Behind Zendaya’s “Teen-In-Crisis Horror Show”: Where Does Euphoria Take Place?

If you turn on the newest HBO hit every Sunday night, perhaps this question has popped up in your mind more than once: ‘Where does Euphoria take place?‘. 

Truth be told, my opinions about “Euphoria” are very conflicted. Like many youngsters out there, I watch it on my laptop each weekend while my mom is doing something next to me. Every single time, she would ask, “What the heck are you watching?” and I will have to justify myself once again, “It’s not porn I swear, it’s just a teen drama on HBO! Everyone at school is watching it!”. 

Yes, the show’s relentless depiction of sex, addiction, mental problems, and the dark sides of relationships can be too much for young audiences to bear. This is why since the first episode, “Euphoria” has raised much controversy from both critics and general viewers. Whether you love or hate the series, though, its stunning camerawork, beautiful sceneries, and trademark aesthetic are something we can all agree on. 

That’s why many fans are wondering ‘where was Euphoria filmed?’. Well, this is a tough question, but we can still get some hints from various scenes. In case you want to visit some of Euphoria’s most iconic locations, here’s everything you need to know! 

So, Where Does Euphoria Take Place? 

So, Where Does Euphoria Take Place?
Where does Euphoria take place? – Source: Highsnobiety

“And then, without warning, a middle-class childhood in an American suburb.”

That’s how Rue Bennett (Zendaya) describes her upbringing, and also everything we know about the fictional town of East Highland where Euphoria takes place. While it is quite easy to find out where was The Last Song or Castaway filmed, further information regarding the location is never mentioned in Euphoria. 

So, in case you have been watching season 2 of Euphoria on HBO Max and wonder if you missed the part where they introduce the show’s setting, it’s not your fault. A specific name wasn’t mentioned, and we doubt there will be any. Since sex, drugs, and teen debauchery are common problems everywhere across the U.S, the producers probably avoid pointing out a place or a county to emphasize their message. 

However, as the movie unfolds, an aerial view of East Highland lays out a sprawling suburban neighborhood that appears to be Los Angeles county. The palm trees and mountains we see in most outdoor scenes are also signatures of the area. 

Los Angeles
The aerial shot shows that Euphoria takes place in LA – Source: PopBuzz

But this is not the only thing we found. Interestingly, the series’ cast has been active on social media, and their Instagram posts reveal some intriguing “behind-the-scene” info, such as filming locations!

Some Trademark Locations For Die-Hard Euphoria Fans

For instance, PopBuzz recently published a screenshot from Sydney Sweeney’s (who plays Cassie the series) social media. The actress excitedly shared a video of the cast having fun at a real-life school called Ulysses S. Grant High, which is located in Valley Glen, CA. 

Some Trademark Locations For Die-Hard Euphoria Fans
The fictional East Highland high school is, in fact, Ulysses S. Grant High – Source: POPSUGAR

Most of Euphoria’s school shots were taken here. In case you don’t know, this high school is also the backdrop to various teenage TV shows. Some of them are Reno 911, True Blood, Saved By The Bell, or Freaks And Geeks. Of course, the students were more than excited to see their favorite stars arriving at their school! 

At first glance, the mall shown in Euphoria appeared to be pretty generic to me. Turned out, it is the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA. According to PopBuzz, rising actor Jacob Elordi (who plays Nate) was surrounded by fans at the luxury shopping center. 

Some scenes take place at the Del Amo Fashion Center

In season 1, episode 4 “Shook Ones Pt. II”, Rue encountered Ali at  Pann’s Restaurant in LA’s La Tijera Boulevard. Just by looking at this retro coffee shop, you will know exactly why it was chosen for the series: The building looks like something out of a 1950s movie, featuring one of the best-preserved examples of Googie architecture left in the city.

