Mick Mars Net Worth, Nikki Sixx Net Worth: Battle Between Two ‘Motley Crue’ Members

“Mick is the best musician in the band! They’d be nothing but a bar band without him!“

“Not so sure about that. I think Nikki wrote all of the songs and early on told Mick what to play.“

“Nikki is the least talented member of the band! In fact, he didn’t even know how to play bass when they started! To me, Nikki is a poser, not the real deal!“

Whenever the official account of Mötley Crüe posted a photo of their guitarist Mick Mars or bassist Nikki Sixx, a war would break out in the comment section. As you can guess, fans of the band have spent many years arguing which one is the greatest musician. While comparing their talents is absurd (and rather pointless, if you ask me), it is much easier to look at Mick Mars net worth, Nikki Sixx net worth, and determine who is the richer one. 

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About Mötley Crüe – “The Most Notorious Rock Band Of All Time” 

Hellbent for success, Nikki Sixx, who was only a young bassist at the time, formed Mötley Crüe on Jan. 17, 1981. Originally, the group consisted of Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Mick Mars, and lead singer Vince Neil. After many twists and turns (including the tragic car accident that took the life of drummer Razzle), these four have remained in the line-up until now. 

About Mötley Crüe - “The Most Notorious Rock Band Of All Time”
Motley Crue Original Lineup – Source: Motley.com

If I were to introduce Mötley Crüe the same way I did with other bands, I would’ve made a list. They’ve sold over 100 million records worldwide, obtained seven platinum and multi-platinum albums, 22 Top 40 mainstream rock hits, 4 NYTimes best-sellers, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc. On and on. Even Post Malone has a song named after this legendary band. Their 1997 album release “Generation Swine”, sold more than 81,000 thousand copies in one week. It hit the top chart the same week Spice Girl’s “Spice” and Faith Evans‘ “I’ll Be Missing You” were released.

But die-hard rock fans wouldn’t approve it. They know that the reputation Mötley Crüe gained for their outrageous antics is even more than their music. After all, they are entitled to “the most notorious rock band” for a reason: Their career was filled with sex, alcohol-fueled riots, fistfights, cocaine, heroin, and mud wrestling. Duff McKagan once said Mötley Crüe’s members has their own code for drugs, talking about his experience touring with the group.

In 2001, the band confirmed all the rumors true in their X-rated, eye-opening book The Dirt: Confessions of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. The band revealed everything – the good, the bad, their wild sex life, and even the likely crimes they have committed. That makes them legendary, even in the chaotic world of rock and roll. Even Cardi B said it was an amazing movie and made her want to be a rockstar. You don’t want to miss out the best deal for this book: 

Nikki Sixx Net Worth

The first time I heard about Mötley Crüe, I couldn’t help but wonder: How rich are they really? How much is Mick Mars net worth, Nikki Sixx net worth? Do they have that much money to spend on drugs, sex, and insane adventures? 

Nikki Sixx Net Worth
How Much Is Mick Mars Net Worth, Nikki Sixx Net Worth? – Source: iHeart

And when I found out the truth about Nikki Sixx’s net worth, I was speechless. Well, yes, considering his whopping fortune of $45 million, he does have spare money to spend on those shenanigans. 

As shown on Celebrity Net Worth, the founder of Mötley Crüe is one of the richest and most popular bassists in the U.S. While this amount mostly came from the band’s success, Nikki Sixx’s versatility contributed to his fortune. Aside from music, he also published his own biography, stood behind the production for the Netflix original The Dirt, and launched his own clothing lines, Dragonfly & Royal Underground. 

‘The Dirt’ Official Trailer – A Documentary About Motley Crue

So, whoever said Nikki Sixx was talentless will have to think twice. From a teenager risking everything to chase his dream to the successful rockstar he is today, Mötley Crüe’s bassist proves that he is gifted with talents and determination. He’s also a straightforward person when we saw him slammed Ariana Grande for her Twit announcing she’s not participating in the Grammys, saying he doesn’t know if he would “consider her art”.

Mick Mars Net Worth

But, wait a second! Compared to Mick Mars net worth, Nikki Sixx net worth is still far behind. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, the guitarist of Mötley Crüe has amassed a fortune of more than $70 million dollars. 

