Va Va Voom! Nicki Minaj’s No Makeup Like A Black Barbie And Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Them

Nicki Minaj’s no-makeup look isn’t something you would always see as the singer is known for her colorful and over-the-top personality, which she expresses with her loud makeup, outfits, and hair. But every time she appears bare-faced, you can tell that she’s about to break the internet as her legion of fans just couldn’t get enough of how she manages to still look gorgeous even without any makeup on. 

So, if you’re curious and want to see more of Nicki Minaj’s no-makeup look, then keep scrolling. We will take you for a ride until you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass! See some of the best photos where the Trinidadian rapper is out and about without any makeup. Of course, you will know more about her life and humble beginnings that led to a career like a starship meant to fly.

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Nicki Minaj’s Rise To Stardom

Early Life – She Came From A Musically-Inclined Family

Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj on December 8, 1982, in Trinidad and Tobago. Her father is Douglas Maraj, a business executive and part-time gospel singer, and her mother is Carol Maraj, a gospel singer as well. Her siblings include Jelani, Micaiah, and Ming. When Minaj was five years old, she moved to New York City with her family and got into Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts. She aspired to be an actress, so after she graduated, she juggled being a theater actress while working as a waitress to make ends meet.

When Nicki Minaj turned 19 years old, she faced some struggles with her acting career and troubled her personal life. These problems manifested in her jobs and caused her to be fired from them until she experienced financial difficulties. During this time, she found solace in making music and rapping until she found some connections in the industry that helped her music career take off.

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Career – She Is The Queen Of Hip-Hop For Many Reasons

Nicki Minaj is a flexible artist, which many of her fans have seen with her fast rapping, unique vocals, dance moves, inspired looks, and poetic lyrics in both her recorded and live performances. 

Because of her talents and dedication to her craft, she rose to fame between 2007 and 2009 after releasing three mixtapes. In 2010, she finally released her debut album Pink Friday, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in the United States. Super Bass, the album’s fifth single, became the highest-charting solo song by a female rapper since 2002. It was also the second female rap solo record to be certified diamond in the United States. She followed up her successful debut with 2012’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, 2014’s The Pinkprint, 2018’s Queen.

Nicki Minaj’s single, Anaconda, became YouTube’s first solo female rap video to exceed one billion views. She also became the first female rapper to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1998 with Trollz. She made history by being the first female artist to have a hundred Billboard Hot 100 entries and the most number of top ten singles in the United States by any female rapper. With these achievements, Minaj is often referred to as the “Queen of Rap” and “Queen of Hip-Hop” by the media, further allowing her career to skyrocket and become one of the best-selling musicians of all time over 100 million albums sold worldwide.

Of course, Nicki Minaj has also received many accolades and awards, including eight American Music Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, three Guinness World Records, and more. Minaj was also in 2016’s Time magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people. Minaj’s career doesn’t end in the music industry as she has landed some supporting roles in movies like The Other Woman, Barbershop: The Next Cut, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and The Angry Birds Movie 2.

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Personal Life – She’s Bisexual… Or Is She?

Nicki Minaj has opened up about her sexuality in many instances throughout her career. According to her, she is bisexual, and she has made multiple references to this topic in her music. Still, her part in the remix of Doja Cat’s song Say So, she performed the lyrics: “Used to be bi, but now I’m just hetero,” This line drew criticism among the LGBTQ+ community as she sounded like she was only queerbaiting, especially as the rapper said she never dated girls, but only found them attractive.

While Nicki Minaj has opened up about her confusing sexuality, her dating history proves she is mostly into men. One of her longtime boyfriends is rapper and TV personality Safaree Samuels who she dated from 2003 to 2014. After that, she also dated rapper Meek Mill until 2017 and had a brief relationship with another rapper Nas.

Eventually, Nicki Minaj seems to have found her true love when dating her childhood friend Kenneth Petty in December 2018. The couple tied the knot in October 2019, and she has confirmed through her Instagram posts that they are happy together and that they were expecting their first child. She gave birth to their son on September 30, 2020. Congratulations on finding your true love and starting a family with him!

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Nicki Minaj’s No Makeup Look

While Nicki Minaj’s life and career have always been as colorful as her fashion style, it’s time for you to pay attention to the times when she chose to go out looking natural. It’s refreshing to see how different she looks without all the makeup she usually wears. Of course, we don’t mean it as a bad thing, especially as she looks gorgeous with or without makeup, but it’s also fascinating to see that she is fearless in presenting herself in a natural way. Check out some of our favorite looks from her:

Nicki Minaj’s Little Black Dress With An Almost No-Makeup Selfie

There is no denying that Nicki Minaj’s black dress looks good on her curves – it’s an iconic look for her. Also, the rapper sharing a photo with her hair all messy with only a liquid eyeliner on makes her more iconic. She has amazing skin and looks stunning in her no-makeup look. We need more of this simple but elegant look from her.

Nicki Minaj’s Wet And Wild Selfie

Here is one of Nicki Minaj’s shower selfies that she shared on her social media to prove that she showers and looks good, just like most people. No one can’t deny that her glamorous looks with wild makeup look good on her, and she sports that look to match the theatrics of her performances, but seeing her without any makeup at all is surprising. It’s surprising in a sense that she still manages to look gorgeous, and with her hair away from her face, you can see how impressive her bone structure is.

Nicki Minaj’s Paparazzi Shot

If you want to see Nicki Minaj’s no-makeup look that she didn’t take herself where she still looks gorgeous, then here it is. It’s a photo of the rapper while she seems to be regarding her fans without makeup. She still looks fantastic that even if you put a photo of her with makeup on side by side, anyone will agree that she is naturally beautiful.

Nicki Minaj’s Adele Impression Is Unreal

Nicki Minaj Is Legit

Well, now that you’ve learned that Nicki Minaj’s no-makeup look isn’t as rare as they sound to be, especially as she shares some of them herself, you can agree that she’s legit gorgeous. Of course, she is also a talented musician who has changed the hip-hop music scene with her colorful personality, and we can’t wait to see and hear the new music she’s working on. We need them!

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