Top 7 Weekend Only Jobs Near Me

Are you satisfied with your current job salary? Is it enough to provide you with a comfortable life? And do you feel excited when weekends come? If the answer to those questions is “no” or “not really”, it’s time you took a weekend job. In fast-paced modern life, taking a side job on the weekend is no longer an elusive concept. What are currently popular weekend only jobs near me?

This is a common question that you may ask yourself. With that in mind, we’ll list down the top 7 weekend jobs for you to make the most out of your weekends and earn a good sum of money.

When Do You Need Weekend Only Jobs?

At present, there comes a variety of jobs for you to do only on the weekends besides nine-to-five jobs as usual. Some people refer to those side jobs as weekend-only jobs. But when do we need these types of jobs?

Firstly, you may need Saturday and Sunday jobs if you have free time or are available on weekends. Hence, suppose you have children or pets. In that case, you can take weekend jobs only if you can ask for someone to look after them for you. If you’re a student, you can take a weekend job provided that your learning schedule doesn’t overlap your weekends.

Secondly, when you find it somewhat hard to make ends meet with your main job’s income, taking a side job on weekends would be an appropriate decision. Earning from the weekend job can be a supplement to your weekday job’s primary income. Indeed, if you are struggling to make a living, then the idea of taking full-time weekend jobs will cross your mind. 

Thirdly, weekend-only jobs are just for those who have good health. It’s often tiring after a hard-working week, especially for those who don’t have powerful stamina. Therefore, if they try to take weekends jobs, they cannot work at the best capacity, leading to poor work performance. In contrast, people in good health need less time to rest and relax, so they can spend that time on weekend only jobs.

In brief, you can consider taking a weekend job so long as you are available on weekends, have good health, and desire to make extra money. You can choose to work either offline or online, part-time or full-time, depending on your availability and each job’s characteristics. 

Why Should I Consider Weekend Only Jobs Near Me?

Conventionally, most people want to keep a balance between work and rest. They cherish their free time after a week of hard work to regain energy and escape from the work pressure on the weekends. However, many other people choose to do weekend jobs. So is it worth sacrificing the relaxing time for a busy job on weekends? Why do they need Saturday and Sunday jobs?

Earn Extra Income 

Money can be the worldly reason why we take a weekend job. Whether making money is your interest or need, taking a weekend job would still be a worth-considering choice. In fact, the more money you have in your pocket, the more decent your living can be. 

With only two working days on weekends, you can considerably supplement your income. In general, the average income that you can earn from weekend jobs (not including bonuses, tips, and commissions) ranges from $6 to $30 per hour, based on types of job, skills, level of experience, professionalism, etc.

Avoid Wasting Time 

The weekend is the ideal time for relaxation. Nevertheless, you mind find a better use of your time than spending all the weekend on the bed or in front of the TV. In this case, a weekend job becomes a great and smart time filler. You can make use of your valuable time to earn money. If you waste time on weekends by sleeping in or surfing the web, you will find it challenging to get on with the upcoming working week. 

Gain a Wealth of Experience 

Besides financial support and time filling benefits, taking a weekend job is a wonderful way to gain practical experience, especially for students. Most students have to study throughout weekdays, so weekend jobs are suitable for them to gain off-campus experience. 

Sometimes, they can choose jobs related to their study or specialization to hone their skills. For instance, a student majoring in journalism can work as a content creator in a newspaper office to apply what they have learned from school into practice.

Indulge Your Passion 

Suppose you aren’t keenly interested in your current job, but only do it because of the job security, earning potential, convenient geographical location, etc. In this case, you will feel happy doing the job you have a passion for on the weekends. 

For instance, you are passionate about music though you are working as an accountant during weekdays. Then you can hunt for a DJ or freelance singer job at a bar to follow your passion. In this way, you can do your Saturday and Sunday jobs with pleasure as another form of relaxation at weekends.

What Are Popular Weekend Only Jobs Near Me? 

