Out Of The Box “So Long Farewell To You My Friend”

For many years, kids in the United States watched a common TV series on the Disney channel to explore their skills and talents. Due to its positive impact on the viewer, “Out of The Box” has been made available again digitally so that more kids can enjoy it today. Meanwhile, many 90’s kids would immediately relate when they hear someone say, so long farewell to you my friend. And that is the true impact of the show on the 90’s kids and their whole life.

Out Of The Box: An Brief Overview

From its publication date 1998-10-07, the series ran non-stop from October 1998 to September 2004. With 24 episodes in Season 1, 32 episodes in Season 2, and 26 episodes in the last season, the series comprises 82 episodes. All three seasons were filmed at Lifetime Studios in New York City, with the seasonal cast maintaining the two hosts, Tony James, and Vivian McLaughlin Bayubay.

Out Of The Box was educational and entertaining at the same time, which ensured the parents that their kids were watching good stuff. Thanks to the constant content update, the show has received appraises and compliments, including three Parents’ Choice Awards for excellence in television and an Emmy nomination. To date, the series attracted 946 reviews on IMDb, winning an average of 7.5/10.

Out of the Box - TV Series (1998–2004)
Out of the Box – TV Series (1998–2004). Source: imdb

The Best Episodes Of Out Of The Box

Across the series, viewers would learn about different skills, primarily for fun, but many would also help them in their life. Many fans have chosen the fifth episode of Season 2, “Disguise Surprise”, as their favorite. In this episode, the kids will dress up and roles in The Little Red Riding Hood. Viewers find the episode particularly endearing as it sincerely was what they wanted to do in real life with their friends and family members. 

Another exciting episode was “Whodunit?”, where kids join hands to solve a mystery. They were also learning problem-solving skills while enjoying a lot of fun. The sweet thing about Out Of The Box is that kids can have fun and learn simultaneously, not like they have to read a lot of books to learn something.

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“So Long Farewell To You My Friend” Song

For those who love the Out Of The Box episodes, the iconic Goodbye song “so long farewell to you my friend” would be a significant part of their childhood memories. In the 1990s, almost any kid would know this Out Of The Box goodbye song and would sing it as passionately as they could. Besides, several of the program’s original songs were included on the albums Playhouse Disney and Playhouse Disney 2.

Sometimes, it is heart-warming to sit down and sing along the old childhood song. That’s exactly what YouTube user Paige Borden did in 2020. Her energetic voice would make any Out Of The Box fans sing along and reminisce the beautiful days of the past.


So Long, Farewell! (Goodbye song). Source: Paige Borden

Fans mostly remember the song as Out Of The Box goodbye song, or prefer to use the catchphrase “so long farewell to you my friend”. The series’ theme song is actually named “Until we meet again” it’s not like you losing a friend but as a promise, and almost every viewer would be able to sing it from start to end. They also love to use the Until We Meet Again quote, partly because the song has left a great impression on their memory.

Where Are Of Out Of The Box’s Hosts Now?

The show welcomed a seasonal cast across the series, but the main hosts remained Tony James and Vivian McLaughlin Bayubay. In every episode, Tony and Vivian would play games, do crafts, sing songs, and act out stories in the box. Vivian looks alike a real gamer – frequently gets lost in his virtual game at an unbeatable level. Every episode would finish off with either Tony or Vivian walking the kids home, then coming back to sing the “Goodbye Song”.

The main hosts of Out Of The Box, Tony James and Vivian McLaughlin Bayubay
The main hosts of Out Of The Box. Source: buzzfeed

At the time, Tony James was a favorite role model for many kids because of his talents on the show. To date, Tony James still considers Out Of The Box a special part of him, besides his critically acclaimed band, Maggie’s Dream. Fans would love to hear that James still keeps in touch with some cast members and shares every time he meets them on his Twitter.

Vivian McLaughlin Bayubay still works with music though busy with her own family. Vivian enjoys her career as a voice and piano teacher, training in colleges, children’s theaters, or high schools. In her recent picture with her lovely daughter, Vivian looks so full of life and love that we can certainly see that she is living her best life.

The Final Thought

It is so nice to see that both the main hosts of Out of the Box are doing great in their life, and the series is again attracting viewers. Even though the series didn’t get any major financial support, its quality in content and delivery proved its true value. “So long farewell to you my friend” will always be a sweet goodbye that we share with our loved ones. Thanks to Out of The Box, we have made sweet childhood memories and learned more about ourselves.

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