All About Virgo And Pisces Friendship: The Healer And The Dreamer

“Opposites attract”, I’m sure you’ve heard about the concept a million times. Heck, we all grew up with some Disney-fied versions of this, from Belle and the Beast to Shrek and Fiona, so it’s hard not to fantasize sometimes. In real life, though, does the relationship between two opposite individuals work? 

According to Joseph Cilona, a Manhattan-based clinical psychologist, many fundamental characteristics of relationships, such as personality traits, needs, and preferences, work considerably better when they are opposite, rather than alike. Furthermore, we tend to be drawn to our opposites simply because they have some qualities that we lack. That’s precisely the case when a Virgo and a Pisces come together.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at Virgo and Pisces friendship. Being two opposite signs on the astrological wheel, they are completely different in nature, but it doesn’t mean they can’t get along. With the right approach, these two can even become a dynamic duo and learn from each other! 

From A Virgo’s Perspective 

Being one of the Earth signs and is associated with the Goddess of Wheat and Agricultural, Virgo is deeply linked to the material world. As a result, people born under this sign maintain a rational, practical, and systematic attitude toward life. Their vibes can remind you of swans at first glance: Calm, elegant, and serene. Underneath the surface, though, their “paddlers” are paddling furiously

Virgos are perfectionists at heart and never afraid of working hard to deliver flawless results.

They have high standards for themselves and others, and their obsession with little details might sometimes be troublesome for people around them. Since Virgos love to organize stuff, you can always rely on them to make everything go smoothly, as long as you follow their orders. 

The Healer And The Dreamer
Virgo Are Intelligent And Well-Organized – Source: Unsplash
Most of the time, Virgos can come across as stern or critical.

As you get closer to them, though, you will realize their softer side. Being ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, they love gossips, information, and entertainment. It is just that, unlike Gemini, who inherits the output and expression of Mercury, Virgo gets the input and processing traits. Hence, people born under this sign tend to be deep thinkers instead of conversationalists. You might not find them humorous at first, but with their sharp minds and quick wit, they will surprise you with clever jokes at the most unexpected times. 

Above everything else, Virgos are reliable and always want to help.

They are kind, gentle, and loyal friends who use their great intellect and resourcefulness to help you deal with any problem. Their only weakness is that they are not good at offering spiritual guidance, so you should only come to a Virgo when you need practical advice. They will make sure to provide you with workable solutions. 

In a group of friends, they are often caretakers. That’s why people tend to forget that Virgos do want to be cared for as well, but Pisces will pay attention to that. The caring nature of Pisces is what attracts Virgo and sets the foundation for a Virgo and Pisces friendship

From A Pisces’ Perspective 

Pisces is a Water sign, known for being intuitive and sensitive.

A pair of fish swimming in opposing directions symbolizes the way Pisces’s mind works, with one half on the cloud and the other on the ground. As the final constellation of the zodiac, Pisces has absorbed all of the lessons learned by the other signs, including the pleasures and sorrows, hopes and anxieties. 

As a result, people born under Pisces are the most sensitive, empathic, and caring creatures. Like the way Kurt as Pisces in the Glee series portrays his personality. Their emotional sensitivity is even higher than their Water fellows, and this sign is prone to get carried away with their feelings. It is not an exaggeration to say that they struggle to stay grounded in the material realm. 

From A Pisces' Perspective
Pisces Can Be A Bit Out Of This World – Source: Unsplash
Pisces is a flexible sign that easily adapts to a new environment.

Since they have access to the collective unconscious like no other, they can make fantastic artists and creators. Being soft and kind, these individuals are stimulated by shared experiences of music and romance. Any bond with sentimental and mystical Pisces will surely associate with deep spiritual exploration. 

Being dreamy, they are not great at paying attention to small details. Still, Pisces can shine at projects or things that require a lot of imagination and creativity. 

They have a great understanding of human nature and a susceptible constitution.

They are easily drawn to escapism, overindulgence, and intoxication as a way to relieve stress and quiet the buzzing in their heads. Also, they look with rose-colored glasses when facing problems, earning them a reputation for being flaky and delusional. 