There are various weekend jobs that you can put on the list “weekend only jobs near me”. Depending on your skills, interests, or location, you can take a suitable job to boost your income. Just check the list below with some popular weekend jobs!


Weekends appear to be the ideal time to organize events like wedding ceremonies. Therefore, you can choose to become a photographer as a Saturday and Sunday job. Everybody attending the events or the host will feel the need to hire a photographer to capture their happy and memorable moments.

A photographer

A photographer – Source: pixpa

Or you may have to accompany them throughout their journey if you become a photographer for a travel group. In this case, they will cover your expenses like food or accommodation. They can even regard you as a member of their team.

Besides, you can think about being a photographer for an advertising company. They will have many marketing campaigns on the weekends, so they will need photographers to take photos of the models.

To become a photographer working on weekends, you need to purchase a high-quality camera first. You also need at least basic designing or photo-shooting skills. You should also build-up and keep in touch with your existing and potential clients to broaden your customer base. 

In terms of average income, a photographer in the US can earn about $10 – $3000 per project, depending on your level (newbie, amateur, or professional), types of projects (photoshoot, or photo editing), and events (weddings, workshops, etc.). According to PayScale, the mean hourly pay for a photographer is relatively modest, about $16.75 per hour. The pay rate varies upon the clients’ satisfaction level.


During weekdays, most people are busy with their job. Therefore, they hardly have enough time to do the housework like cleaning or laundry. As a result, they tend to hire a handyman to help them complete that hard housework. 

Cleaning work

Cleaning work – Source: tr.pinterest

If you choose to work as a handyman on the weekends, it means you have to spend your weekend at other people’s houses. Your job typically includes doing the dishes and laundry, cleaning the floor and furniture, removing household and pets’ wastes, watering the garden, or even cooking, etc.

To work as a handyman, you must have good health and a variety of homemaking skills like cooking or cleaning. Also, the householder tends to prefer hiring handymen with high reliability and meticulousness.

Handyman’s working time is often flexible. They can finish working as long as their tasks are done as the householder’s expectations. In terms of wage, handymen in the US are commonly paid hourly. According to PayScale, the average pay for handymen is $23.43 per hour.

Teaching Assistants and Tutors

Besides a typical learning schedule covering weekdays, some parents want their children to take extra classes on the weekend. Therefore, they send their children to academic centers or hire a tutor to proceed with their children’s learning. Specifically, university or college students can work as a teaching assistant or tutor to fulfill the need to understand advanced topics, prepare for exams or do assignments.

A teaching assistant - weekend only jobs near me

A teaching assistant – Source:

If you love helping a small group of people learn, the teaching assistant is the position you should consider. This Saturday and Sunday job will bring you not only income but also exciting experiences. You will learn how to manage students in class simultaneously and help the teacher convey academic knowledge. It’s even more helpful than ever if you are a student majoring in education and pedagogy. 

Besides teaching assistants, you can choose to work as a tutor. In this case, your class size is small, often from one to two students. You will have chances to help students at a deeper level by personalizing the curriculum to fit each student. 

Regarding the working schedule, a teaching assistant can stretch a few consecutive shifts. They may also work with different teachers. As for tutors, they often come to their students’ houses and give a 1-to-3-hour tutorial per shift. Their shifts can be discrete or continuous and they have control over the working schedule.

Taxi Drivers

The travel demand is stable throughout the week. Some people spend their weekends at home, while others want to hang out or travel to amusement centers, supermarkets, or parks. As a result, becoming a taxi driver on the weekend would be a safe choice to serve this constant demand.

You can work as a freelance taxi driver with your own car. However, working for a company is preferable thanks to easy access to plentiful clients. You can connect to clients via mobile applications (Curb, Lyft, Gett or Uber). 

A taxi driver

A taxi driver – Source: vietgiday

To become a taxi driver as a Saturday and Sunday job, you need a valid driving license, a vehicle (provided or self-provided), and basic driving skills. When it comes to average income, a taxi driver can earn $12.73 per hour. Nevertheless, their income varies over time, and they can make more money than average earning via clients’ tips. 

