“Why Women Kill” Season 3 To Release Soon?

Dark comedy has always been popular with American audiences, and Why Women Kill confirms that fact. The TV series has taken the nation by storm with the premiere in 2019 and the second season in June 2021. When the final episodes of season 2 are to end, there have already been discussions among fans about the premiere of Why Women Kill Season 3.

Why Women Kill Season 1– A Truly Must-See TV series

Why Women Kill was created by Marc Cherry and Mary Elizabeth Hamilton, the minds behind the similar top-rated series’ Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids. The Women Kill Season 1 series tells a sad but true story about how three women living in the same mansion deal with infidelity and marriage issues at different times. Why Women Kill Each season underscores how women’s roles have revolved with their unchanged reaction to the betrayal.

A Subservient Wife In 1963

Rob Staton, an aerospace engineer, is married to Beth Ann – a true housewife whose only hope is to become a true homemaker. Their marriage seems perfect, as far as their neighbors are concerned. The only issue is that Rob is not faithful to his wife, and his affair with the waitress is scandalous. 

Across the ten episodes in Season 1, Beth Ann has befriended her love rival and continues to learn devastating facts about her husband. One thing leads to another; Beth Ann succeeds in carrying out her scheme to have her husband murdered.

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A Twice-Divorced Socialite In 1984

Simone Grove has made it to her third marriage in the hope of finding everlasting love, only to find out that Karl, her third husband of 10 years is homosexual. Karl chooses to kill himself by overdosing on pills, while Simone learns of her husband kissing a secret man. As an act of revenge on her husband and best friend Naomi, Simone starts an adult relationship with Tommy Harte, Naomi’s son despite the age gap. 

The scandalous relationship soon gets Simone into a lot of trouble, but her husband’s sex orientation will cause her even more heartaches. Unfortunately, Simone’s husband contracts AIDS, and his life takes a turn for the worse. Simone gives up her affair with Tommy Harte to fully care for her husband, who soon thinks of taking his own life.

A Bisexual Love In 2019

Open marriages in the twentieth century are not rare to find, and that’s what Taylor Harding and Eli Cohen choose for themselves. Both of them have achieved certain levels of success in their career while also enjoying the occasional casual hookup. Soon after a threesome among Eli, Taylor, and Jade – Taylor’s new lover, the first cracks in their relationship start to form. Jealousy tests their relationship as Taylor and Eli face various financial issues. Things quickly escalate when drugs are involved, and the three lovers find themselves in a constant conflict.

“Why Women Kill” Season 1 - A Bisexual Love In 2019
Who will survive this deadly threesome? Source: Ali Goldstein/CBS

Why Women Kill Season 2 – A Different Route From Season 1

Taking a different route from Season 1, Why Women Kill Season 2 is set in 1949, with Allison Tolman playing the main character, Alma Philcott. Alma is an ordinary housewife with an adoring husband (Bertram Fillcot) and a devoted daughter. Sadly, Alma is not happy with what she has and yearns to fill a vacant slot in the exclusive garden club for well-heeled ladies.

The tragedy of Tolman starts to unravel when she learns of her husband’s dark hobby despite his kind and good-humored appearance. No one could ever imagine that Alma’s kind husband could be a veterinarian and a serial killer at the same time.

In the show’s second season, many audiences expressed their satisfaction after watching the first episode of Why Women Kill Season 2. Most of that satisfaction comes from what Marc Cherry knows best. The creator has put a story in a single timeline with various strong women who have to handle their individually spiraling lives yet still square off with each other.

In addition, many viewers also gave special love to the episodes of this season. For example, the plot has come close to its climax in Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 7  “The Woman in Question”. At that point, every character has a barrage of secrets they’re hiding and lies they’re telling. At the end of the series, Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 10 “The Lady Confesses”, there is expectedly no happy ending for anyone. Alma has always appeared to long for recognition and no longer find satisfaction from anything else.

Season 2 Episode 7 is truly fascinating to watch. Source: Trinity B.

Why Women Kill Season 3 – Is A New Season Coming Soon?

With the two previous seasons’ great success, the public expects Why Women Kill Season 3 to be released. Many have even discussed the potential cast and speculated how the plot would change. Up to date, there has been no official trailer from Paramount+, and no stars have confirmed their involvement.

However, considering the series’ new plot and season, many make a guess that Why Women Kill Season 3 will feature the whole new cast. And Why Women Kill renewal is only a matter of time given the series’ huge popularity and interest of the public. The best bet could be sometime in July of 2022, but it could also delay until October of the same year.

The Final Thought

Since its first episode in 2019, Why Women Kill has proved to be sensational, discussing the most sensitive relationship topics. The audience loves how the two seasons bring infidelity and homosexuality to the table as marriage challenges. For Why Women Kill Season 3 release date, fans have to wait for the official confirmation, but expectedly, it would be such a hit when released. 

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