However, as a friend, Pisces is always willing to lend people a shoulder whenever in need. As opposite to Virgo, though, they tend to provide emotional support instead of practical advice, and their intuition contributes significantly. The sign’s caring nature also makes them selfless friends who always put you on top priority. No matter what’s going on, Pisces will drop everything they are doing to be there for you. 

The emotional Pisces will find Virgo’s collecting and practical attitude admirable, even though it might seem a bit strange, like “How the heck can they still remain calm in such a situation?”. Over time, as the two get closer to each other, Pisces shall think of Virgo as someone they can always count on. 

So, Are Virgo And Pisces Compatible With Each Other? 

Due to their opposite traits, these two signs can easily come to each other by a natural force. However, whether a Virgo and Pisces friendship can last for a long haul or not still depends on many factors. If they manage to respect the differences in each other and maintain harmony, the relationship can be very fruitful. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a disaster. 

Are They Compatible With Each Other?
Can Virgo And Pisces Get Along? – Source: Unsplash 

Virgo And Pisces Values 

Both Virgo and Pisces are perfectionists but in different ways. While Virgo treasures a perfect mind, Pisces values perfect emotional harmony just as much. This is where they meet, and it can either make them divine or leave them constantly dissatisfied with the other’s constant needs. 

Even though Virgo is an Earth sign, which commonly would not catch up with Pisces’ flexibility as a Water sign, both of them fall into the “mutable” category. That means they value the ability to adapt and adjust. However, Virgo’s adaptability shines the most in planning and organization, while Pisces works best in detangling people’s emotions. Coincidentally, this makes the two complementary: Virgo can help the out-of-the-world Pisces stay organized and get things done, while Pisces can help shy and awkward Virgo sort out their feelings. 

When it comes to relationships, whether platonic or romantic, the things Virgo and Pisces seek are almost the same: Virgo longs for stability and loyalty, while passionate Pisces looks for honesty and sincerity. The problem here is Virgo, with their trust issues, might find Pisces’ constant mood swing unreliable and ambiguous. 

Virgo And Pisces Communication

Unlike Libra and Taurus, since both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, they will have a lot to talk about. This duo might jump from topic to topic and stimulate each other intellectually. Their conversation might be intense at times since Virgo and Pisces have different perspectives toward life (with one being practical and the other being emotion-driven), but it doesn’t get less satisfying. 

Pisces is the ideal person to pull Virgo out of their obsessive analysis with their smile and broader perspective. They shall have a thing or two to teach Virgo about faith, as well as to release Virgo from overbearing caution and the dread of failing. 

On the other hand, Virgo will know exactly how to pull the dreamy Pisces back to the material world and make them focus on the present. However, Virgo needs to be very patient while communicating with sensitive Pisces, as the former is an inborn critic and can easily hurt the latter with their harsh words. 

Virgo And Pisces Friendship 

It might take a while to form a Virgo and Pisces friendship since both of them are not the outspoken type. Virgo is conservative and reserved in nature, while Pisces tends to be shy due to their overthinking. Once they open up to each other, though, their friendship shall be harmonious and quite compatible. 

Virgo And Pisces Friendship
Virgo And Pisces Friendship – Source: Unsplash

People born under Pisces often dream big, but their fears hold them back. What they need is a decisive Virgo friend to push them towards their ambition. On the flip side, Virgo can be grumpy about Pisces’ whimsical ideas, but they will eventually follow their friends out of curiosity. After entering the wonderful world of Pisces, they shall discover the beauty of life that they were previously unaware of. 

When these two are together, they make each other feel anything is possible, as Pisces understands unlimited possibilities and Virgo knows how to make things happen. 

Virgo And Pisces In Love

Compared to other signs, Virgo’s love is less obvious to the naked eyes. As practical as they are, these individuals do not express their feelings through words and romantic action. Instead, they show their love by using their critical eyes to help their significant other improve. The lack of expression might make their Pisces insecure at times since Pisces are overly sensitive creatures who always seek assurance. 

Pisces, on the other hand, is hopelessly romantic. They’re the kind of sign that sings you love songs on the beach, plans weekend vacations, and texts you sweet poetry every day. They have an uncanny ability to make people feel very special. At the early stage, someone who is not used to affectionate gestures like Virgo can doubt their Pisces partners’ true feelings. 