Cashiers and Security Guards

Most shoppers choose the weekend as an occasion to go shopping at malls, supermarkets, or coffee shops. That’s why the demand for cashiers and security guards increases on the weekends rather than on weekdays. 

A cashier - weekend only jobs near me

A cashier – Source: hoteljob

If you choose to become a cashier, your job is to collect money and payment from customers. This job may look quite simple and easy to do. Still, it requires you to be careful and meticulous to avoid mistakes, which are ordinarily fatal as they possibly involve financial losses. You can opt for a specific shift to work, but the cashier is commonly one of the full-time weekend jobs.

A female security guard in a supermarket

A female security guard in a supermarket – Source:

Besides, suppose you become a security guard at a shopping center. In that case, you are in charge of safeguarding the center and monitoring customers’ behaviors. Sometimes you may encounter tough shoplifters or trouble-makers, but in general, it’s quite simple to get on with this job.

Cashiers and security guards usually receive fixed wages as stipulated by the center for which they are working. According to PayScale, the mean pay is $10.11/hour for cashiers and $10-$17/hour for security guards.

Websites/Fanpages Admins

Some websites may face a traffic surge during weekends so that they need more Admins during this period than on workdays. 

A website monitor usually helps companies run marketing campaigns by posting promotional images, running advertisements via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and similar platforms. In this way, the interaction between the company’s website and the customers will increase significantly, which is beneficial for brand awareness, preference, and by that, the company’s revenue.

A sample dashboard to monitor a website

A sample dashboard to monitor a website – Source: port-monitor

Moreover, the monitor is also responsible for replying to customers’ messages or orders for products and giving them pieces of advice on the company’s products and services. Furthermore, the monitor can also work as a content creator, using words to attract customers’ attention and get more website traffic. 

A website monitor can work remotely from home. It will be more convenient for you thanks to reduced travel costs. You can also do this job even during a pandemic because it doesn’t require you to engage in face-to-face conversations. 

Concerning the working schedule, website monitors often work with flexible time. They need to schedule posts at “online rush hours” when the website’s traffic is at peak. For example, the best time for seeding (an online marketing tactic that scatters content across the Internet) on Facebook is 8 p.m, especially on every Thursday.

Waiters/Waitresses and Event Facilitators

The last item included in the list “weekend only jobs near me” is a waiter or event facilitator job. Like photographers and waiters/waitresses, event facilitators can work on the weekends only. These jobs can fall into the category of full-time weekend jobs.

A waiter serving his customers in a restaurant

A waiter serving his customers in a restaurant – Source: possector

To work as a waiter, you must be endurable and have excellent health. It requires you to do many manual tasks with a plethora of trivial skills like food preparation, table and chair arrangement, decoration, kitchen utensils management, wine serving, etc. 

If you opt for an event facilitator, you may have to draw plans before the event. You need to distribute various tasks to different people and calculate the potential costs to organize the event. Besides, in some cases, you may perform as an MC or a host of the event.

The average income for waiters/waitresses is only $7.03 per hour. However, according to PayScale, with bonuses and commissions, their actual income is relatively high as compensation for their hard work and good services. 

The Final Thought

All in all, you never have to worry about not finding weekend only jobs as long as you have enough free time and perfect health. Landing extra jobs on the weekend will help you generate more income, gain more experience, widen your network beyond your usual circles, and make use of your free time. 

Nevertheless, before taking a weekend job, you also need to consider some possible conflicts like your main job’s workload, time spent with your beloved ones and pets, etc. In terms of location, “weekend only jobs near me” is the keyword you should use to search for suitable employment nearby.

Furthermore, you should arrange a balanced schedule to have well-deserved rest. Then you ought to seek weekend jobs from reliable sources or trustworthy acquaintances to get your desired job positions, and avoid the defraud, commonly cyber-defraud. Hopefully, you will find these recommendations useful to seek your own ideal weekend jobs after going through “Top 7 Weekend Jobs Near Me in 2021”!

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