Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz? How To Shut It Down?

What is “Am I being gaslighted quiz“? Why do people gaslight? What does gaslighted mean? Learning about the nature of gaslighting helps you spot and remove yourself from this toxic situation. 

The frog in a frying pan is not just a myth! 

We live in a world where gaslighting is like a frying pan. The heat is turned up slowly, and we – the frogs – hardly realize what is happening to us. 

A film about Gaslighting

What does gaslighted mean? Why do people gaslight? Am I being gaslighted? 

Ask yourself these questions is the first step to jump out of the frying pan.

However, have you figured out the answers yet?

If not, we can help you! Please scroll down to read more about the nature of gaslighting and how to get yourself out of it. 

Am I Being Gaslighted, And How Do I Shut It Down?
 What does gaslight mean? Source: Pexels 

What Does Gaslighting Mean? 

Gaslighting is a psychological term referring to a form of manipulation in which a person is attempting to get someone else to doubt his or her perceptions, sanity, and reality. It is emotional abuse occurring in abusive relationships. 

The term was first coined in a 1944 film called Gas Light, where one husband manipulates his wife into believing that she is losing her mind. 

Victims of gaslighting often feel confused, distrust themselves, or even believe that they might have mental illnesses. In the long run, gaslighting can cause the victims trauma, low-self esteem, anxiety, and depression. 

Gaslighting comes in different shapes and forms. It happens in various contexts such as in a romantic relationship, family, workplace, political world, etc.

So why do people gaslight? Because they try to gain power over others and take pleasure from putting others down or being emotionally dependent on them. 

And these are the traits of what psychology calls a narcissist if you have ever heard of one. 

Six Warning Signs You Are Being Gaslighted – Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz

Six Warning Signs You Are Being Gaslighted - Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz
Am I being gaslighted quiz. Source: Pexels 

As we mentioned before, gaslighting is like a boiling frog; it develops gradually, and hard for the victim to realize whether they are being gaslighted. 

You can do the ”Am I being gaslighted quiz” yourself by reading the five warning signs of this psychological trick

You Don’t Know Your Mind

Some manipulators will claim that they know what you (or others) have in mind—and if you deny that, they might show a face or gestures to indicate their skepticism or even straightly accuse you of lying to yourself. Gaslighters – or narcissists insist that they can’t be wrong.

Your Insecurities Are Used Against You

Your Insecurities Are Used Against You
Am I being gaslighted and how to shut it down? Source: Pexels 

Many manipulators might appear and act friendly towards you. Frequently, they listen to you attentively and remember any vulnerabilities you confide in for future use. 

For instance, if you tell a gaslighter you do not memorize things well, he or she might later refuse any truths you find out (in case that person does something wrong), and shame on your memory. 

The gaslighter can say: You are wrong! Your memory is terrible. 

Or if you shared with them your insecurity about physical appearance, gaslighters might make comments about others who look better than you are and make you embarrassed with yourself. Their goal is to make you doubt your value and become more emotionally dependent on that manipulator.

You Don’t Know What’s Normal

If you are regularly being told that things are fine when you actually don’t think they are. Ohh, that is the typical sign of gaslighting.

For example, your toxic partner might keep assuring you that he shouts at you is fine because every couple does that. When you are against it, he will say you expect too much from him, and you are not realistic or sympathetic to him. 

You Don’t Know What’s Normal
Gaslighting makes you question your values – Am I being gaslighted quiz. Source: Pexels 

You’re “Diagnosed” With Big Problems

When you do not agree with a gaslighter or do something against their will, he or she may turn up the intensity by questioning your perception and sanity. You might be considered paranoid, ill, too sensitive, overreacted (well, any ugliest adjectives)

The gaslighter might even require you to seek therapy or medicines because your mind does not work well. 

They will do anything to keep control – especially those they claim to love.

You Start To Mistrust Your Intuition

Something isn’t right; you can feel it deep inside of you.  

However, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. 

Yeah, when you are repeatedly told that what you believe to be the truth is not valid. You might get unsteady and question your own judgment. You’ll start to rely on the manipulator for the answers and the REAL truth. Be careful of that! 