As Pisces gets used to the fact that Virgo tends to show love through acts of service and Virgo familiar themselves with Pisces’ sentimental nature, though, they shall realize the other person is what they need. Since Pisces love to give from their heart, they need to find a partner willing to sacrifice just as much. There is no better candidate than Virgo. Furthermore, the duo shares the Yin energy, which makes them both mellow and receptive. Together, the romantic relationship between Virgo and Pisces will be full of gentleness and affection. 

Between A Virgo Man And A Pisces Woman 

Between A Virgo Man And A Pisces Woman
Virgo Man Pisces Woman – Source: Unsplash

Every Virgo man loves to play the role of knights in shining armor. Therefore, a Pisces woman can easily capture a Virgo man’s heart due to her gentle and charming nature, as well as her constant need for attention. This prompts him to demonstrate his love through selfless acts of service.

A Virgo man’s attention to detail and old-fashioned gallantry are two qualities that a Pisces woman greatly values. He helps her by opening doors, carrying heavy things, and making sure she is comfortable and well-cared for. He knows she likes her coffee with almond milk, and he’s always on time because he understands that making someone wait shows a lack of consideration and respect.

As mentioned, Pisces are inborn dreamers. This is even more correct for Pisces women. Hence, if a Virgo man wants to pursue a long-term relationship with Pisces, he shall have to make sure that she stays anchored in reality. 

Regarding Virgo and Pisces in bed, both of them prioritize emotional bonding over everything. Hence, their physical intimacy will come slowly but steadily. A Pisces woman’s tenderness will help Virgo get rid of any inhibition that he might have and retain his confidence. Meanwhile, Virgo’s stability will allow Pisces to open up and enjoy herself. Overall, this pair can satisfy each other. 

Between A Virgo Woman And A Pisces Man 

Between A Virgo Woman And A Pisces Man
Virgo woman Pisces man – Source: Unsplash

Because of their independence, most people tend to forget that Virgo women can as well be sentimental. It might be challenging for them to find someone willing to hear them out, and they also hesitate to show their softer sides. A male Pisces, with his intuition, can see through a female Virgo’s armor and make her feel special and loved by taking care of her emotionally. 

The Virgo woman will be fascinated with all of the fairy tales and exquisite romance that the enchanting Pisces guy has to give. He will always look at her with admirable eyes and find her stories intriguing. Pisces can use his devotion and affection to break the ice with his Virgo partner and learn her actual loving personality. A Virgo lady, on the other hand, with her endless patience, shall always be there to listen to her Pisces, even when others won’t. These two have an unspoken understanding that allows them to converse effectively.

A Pisces man is romantic enough to make his Virgo partner loosen up, but not overly romantic to the point of scaring her away. When these two are in bed, they get along swimmingly.  A Pisces man will be patient and tender, allowing a Virgo lady to overcome her fears. As she relaxes, her earthy, sensual character will show, and the two will create a strong emotional connection. 

What Should Virgo And Pisces Do To Maintain Their Relationship?

What Should They Do To Maintain Their Relationship?
The Two Both Need To Work Hard To Sustain The Relationship – Virgo And Pisces Friendship. Source: Unsplash

In most cases, the problem that arises between Virgo and Pisces is due to Virgo’s tendency to be overly critical. As the latter overthinks, criticisms can lead to them questioning and feeling lesser. Virgos have to be very cautious and avoid being too harsh on their sensitive partners for the relationship to work.

On the other hand, Pisces can leave partners feeling insecure as they get carried away with their fantasies. If they want to sustain the relationship, they need to be more grounded. Another way for Pisces to earn Virgo’s trust is to loosen themselves up and share with Virgo about their dreams. Initially, the calm and practical Virgo might not understand, but they will eventually find a way to empathize just because they want to be with Pisces. 


Due to their contrary personalities, Virgo and Pisces friendship or romance poses the greatest challenges and greatest potential among the entire signs. They need to discover a harmony between rationality and emotions, both individually and collectively through their relationships. Once they’ve achieved this, their bond will be a benevolent and magnificent experience for both sides. 

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