Co. can help you look for a job that meets your capabilities by analyzing your hidden potential strengths and working styles.


There’s a unique application that says “gets hired within 24 hours,” which helps job seekers optimize their request process and targets – Hirewire. This application allows employees to contact and schedule on-demand live interviews.

You could make up an interactive profile in Hirewire, and you will find nearby jobs easily with just one click. What’s more, Hirewire currently consists of over 5,000 business partners and employers that would significantly increase job seekers’ chances. You can get a lot of valuable advice when using this app, as well.


Sara Sutton created Flexjobs in 2007, intending to minimize the difficulty of finding legal or home-based employment opportunities. FlexJobs is now the top-rated job board for flexible work options, seasonal work, and telecommuters, with 26,777 active job listings from 6,000 companies globally (as of 2021).

Members of this website will be given access to job listings in more than 50 categories (from the entry-level to the C-level) and enjoy many promotions or discounts for Intuit products and services such as QuickBooks, Dell Laptop,…

FlexJobs charges $6.95 for one week trial, $14.95 for one-week membership, $29.95 in 3 months, and $49.95 for a one-year membership. Nevertheless, the website uses its income to conduct the necessary research to find jobs for its members and ensure that the database is legitimate. From there, Flexjobs’ information and services can help users feel more secure when finding the verified information. It is one of the best job searching sites in this accuracy aspect.

The Ladders

The Ladders was established in 2003, specializing in offering job listings with a minimum wage of $100,000 per year. Hence, it is regarded as “the home of $ 100K careers.” The Ladder currently serves as a job board, career newsroom, and networking hub. Many professionals and consumers enjoy The Ladder’s ability to link well-paid opportunities to the right job seekers.

In addition, The Ladder has top-notch job openings from top companies, including Morgan Stanley, Cigna, and Google, in a range of fields:

  • Software Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering

When you sign up for The Ladders, you’ll be asked to mention job titles that you’re most interested in. Some features are free to login in, while others require a subscription.

The Ladder will send you links of all relevant curated jobs in your inbox. Indeed, The Ladders is well-suited for serious and high-profile job seekers in highly competitive markets.

View our Career Advice corner to have more insights into specific jobs/careers.

Best Apps For Jobs In Specialized Industries/Fields

List Of Specialized Job Websites
In some industries, niche websites are the best apps for jobs instead of well-known ones. Source: squarespace-cdn

Job hunting sites that focus on a specific industry or occupation can be the best apps for jobs in that specific domain. Here are a few specialized sites to consider:

AngelList – A Final Destination For Startup Geeks

AngelList is a U.S.-based startup platform. Nowadays, AngelList is a popular resource for people interested in working at startups. The platform, which was established in 2010, was created to support entrepreneurs in the investment process and overcoming obstacles (such as finding talent and increasing revenue).

AngelList has been allowing a slew of companies to raise unrestricted money from angel investors since 2015.

AngelList seeks to make investing more accessible to all. It has been called the “Match.com for investors and startups” by Business Insider. Naval Ravikant recently stated that he wants more “innovation on [the] infrastructure for innovation itself” by assisting startups with capital, expertise, and customers in a recent interview.


Behance, an Adobe-owned social media site, aims to supply creative jobs to millions of individuals. Anyone can access Behance and build a professional application profile. Either registered or unregistered users can rate any project on Behance.

Behance’s DIY web design tool, Adobe Portfolio (formerly ProSite), is close to standard software like Weebly and Joomla. It’s a web-based personal portfolio maker that syncs with the user’s Behance project. Adobe Portfolio is available only to those who have purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


Anyone can use FairyGodBoss, but it is specifically designed to assist women in finding employment in every industry. Besides that, the website rates employers based on their willingness to encourage women and promote women’s welfare policies like maternity leave, and the number of women they hire or hold their managerial positions. 

Everyone could utilize FairyGodBoss with free access. Nevertheless, bear in mind that this is a job search site, not a self-recruitment site; therefore, companies’ details and specific information do not appear to be as fully updated as on other websites.

Best Job Searching Sites
FairyGodBoss is specifically designed to assist women in looking for jobs. Source: thebalancesmb


Many employers find this site very effective in finding technology professionals. The goal of Hired is to simplify the process in the following steps:

  • The applicants create profiles with complete information, expertise, previous projects, interests, and experience.
  • A team will review the members’ records and improve them.
  • The site uses an algorithm to evaluate each candidate’s experience and skills for the companies which have the  suitable on-demand positions.
  • Candidates could receive the companies’ call for interviews and hiring decisions.
  • Hired’s supporting staff will always be present to help employers and candidates throughout the recruitment and interviewing process.

Hired in particular focus on the following sections:

  • Software technology
  • Design
  • Data
  • DevOps
  • QA
  • Project management
  • Product Management.


Idealists can’t be missed if you’re looking for volunteering work. It offers hundreds of jobs in NGOs around the world. The platform also provides job-seekers with internship vacancies.  It also allows employers to post job openings and manage candidates.

Nonetheless, the Idealists have no free version. You could use a trial for a short time and pay for using this application after that.


You’re keen on working for pro-bono projects or companies? Lawjobs.com is an excellent location for lawyers, and paralegals. Lawyers, paralegals, business development managers, and legal professionals reach this global network thousands of times a day. Lawjobs’ mission is to connect law offices or legal companies with qualified applicants.

Lawjobs appears to be one of the best apps for jobs for law professionals today. Law is tough and this site definitely helps law career paths smoother for job seekers.

Which job searching channel is the best? – Best Job Searching Sites. Source: thumbor.forbes.com


Another helpful job website: USAJobs – the official federal workplace. It connects job seekers and government employment opportunities in the US.

USAJobs helps recruit government employees. It plays a central role in the creation of employment opportunities in federal agencies and governmental organizations. Federal organizations use this website to promote a broad range of employment events and job fairs. The recruitment department will then contact the institution and enroll qualified candidates. In addition, USAJobs is an American Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

We Work Remotely (WWR)

Would you like to be a jack of all trades or earn extra money each month with remote jobs? This online site lists remote working jobs in all professions and industries, particularly for people inclined to work from home. Many businesses are now seeking employees who can work independently and comfortably at home, especially after the unprecedented impact of the pandemic.

It connects people looking to work, full-time or part-time, to companies and employers.

Other Best Job Searching Sites For Remote Jobs

Kick Off Your Career With A Good Job Right Now!

Ensure your resume, portfolio, CV, and cover letter are truly polished to maximize work hunting efficiencies. What’s more, professional job-search applications will support you with faster and smoother processes in a new career beginning.

Try the apps/websites above to see what is best for you. The top best job searching sites above are the leading experts in the recruitment sector, which keep promising to provide the highest value to users and the most attractive choice to begin one’s career. I wish you a great and funny job hunting journey!

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