Pann's Restaurant
Pann’s Restaurant in L.A – Source: AIA New York

Another memorable location from the show (and in real life as well), is Fezco’s 7/11-style store, which was shot in an Alta Dena Dairy store. The dairy is no longer in operation, but you can visit this now-iconic building at 9201 E Las Tunas Dr. in Temple City or have a quick look via street view. 

Fezco's 7/11-style store was shot in an Alta Dena Dairy store
Fezco’s 7/11-style store – Source: MSN

The last setting I want to mention is the magnificent mansion where Maddy works as a babysitter. This scene appears in season 2, episode 2, where Maddy relaxes by the pool in the Californian countryside. In the far-distant background, you can see a skyline curiously similar to that of Los Angeles.

Other Facts About Euphoria You Probably Don’t Know

Now that you got a glimpse of where does Euphoria take place, it’s time to unfold other fascinating truths about this HBO’s hit. Can you believe Hunter Schafer (who plays Jules) has never acted before? I’ve rounded up some of the things you never heard about Euphoria until now that will make the series all the more interesting!

Angus Cloud Was Found On The Street

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside – that’s what we use to describe Fez, the infamous drug dealer and fangirls’ sweetheart. With Angus Cloud being one of the most loved actors in Euphoria, can you believe he wasn’t an actor at all? 

Angus Cloud Was Found On The Street - where does euphoria take place
Anguz Cloud wasn’t a professional actor – Source: GQ

Ironically, this fella didn’t even plan to have an acting career. He was discovered on a Manhattan street by Euphoria’s casting director. Had Cloud chosen to take a different route that day, we would never get to see him as Fez. Moral of the story: You will never know when a chance meeting on the street will turn into a life-changing opportunity!

Sam Levinson Uses His Personal Experience To Write Euphoria 

In an interview, Sam Levinson – the creator, writer, and director of Euphoria, opened up about his own struggles with substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. At some points, this past inspires him to create Euphoria. What Rue (played by Zendaya) has to face is entirely based on Levinson’s personal experience, that’s why the show is so raw and authentic. 

And, Yes, Euphoria Is Hunter Schafer’s First Gig 

Another cast member with zero acting experience is Hunter Schafer – the actor who plays Jules Vaughn. Before trying out for the role, she worked as a full-time model, just like Cloud. Considering how heart-touching and emotional her portrayal is throughout the series, we are all blown away! 

The Makeup Symbolizes Each Character’s Development 

Another thing that sets Euphoria apart from other series is the stunning makeup looks worn by the characters. The show’s unique whimsical glitter eyeshadow even creates a whole trend – that’s something we have to admit. 

The Makeup Symbolizes Each Character’s Development - where does euphoria take place
Euphoria’s glitter makeup – Source: Marie Claire

What you may not know is that these makeup layouts were actually designed to serve as a visual reflection of the character’s emotional journey. For example, the glitter-eyes we see at the start of the series represent the excitement at the first stage of a relationship when everything seems flawless and magical. As Jules becomes more nervous about her connection with Rue, her eyeshadow eventually turns spikier and more erratic. 

Which Euphoria character are you, based on your zodiac sign? Find out right now! 

Euphoria Is The Remake Of An Israel Series 

Although being unique in its own right, Levinson’s version of Euphoria is actually based on an older Israeli TV show of the same name. The initial series deals with similar themes like sex, drugs, and mental problems, but is set in the 90s. 

Israeli Euphoria trailer

Aside from that, some well-loved teen dramas, such as My So-Called Life, Skins, or Degrassi are often compared to Euphoria. If you are searching for something to watch between episode drops, you might want to consider these options.

Where Does Euphoria Take Place – The Bottom Line

We can explain Euphoria’s massive success in many ways. Its diverse cast of characters and raw depiction of teenage struggles all contribute to this, but for me, the show’s grimdark aesthetic and breathtaking backdrops are the true MVPs. 

We can never predict what the kids in this series are gonna do. After knowing where does Euphoria take place, though, you can check out plenty of their favorite haunts for yourself while waiting for the next episode! 

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