You Start To Have Negative Thoughts About Yourself

When you start to see your weaknesses, you might just convince yourself that the narcissist is right— there are things that you are wrong. It is easy to start thinking that you are the crazy, weirdo one and constantly anxious that you would do something wrong. You might find yourself always apologizing. And when you apologize, the narcissist eventually accepts your apology, only to reuse your “bad behavior” against you. 

How To Shut Gaslighters Down – Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz

How To Shut Gaslighters Down - Am I Being Gaslighted quiz
 How to shut gaslighters down – Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz. Source: Pexels 

When someone is gaslighting you, they are attempting to manipulate you for their own interest, making you distrust your worldview and your value. It is seriously toxic, and you may constantly feel upset, depressed, agitated, and guilty.

Here are a few things you can do when you’ve been gaslighted:

First And Foremost, Deny What The Gaslighter Has Said

Any statements like “You’re mad, you don’t understand what you’re talking about!”, or “Don’t you think you’re overreacting, too sensitive?” are toxic and only aim at harming your emotions. A person with good intentions and who wants you to develop your thoughts would never speak in that way. They will never blame or humiliate your opinions like that. First, DENY, DENY AND DENY! 

Tell Your Trusted Friends Or Colleagues

You should try to avoid being alone with the gaslighters as much as possible. Let your close friends accompany you to any meeting/interaction with those gaslighters. Their support will help you stay strong, and confident and prevent the manipulator from gaslighting you. 

Try To Stay Calm

When you experience any negative emotions of being gaslighted, remind yourself that we all have been in this situation. However, the critical point is to learn from it and stay stronger next time. Taking a very deep breath or going for a walk can help you ease the frustration. Remember that the goal of the gaslighter is to see you in pain or discouraged. Therefore, remaining calm is a good way to show them that their attack does not shake you off.

Expose Their Behavior

Gaslighting is a form of verbal violence, and by no means should people normalize it. Speaking up when someone gaslights you or others could show them that their efforts to manipulate won’t work. If they consider their crabby comments as a “joke”, ask them what they meant by it and does it make the situation better as if you didn’t understand in the first place. 

Expose Their Behavior - Am I Being Gaslighted quiz
Speak up if someone is being gaslighted – Am I being gaslighted quiz. Source: Pexels

Be Confident In Your Perceptions

When they constantly deny your memory, try not to lose calm. You can get out of the conversation politely and keep your points by saying, “ I might forget details like what you were wearing. But I do not forget what happened in that situation. It looks like we remember things differently. But I still keep my points and don’t want to argue about it”.  Stepping out of the argument without shaking off conveys that you are confident in your memory, protecting you from further stress and frustration.

Collect Proof

Don’t be alone in a room with a gaslighter without any recording tools. They can gaslight you anytime possible; you should try to make a record of those situations: taking screenshots, noting times and dates of conversations, summarizing your discussions, and using direct quotes as much as possible. When they deny having the conversation, you could show them this evidence. While collecting evidence, be aware of your own feelings, and safety and take a break if it gets too intense.

Take Very Good Care Of Yourself

In most situations, the gaslighters want to put you down and degrade you. What you can do to bounce back is boost your confidence and self-love every day. Remember that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Therefore, you should increase your knowledge about your thoughts and emotions via multiple activities (like manifesting, painting, exercising, meditating, etc.). Get yourself to surround people with positive attitudes; they will always see the good sides in each other. 

Reach Out For Professional Support

Report your situation to the administration where you work and study if the situation gets worse. Or, if you are extremely depressed emotionally and physically, we recommend you seek help from mental health professionals.  They can help you cope with and grow in such difficult situations and ensure you have the proper support. 

Reach Out For Professional Support - Am I Being Gaslighted quiz
 Reach out for professional support – Am I being gaslighted quiz. Source: Pexel

Sum Up – “Am I Being Gaslighted quiz”

Gaslighting, in general, is one thing and one thing only. It is when another person is trying to make you think you are crazy, losing your mind. 

When in a conversation and all of a sudden you find yourself spinning out of control, you know for sure that you are being gaslighted. 

Jobandedu hopes you will be well aware of the situation and jump out of the frying pan immediately when you feel a light heat. 

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