Mick Mars Net Worth
Mick Mars Amassed His Fortune Thanks To His Musical Talents – Source: Yahoo Finance

You will be even more surprised to know that, unlike Sixx, Mick Mars doesn’t have any other venture. In other words, music is his main source of income. Aside from Mötley Crüe, however, this talented man also wrote music for other bands, including Rock Star Supernova and Escape the Fate. All of this adds to his fortune. 

In addition, Mick is well-known for his minimal living style devoid of any flamboyance. Many fans believe that this contributes largely to the growth of his income. 

Considering Mick has been struggling with a chronic disease (we will get into it in a minute!) and missed many of the band’s tours, his fortune is even more jaw-dropping. No matter how infamous he is, the guitarist’s talent is undeniable. 

Other Facts About Mick Mars And Nikki Sixx 

How Old Is Mick Mars? 

Other Facts About Mick Mars And Nikki Sixx
How Old Is Mick Mars? – Source: AL.com

While Mötley Crüe devotees can find plenty of trivia about the band on the internet, there is a question that remains unanswered: How old is Mick Mars exactly? We all know that Mick’s birth name is Robert Alan Deal, but his birthday has never been clarified. Some sources claimed he was born on May 4, 1951, while others suggest that he was born on April 4, 1955. 

Despite the confusion, Mick himself has never spoken up about this issue. Either way, he is possibly the oldest member of the original lineup: Sixx was born in 1958, Vince Neil in 1961, and Lee in 1962. 

What Disease Does Mick Mars Have? 

As mentioned, Mick has spent the majority of his life battling ankylosing spondylitis (AS). It is a rare form of arthritis where the bones in the spine are fused together, causing chronic pain and immobility.

The guitarist recalled in the band’s best-selling biography “The Dirt” that he began experiencing symptoms when he was only 19. “My hips started hurting so bad every time I turned my body that it felt like someone was igniting fireworks in my bones. I didn’t have enough money to see a doctor, so I just kept hoping that I could do what I usually do: will it away, through the power of my mind. But it kept getting worse”, Mick wrote. 

Mick Mars Talks About His Disease 

Even though AS has had a severe impact on his health, it also allows him to take on the role of the quiet, enigmatic bandmate that focuses solely on music. That’s something he gladly embraces, especially when there are already three big personalities in the band. 

The Relationship Between Mick Mars And Nikki Sixx 

Let’s admit it, the relationship between their fandoms is not so good. Despite this, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars are still on good terms. 

Fans still remember the time Nikki wanted to express his respect and gratitude for the guitarist on a deeper level. He then decided to get a huge portrait of Mick tattooed on his leg. The tattoo was done by the bassist’s ex-girlfriend, and footage of the whole process is still available on Youtube. Let’s take a look: 

Nikki Sixx Gets A Mick Mars’ Portrait Tattoed

Is Mick Mars The Richest Mötley Crüe Member? 

Now you have got a glimpse at Mick Mars net worth, Nikki Sixx net worth. Does a fortune of $70 million dollars make Mick the richest Mötley Crüe member? 

The answer is… no! This title goes to drummer Tommy Lee, who achieved a net worth of $75 million dollars, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth. It seems like they are not only the most notorious rock band but also one of the most successful bands of all time. 

How Did Nikki Sixx Have A Near-Death Experience?

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Nikki Sixx overdosed on heroin on December 23, 1987, and was rushed to the hospital after his buddies couldn’t revive him. Radio broadcasts also stated that other Mötley Crüe bandmates were made aware of his death.

Now we all know that Sixx ultimately survived that OD. In the biography “The Dirt”, however, the star mentioned having an out-of-body experience just before he was saved. 

The Bottom Line

Fans would still remember Mick Mars’ quote: “Get as rude as possible and don’t let anyone tell you how to live”. Looking back at Mötley Crüe’s journey, that line reflects their career exactly. Mick Mars. Nikki Sixx, and their bandmates risked their lives to follow their passion, create unbelievable stories, and embark on insane adventures. 

Well, it’s not up to us to judge whether their path is right or wrong. They found success in the end, and that’s what really matters. 

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